Death row inmate Rodney Reed maintains innocence ahead of execution date

Protesters and celebrities have called for justice for the 51-year-old charged with the murder of Stacey Stites.
4:33 | 11/12/19

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Transcript for Death row inmate Rodney Reed maintains innocence ahead of execution date
And guys have you heard this name yet Rodney reed he's a black man at a spent 21 years on death row in a Texas prison. For a murder he says he did not commit an in just eight days he's scheduled to be executed. Unless Texas governor Greg Abbott listens to the growing chorus of people asking to stop it in our Marcus Moore is on the ground in Dallas with the latest. Not markets you know it is very scary to think that a man could be killed. In eight days if he's actually innocent can you just remind us of what this case is all about. How well Kimberly good to be with you this morning first of all this is the case has been getting so much so much attention Rodney reed 51 year old man on death row. Right now here in Texas. A convicted of for the murder. Of a nineteen year old girl Stacey that's sites and it's this happen in bash dropped Texas which is a town about 45 minutes. East of the Texas Capitol of Austin she was found in April of 1996. Brutally murdered along the side of the road. Prosecutors and authorities said that she had been strangled and early on there were two a prime suspects in this case. Outside so his fiancee. At the time Jimmy Fund now. And then Rodney reed who is someone she was having a secret relationship with an affair with. And Reid is the one who ended up being a convicted. Of the murder and if you go online are right now Kimberly you have to do is type in Rodney reed you get a plethora of pictures and articles about this story that as you said. Has been gaining in momentum in terms of attention. And the calls. Or read. For his execution to either be stayed or for him to get a a reprieve and we're talking about people celebrities and also lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. That have been calling for the governor to issue in order for there to be another look at this case. Yea your right an outpouring of bipartisan. Support from beyonce all the way to Ted Cruz but if if they're unsure why can't they just stop and do a new trial until they're certain I mean this is a man's life. Yeah obviously there's a lot at stake here Kimberly and and it was have to go to the process I mean it's up to the governor to decide whether or not this XQ shouldn't will move forward. And certainly attorneys on both sides of this have have their views and one of the key points that are Reid's attorneys are making is that they have new witness testimony. That not only. Questions. The motives behind this people sang. That tough a no actually confessed to. To killing his his fiancee they are saying. And that this was all related to. A rooted in that a fair and that race Kimberly is a major factor here we're talking about read. Who was a black man who was convicted of killing a young white woman. And was convicted by an all white jury and that's but also some of the key. And saying that key evidence at the crime scene was not tested for DNA. That wouldn't link Reid to that actual crime scene and to the murder itself. The only evidence. DNA evidence that was used and it was used to convict. A Reid was his semen that was found. Goal with the young lady who who was killed. So other sites and they are saying that if other evidence had been tested it would prove. That. That mr. Reid was not at the crime scene. And and and also that top prosecutors have convicted the wrong man of this crime can we have got to tell you you're talking about the the publicity that this has gotten the attention the call from celebrities I haven't. I grew up here in Texas. Covered I don't know if you were call the Gary Graham. Execution back in in 2000. That was another case that the entire country was watching and there were massive protests people trying to stop that execution. Because this at an innocent man was on death row and here we are again. Twenty years later with this case and we still don't know what the judge what the governor rather will decide. And got certainly a we've seen. A protest over the weekend in Austin there's another when Kimberly scheduled at the state capital where people are expected to continue to implore the governor. To stop this execution. That set for November 20. Yet some urgent situation eight days the mark as we appreciate the updates and breaking and downpours good to see you.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Protesters and celebrities have called for justice for the 51-year-old charged with the murder of Stacey Stites.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66943159","title":"Death row inmate Rodney Reed maintains innocence ahead of execution date","url":"/US/video/death-row-inmate-rodney-reed-maintains-innocence-ahead-66943159"}