Def Leppard Drummer and Marine Help Veterans With PTSD

Warrior Gatherings bring together vets at Def Leppard concerts.
4:17 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Def Leppard Drummer and Marine Help Veterans With PTSD
I'm Bob Woodruff. And as part of our standing up for -- series recently had a chance to sit down with two men from very different backgrounds who have something in common. Trauma and recovery. -- gallon as the drummer for the English rock band Def Leppard. In 1984. He was in an auto accident that cost him his left off. -- remember worst years and everything was in slow motion line you know everybody was says and -- the -- died she came and done. And came across my chest as I was leaving the -- through the sunroof. And I must have been doing a good 6570. Miles now. I landed in a field. Several hundred yards away. I remember standing up. I think it was it was very surreal. In 1992. During a military operation in Somalia. A marine named John Roberts was severely burned. You're back in a helicopter can. 150 feet to defeat here. In the rear engine blew the play. Killed three of the Marines around me. Unfortunately you know I was awake for the entire thing. So again and the flames that you and part of the engine blow into your arm -- your body. Yeah and then we personally ocean. John Roberts has now dedicated his time to the injured veterans as the executive director of the wounded warriors project and in these years since their injuries these two men have been drawn together not only because of that terrible physical pain. But also because of post dramatic stress disorder. PT SD. And assault. Let me hear that anger the isolation. What we did your families. Just. -- -- this was close. And we pushing people away. I think normally heard much about PT as being in the civilian world until this war happen if there's a good thing they came out of the war was because. Waking up to this exact. Problem absolutely and I think one of the woman one of the main issues is that is that the worry -- -- -- -- house. And we Iranians. To it too you know highlight the fight -- -- calendar if you ask for help. To deal with the issues of PT SD they get together with family and the injured -- Def Leppard concert they are called warrior gatherings. We're sitting in. Looks like a group therapy Rick and I assure our stores. Talk about PT -- some things we did. Some of wrong things we did -- and then some of the success we had to realize and under normal. In this is our lives and being happy with -- we get these individuals to start talking -- -- at this concert in an hour. We've learned things about them that they haven't shared with -- wife consumer Nextel. -- stand very honest and open and with our pass. And they feel it's okay start talking so wonderful -- -- -- had. Trauma. The warriors realized that. You know -- Careful and come -- to Iraq macho manly sort -- him. PT SC NN on though it's coming now we. Can we actually -- morning and what we're trying to do is educate the public that this is normal this can happen to anybody whether we're. -- -- -- -- Asking for help not a week. It really takes a stronger person. Asked for help -- to -- home and silent suffering. Not move forward Martin. These two friends from different sides of the pond and different sides of the military civilian divide. Have come together to help veterans -- and in the process they are healing themselves. Bob Woodruff ABC news New York.

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{"id":18064815,"title":"Def Leppard Drummer and Marine Help Veterans With PTSD","duration":"4:17","description":"Warrior Gatherings bring together vets at Def Leppard concerts.","url":"/US/video/def-leppard-drummer-marine-veterans-ptsd-18064815","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}