Details Released in Connection to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting

Five people were killed, and eight others were injured in a shooting at a baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Florida today before a suspected gunman was taken into custody, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.
13:49 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for Details Released in Connection to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting
Maternity sheriff right now briefing reporters looked at some Scottish teacher Federal Bureau of Investigation. Shortly before 1 PM today we had an active shooter. Inside terminal to lower level by baggage. The active shooter shot at least thirteen people. Eight people as I know right now our area hospitals being treated I don't know the degree of their injuries. Five people have succumbed to their wounds and tragically. Art dead. We are not releasing any information on any of the victims until we identify them which is gonna take some time. And we are able to respect we notified the next to him first. All via the investigation continues. We have various swat teams in the Broward Sheriff's Office swat team. Clearing the entire airport. They'll be no movement in or about the airport until. Swat teams give me real time information that it's safe right now we're taking Douglas. Seeing is considered. Fluid and active. All we won't be. What will we have. Won a more critical pieces of information is we have. The shooter in custody. He's. Unharmed. No law enforcement fired any shots. The subject is being interviewed by a team of FBI agents and Broward Sheriff's Office homicide detectives. There's been incredible. Cohesiveness in cooperation between Broward Sheriff's Office the FB IF the only and all the local law law enforcement entities. All the way it's your questions you have it. We'll answer your questions at the end at this point I'm. With a Yelp the record you're about about. What's going on yep what did we hear from the sack mister bureau then I'll come back to answer questions. Thank sheriff sheriff said my name is mark dale near record. Sales international airport. When the incident occurred. Responded. He you know that we. Suspended operations at the airport for the time being working together with all the law enforcement. To address all the needs and concerns of the passengers that are inside the building on airplanes right now there are all sheltered in place. We're not sure exactly when the airport will reopen for operations and work together all the law enforcement here airlines. All the other agencies. We actually moved to reopen the airport. In the meantime is feature syndicate. There's a good step by step. Chronically through the building. Will be taken steps to reopen operations will keep everybody informed us this weekend through. Social media our web site is when that may occur. And we'll also be setting up a hotline or. Families or friends and maybe looking for folks have been immediately check contact with the loss of homes that in the relatively near future you know are upside down. My name's flicker on special agent in charge of the FBI's Miami field office. As the ship making the FBI is working very closely with the Broward Sheriff's Office. Supporting their ongoing efforts here at the airport were working drowning during all of the witness interviews as well as the suspect there. The investigation very early we have a lot of preliminary information that we are going through that at this point what was to. We support of our share of pop. Until it make a determination on the nature and this. Think that we've heard about having an end to don't want you tell us that's and there's. Please one of the downstairs. There was no confirmation of any shooting as a matter of fact at this point as I speak the only gunshots fired at any time during his terrific incident. Downstairs from through what happened so. Exactly that efforts there succeeds like Silva got into. Like cup up. I found out. I. That's not the right now I'm in. I'm. We've had no confirmation that we have lower enforcement personnel or federal state and local throughout the airport. No more force in this congress confirmed that there's been any gunshots that was fired. There. And it. Not in the shooting aspect of it we're reviewing tapes that book if someone was arrest you might be for a a plethora of things but to my knowledge in the wall was taken into custody. People could have been secured in handcuffs until we found out who they wore what they wore and how they related not related to this scenario so. I don't know who are physically arrest. Yeah. It happened around the bag here. At any infinite supply. One suspect only because we were not released any information on that slightly this argument. No. New York we're we're not gonna comment. All when we apprehended in this of that was arrested without incident. Hang out. Waiting for somebody. Arrived. But the very beginning of the investigative stages. This is all about that's why. At this point lead on the investigation is proud sheriff's office if we do on covered some time. That this was related to any type terrorists or terrorist activities. Then the FBI we'll have complete accident this. Will be assisting the FBI has moved forward. Talk also want to say hi this is not the time for anybody to pull 911. On this incident we'll be here. You have a real emergency of course but didn't while you'll. Please keep inaudible one lines open and need information you can follow us on Twitter. Show here. Can't handle. At Broward sheriff's Twitter at route sure. Not at this time not to my knowledge so at this point to ask him against terrorism education at all. Charlayne it's too early see the way on that that's what's going on right now accurately. He could. We and I do know I do know what flight but we're not releasing any information to we could positively identified the victims editor respectful dignified manner. Notify the next and here we won't give up. And that's. So now we're not clearly aren't staying. At this point it looks