Digital Revolution: media and sports stars discuss the impact of social media

Actress Amanda Seales, NBA champion Richard Jefferson and ESPN's Jemele Hill discuss the impact of social media to educate, advocate and spark conversation.
42:24 | 09/07/18

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Transcript for Digital Revolution: media and sports stars discuss the impact of social media
Depot and. A. Has room. All right so I of course have. Honor of introducing this terrific trio. But I know they actually don't need an introduction because you guys are well aware put the -- for the sake of formality. Ominous start wed to Mel hill who is one of the most influential voices in sports media sit down time be a permanent. She still is that Emmy award winning journalist and she's the chief correspondent and senior columnist for the undefeated. ESPN's content initiative exploring the intersection. Of sports racing culture. Janelle writes conducts newsmaker interviews offers commentary in creates a variety of contact. For the undefeated digital television audio platforms she also hosts events for for the site. And for other important initiatives including in repeat its town halls and television specials and on now you come on out. Next up to bat and I publish that he used a basketball term ninety about it. I is Richard Jefferson he I have had an impact on basketball and has been evident since the first moment he stepped on the court. With over seventeen years in the NBA his jolt of energy pushed the Cleveland Cavaliers. To their now legendary when he sixteen NBA championship went. Which reversed the city's 52 year sports cars. Jefferson is now and for giving fans a humorous behind the scenes look at life in the league his wildly popular podcast road tripping. And his famous snapshot account which earned him for the wins best sports chaps snapped chatter of the year and 2016. I got that right which is that thing trying to FF FF. And last but most certainly at least. And my friend Amanda seals through that comedian actress a writer producers social influence her. And so much more. Amanda of course is known for her many hilarious and thought provoking. But to many excuse me for her O'Leary's and are provoking role as Tiffany. On HBO's hit series and figure. Amanda has been honored by essence magazine's future fifteen spotlighting tomorrow's black millennial influencers. We're creating a new definition of success doesn't when he seventeenth. Prime outs LA's comedians to watch also between seventeen. An anti when he is sixteen she was named as Huffington Post one of the six influencers who helped to highlight the power. A black representation. A man and a I'm and it doubt kayak. Expect picnic. Act act act act act. Fantastic I'm so you know I wanna start here since all of you all have significant. You know of footprints and the world of social media. What and I wanted to down the line and I want to hear what the what the social media avenue was specifically but. What posts did you guys out there in the universe. That really made you realize the power and impact of your own voices and social media done a really have to wait and. I don't like let's just get it out the way cell amounted tell us. May have been hatton. Two week about the president that probably will not be a little bit about supposed to be an amber heard it and it has impacted his influence. And he did it not sears' news even before that happened. As social media as Twitter has grown and Odyssey took such a huge. Influence in large role and how we are producing chosen he has paean. That they are ways cup one of many indicators that. Social media lay is not just at driving and driving force but he was a force that we need to work in conjunction with. And for me personally ever see that moment it was. On you know probably the most publicized moment of my life and my career and it was it just about. The reach in the story and the controversy but it's the aftermath and now that I do have all these followers and all these. Different types of people that are paying attention to me now in ways that that was that the case. You know pre last September it's what do I do with his platform moving forward and to further. Messages that I feel I'm Courtney get out there things I want to say. And not just about amplifier amount grander stuff like that which is using it in a positive constructive way to continue. Om the along. With that you know same belief that I have about representation nattering so. That's where I am with hip again and privacy that for me inside the moment where he was just like oh. I guess I'm kind of a big deal and do you think people are reading what I'm reading a keg at I Richard Pipes. Or I don't know when it was for me I would as I am it's kind of find I'm here speak in this because. I don't have a personal Twitter I don't have a personally its program I don't really have social media. I'm barely counts that Jack that's an all my 190 teammates are doing as well I was messing around house play around with it. And I just started doing it in and our team you know if you followed. Odd that championship run there is lot of controversy you know brought our capital for Kai Regis how. Well guys get along you know colts week I reach forgot treaty later but. The whole thing was more of this kind of the narrative behind our team. SI I just was we would sit there are dinners and we would go and we would all hang out and there was always he's outside narratives that they're anonymous sources in this and that nothing. But I've never been on the team where there were thirteen guys all hanging out at once insult. I just started they announced that Chet dislike cracking jokes and because I'd again I didn't have any other platform. And all this and you just south views go from here to hear to hear and then we ended up winning a championship that year. But I what I saw is I saw that the narrative outside of our team started to change right it was in. Do the casket along due to cats have chemistry issues it was like. No they actually enjoy each other's time they're just Brothers on the court arguing. That's really what it was so they would cius fight in yell and scream but they wouldn't cius at dinner. Then that night are the next night and so that's when I start to see that. Even though I was putting this narrative out in allowed for a positive impact on our team from within because we no longer have to answer those questions. And ultimately. Seeing what fans were really kind of new craving. Is what led me to doing the podcast the very next season rank and so then