New details emerge as investigation into deadly limo crash continues

Investigators identify the driver of the limo that killed him and 19 others in deadly upstate NY crash; details emerge that the limo failed inspection.
4:29 | 10/09/18

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Transcript for New details emerge as investigation into deadly limo crash continues
Criminal investigation. Is now under way in that horrific limo crash that killed twenty people officials now say that little company. Failed recent inspections and the driver did not have the right license for the vehicle David Curley is on the scene ends go here in new York and David how serious. Are these allegations against this limo company. Well there are violations that they did not meet some of the standards of the inspections that they pad and the governor was quite. Firm yesterday in which he said. That the vehicle should not been on the road because it had failed an inspection and the driver should not have been driving him because he didn't have the right. Endorsement the right kind of license to be driving the vehicle. When a vehicle carries more than fifteen people there is an endorsement to basically firm driving buses and according to the state. This driver did not have that in there were seventeen. Guests in that limousine as well as a driver and eighteen total who were killed and a two pedestrians were hit. These cuts across the state highway behind you can actually see back there investigators are still working at the scene of the accident. So all that is still under way the autopsy are still going on as well some of the samples toxicology samples from the driver. We'll be sent to a federal lab in Oklahoma for testing so we have still no definitive. Idea of what caused the accident what we do you know Diane is that this vehicle this extended 2001 Ford Excursion. Was traveling at a high rate of speed because this was a high energy impact. When it hit another vehicle and then landed in an embankment of a pre. Down there on the roadway behind us there. Mean just a level of death is hard to sort of comprehend. And then you look at the fact that multiple family members were affected in this and then as you mentioned yesterday's of people were trying to do the right thing they were going out. And they were hiring a designated driver so they wouldn't be thinking behind the wheel. How is the community taking all this and. Let me talk about the vehicle for some and to the community. State police have said that the group actually hired. A vehicle and for some reason that fell through. And then they hired this limousine that they were actually in and that was their fix to get around it and as you say and his family members said do the right thing. To celebrate a thirtieth birthday of one of the four sisters and three husbands who were in the vehicle traveling to a brewery in other stops trying to do it safely. And then this tragedy occurred. Last night in a small town here in this area and this is fairly rural we are. A bit aways from Schenectady and Albany. And 2500 people gathered last night for a vigil for prayers and thoughts. Because these were all friends and family the seventeen of them in this vehicle a lot of room. We're high school friends now into their thirties. Who had been friends for a long time and had decided to do this. Birthday party for the thirty year old sister the youngest of the four sisters who were in the vehicle so a lot of remembrances. Last night. Not only what one family lost your boat what this community lost as well. And David Ritz investigation go from here. So it's both these state police are investigating as well as and TSB. The NTSB chairman who's been here since the beginning of this accident has left. There are still NTSB investigators who probably be working. Here for the next couple of days and then the state police are running their concurrent investigation as well they're sharing a lot of data. They're looking at the car taking it apart. What was interest thing is that they've told us that they have recovered the control module. The air bags in the vehicle and they they refer to that as a black box it if you were gonna. Do that it's a very crude black box because 2000 when technology but what it may have monitor the last couple of seconds. Or milliseconds of what was happening in the vehicle were the breaks ever applied their. No skid marks that showed up on the roadway. Behind me here if you can privacy. Down there where that truck is turning left. The little actually came out of there. Cross the highway this way and then slammed into the parking lot and another vehicle so they don't Simi skid marks. On the highway behind me and so they're hoping that control module may help answer some of the questions of what was going on. In those final moment. It's night and so many still left to be answered David Curley their Francisco hayride New York David thank you.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Investigators identify the driver of the limo that killed him and 19 others in deadly upstate NY crash; details emerge that the limo failed inspection.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58386611","title":"New details emerge as investigation into deadly limo crash continues","url":"/US/video/details-emerge-investigation-deadly-limo-crash-continues-58386611"}