like along but they hired a family. Yes there's there's no lack. There's no at this point there's no second active shooter there are no victim suffering for any gunshot wounds. We heard that information as well it's it's it's not confirm. And right now we're dealing with this incident right. I'm sure they were looking for you know clearing parking lots throughout. We have a variety of swat teams out in assets out. Cleary the entire airport make sure it's safe so. Just doing their job working very hard and diligently. Here for it's always very busy one of the fastest growing airports in the country. So again the terminals are. Are very full right now. Our passengers are sheltered in place will be working with the law enforcement actually yet been released systematically is that your syndicated terminal by terminal. To make sure the folks were able to exit safely. As they proceed with their clear injured when we return. Right now we actually have everybody in here at the terminals are we at some airplanes that it landed. Bad that we still have airplanes with people or that it not been brought it to term ability. It's possible that those airplanes may actually depart and not actually come into the terminal building. But many giving day we typically handled between eating in a 100000 passengers coming through the so so yeah now Manhattan. That. That's the that's a possibility that working with the airlines that some decisions may be made has been confirmed yet that they may actually deport other cities. Or go through the terminals. Again very slowly methodically nature meaning is clear if we make any decisions. Additional passengers into the building on top of those that are already Finland's. I have I don't have that information still coming right back here you can happen if there. The depleted bank expanded to be hundreds of people than any one time that I don't know what the number was that that particular moment tonight. I don't have the number of those are program. We're gonna get information out through on her looks and who knows what Twitter. After a fellow flyer. And as I sit before it happened just before 1 o'clock. All we're not we do about any specific information about the logistics. And as I said before. Shortly thereafter almost almost immediately after Richard. And it often. He was out was apprehended by a Broward sheriff's deputy and was taken into custody without incident they're. Let. Lockett here life. At that sit before that's all part of an ongoing investigation. I I haven't I haven't gotten or all I know it's the year gunman is in custody. He's being interviewed by via a team of FBI agents in Broward sheriff's deputies as it is time once we just establish motive. An investigation continues and we find out what that motive is. And myself and the mr. Shapiro to wreck this the FBI making decisions potentially on the continued. I hear you can't let it is part behind act on it went. I don't know. There's no no confirmation of any type notebook gunshot anywhere but at the time this this were ripped through a repeat its. All we. He I believe I know that information but it's not something. Where he is right now. Generally don't military flight. I am. As they said we can't say there's no viable threat we have to clear the way. It's it's just common sense approach. Oh my concern right now. We're not only with the families of those who lost my concern is the citizens of Broward County. And it to myself and director. It's the FBI until we believe that this airport is safe place. And people who knew about it won't be open. And I went let me ask question. You're being out end here. I'm not sure thank you very much can we please follow us. Broward sheriff's. On Twitter continues to look hot speculation. Prevent against I'm not sure. You've been listening to Broward county sheriff's department and the FBI joining forces there answered questions about what's transpired in Fort Lauderdale. Those are pictures of people the promoter of the airport and they were explaining just moments ago that this is what they had to do. A standard operating procedure after a deadly incident like what we witnessed her early this afternoon. In Fort Lauderdale take you through this if you're tuning in now about what we just heard from authorities there on the scene the first call came in at around 1255 shortly before one. Of an active shooter when they arrived on the scene. They saw that the shooter had hit at least thirteen people they are in terminal to the baggage claim area of the airport. Eight of them are now at area hospitals. They did not know the extent of their injuries could not offer that at this time but eight have been taken to area hospitals. They talked about the five. And that we've reported on earlier this afternoon five people dying. I would venture came into terminal to one eyewitness telling me that he walked into the doors turn right and then just simply began firing. That shooter is now in custody. Authorities were quick to point out that the shooter was unharmed that means they're questioning him. As we speak it's something we've talked about earlier here that is in fact what they're doing already being interviewed by FBI agents and investigators right there on the ground in. In Broward County. We did listened to them also talking about operations at the airport we've been reporting this afternoon that. Operations had come to a halt those operations remain suspended they did say they would alert the public and will pass along to you listeners. Operations are back up and running there at the airport.

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{"duration":"13:49","description":"Five people were killed, and eight others were injured in a shooting at a baggage claim area at the Fort Lauderdale–Hollywood International Airport in Florida today before a suspected gunman was taken into custody, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"44607871","title":"Details Released in Connection to the Fort Lauderdale Airport Shooting","url":"/US/video/details-released-connection-fort-lauderdale-airport-shooting-44607871"}