all of a sudden it was like one thing led to another and and that's. That's why I'm here. Thank you for that. The man. I think for Jim Ellis Island lake where as with the obvious one mice and that. When I gathered Keylon Jenna like a ponytail. I is it. I. And yes out of them but not and I honestly it wasn't even actually my post my did this for those it on I did this are live stream that Katy Perry had for her album. Witness is he basically had like a three day Big Brother. Type YouTube scenario she invited people to come hang out and do interviews when I didn't see. Did adds she was doing dinner is and I got invited to this dinner and and people or alive he. She's. Needs did not do that. And her friends like she's not race's sees jazz like so. In the white bubble and we need to popping. And we would like to do that in a very like open forum to just show her earnestness. That I actually popping that and so they had this dinner at first there was got a family and friends there and out like I don't know on these people. So how are we coddling in. Fannie friends to enact. Ends up. Our flight away is though herd is at the dinner and they're like what we really want. They were like what Katie were really campaigned for Hillary Clinton and their parents voted for 45. She felt like she just cutting go to Thanksgiving dinner let what are we gonna talk about she was like ages had totally like treated this chasm between her and she was like do her family. And they said day that was up very big eye opener for her as she wanted to encourage other folks to figure out how they can. Like be a part of closing that chasm by having his like real difficult conversations. With your family in and imparting to them like why their decision making processes that is south like a lawless is called the dinner would discourse. And they relying. EM. Yeah. Meant so it is you know the so basically the dinner had like mean Sally com. From CNN this guy DJ ski there. Derek Blacksburg from Vanity Fair which banned Johns was the moderator of sorts. Margaret show. Ana Navarro from the view. And Caitlin gen Eric and then late KV had like a winner like one of her fans like one the F Cheney lite comes. And in the house. It. I felt so bad very get a nice you guys he's coming to lately we can eighties died and lake. Sitting fire where and I was like no we're gonna have a conversation about our racial discourse. That's aware gonna do hand. And turning was and as uses flag. I. CAA is allies are placing buy out his hear it adds that on the planet Wally despite. So it is dinner and that going viral because there are real comedies that hat that had ended I was asked the time because the person that did come with like if you don't come or someone like he doesn't come it does and the being polite conversation that doesn't advance anything forward could everyone's that it just wanna be like. Sweetie pie and if you haven't noticed I'm not interested in that race loans and I was like I haven't. We haven't and egg the conversation. Pushed into the direction Caitlin saying bay she didn't like that compared 45. To. Hit Laird. In terms of the possibility of his becoming something like met a woman -- maniac. And a tyrant and she was like well I just don't appreciate that as a citizen of this country at Philly care. You know creating. Creating an area that's balls and your reply that I'm about to inhibiting. Backpack that backpack and that's why you win by doing monologues we gone along. And come I B we will I'm Ellie as. So my dad dad dad. And sent. I. No I mean. Just saved his -- I think the reason why this clip went so viral is because. It with a dinner it wasn't a panel united news it was clear that there was his kind of like a come it would. It was a voyeuristic the same reason that ears went viral like people got and I got a bird's eye view into a group of people that they typically wouldn't have felt like they had access to and they got to seat. Like an actual exchange that did it seem like it was set or. You know cajoled and and that's the truth like it really wasn't mean out of them by that they are to be a part of actually have a imitation but what happened was seat sell this Alice like you know I. I I understand why you're saying this because I mean you have spent much of your life in this country. In. In a way that has made this country like being very supportive but you you know but I haven't had this experience in his country's she liked. And and I say you know you're she said I was being hostile. By simply to stating that. Like I'm seen trends that seemed very dangerous and hos on just passionate. And I'm passionate because of added if experience in this country understand which Hussein but the reality is is that like as a black woman's country the government has been in our rides. For my whole life like they still aren't you know and the reality is that you know you as a chance prison should know this. And understand because like American and stepping until light. 2 o'clock today. So. Why acting brand new and IA. I left the dinner the dinner with a live dinner we never gave clearance. For its should be re brought. So some IE. I don't know who this person is with some I was like oh. The were need to see day. And kissed Ritz. A minute and put it online put on Twitter alleys side 2000 the car coming home that's fry it. And out like I re treated it and it Jess. When Saddam moan and it was very. Interesting because I'm on a TV show that's fairly popular. And so people knew me from and secure our. But it's different for people to know you like as a host or as an athlete or as actor and for people to bend CU as like. I thought leader as someone to push the needle or as their high. And they did it it changed how I'd like tomorrow assailing it changes like you're conscious about what your putting out and like your platforms and digests. But for a long time platform is is like saying. Only child's. This is what I'm doing right now. Exists you know it's changes that dynamic. You guys all have these moments where you realize that you have significant audiences that are paying attention to what you cleanup and social media. Does that then change how you post what you post on what you focus on and if so I wanna hear. Like what you processes now as opposed to what it was before. I started going viral and posting things out there like that even the keeper realized I want to keep their Rick has the minority status on this path they'll put her. Are you I'm sorry I I'm so glad she's here. We all make use comp compromise when you work for a corporation as soon as you just act to do that. Their policies their attitudes values. There they have to become your own and it's a tricky position a year journalists at a platform like ESPN because a lot of people there's no separation. At about eighty about bust Tamara is gonna be is Ian personality Jim Hill hill was about is not going to be just my name. So the moment has stepped out of my door I'm representing ESPN and Disney all that except on nudging him. Named after you get at Ed essay he had dead granddaughter aria RI says it got named after I got it aka Erica sir thank you Amanda. So because there is no separate sick of people have sent Atlanta to sexual person accountable my Twitter handle just as offers an ethnic DeVon at ESPN on it but it doesn't matter. As you know where where. It's so. At any rate of course. Now especially in this time with ESP in enforcing being caught up I have to be even more careful because it's me and because of what I'm not I am known for. On beak is. You know the white house Press Secretary keiki name her mouth calm because all of that it I I am very calm. Cognizant of what I'm putting out there are so yeah I mean actually get jokes often dikes it that your your social media if he was about. You know being single and only talc mine you know mostly before that was about his didn't jokes off -- that was it right and so. There's a different expectation. Now on because there's also another group of people that want meat. To come in on some of the political and social issues that are going on and act to be. Careful about that ended to meet our. Anytime I delve into that space is just about is his political or is this right so for me racism is not political because that implies. That there is a pro races and so I was the pro argument. Right there's no pro arguments that racism is just right in rock in as a company be taken as stingers or as part our value system. Is to be anti racism so I feel like that's totally far right now I'm not on here talking about. On you know trying to rewrite you know the health care or you know read write Health Care Reform or anything like that but there are certain things that are just right and and I feel like we you have a responsibility to put our voice to those things on steel. Always gonna operate on in that space and I've explained that two people here in Eddie is Ian and they understand. It. There are some limitations that come along with the position and army and the mess is the reality. If it. Ticket it now but. That's your partly everybody has no themselves greatly you have to be true thank what you were putting out was who you are right I'm saying nominally out. You were putting out stopped that you know will which is kind of like you are you putting out jokes and then you've found something that your passion about and you said. There's a reason why I don't have a personal social media rightly. It's because I don't have a very good filter right and I truly don't and even the one thing that I have is likes so I have we had to start one because of my podcasts or road trip in podcast. We have a Twitter we have an answer so we puts up on the it it and every WASL. I was starts at just like it on Twitter and it's I've. I can post something really quickly put something out wreck and people now if you follow we have we don't have mini but. If you follow the podcast you know who's tweeting win win something comes out. And you know I kids see how. Just so quickly. You can put out thought are put out some even if it's well thought out or not while. I can see how that can impact tons of people out of the people fanned out things can go viral. And so I've always I've had an advantage being able to step back. And is kind of watch everything from afar. In just see how people react in and it's it's passing because even as an order that in this league and I came in the league before there was. Camera phones before everyone at cellphones rack before all of this stuff happen now you have high school kids that have a million followers before their human shall. Right every year at the draft you have one cubic its drafting and it doesn't matter what draft that is. Baseball football bass for. And then they go and look at his Twitter history the Golan in this like you know you have fourteen year old kid there Mike I he was quote and fifty cent what it's like. Lou it is like you do is learn you learn from these things and unfortunately kids today after the you know you can quote something when you have twelve Twitter followers and it's your best friend in your mom and dad. And annexing you know you've become a phenom at nineteen between one and people are now crucify you for Agile que me or saying something it appears that the quarterback and the jets might have a conversation with 350 pound black men asking him why. He was saying all it fitting white game right we according modern family A and it's just like. These are things that I feel like everybody struggles to come and Abdi even if you're young you're old and that's why guy. Stay away from back I don't have a very good filter I know myself and I think that's one of the things that's also hard on social media is to be true to yourself. I mean I think for me also like a for along time people only knew means like one space. But has spent a lot of times it's kind of like as a psych talking head person that was kind of hosting. But that was it began emptying the and I was like talking to nine docent beats winehouse kinds of second like a pop culture space and I. Had made it concerted effort to say like I want to talk about. I know more than that I am still picking up at his master's. If it. The on Wednesday in as his ballet eclectic Eck. It's like any time I mentioned the car dash into the Burris in the flames on the walked Yunel and so it was like I want to be able to talk about. Like things are actually matter and are pertaining to a bigger. Push forward for change ends the aren't un is Graham. I use it kind of do east events weather and it's a Grammy kind of allowed me to do it more just like as the embassy in visual not just like the writing and so they can also like be tapped in for tone. Like it is kinda gives you a little more control over your messaging. Ands. I'd is. I think I take it very seriously now at this point that like as a black woman in entertainment and I want my messaging to be more varied than jest about relationships or. Just about like got sick you know from the statements at a red because I think we get very sequestered. Into that space especially if you're comedian you know like we get really marginalized and to like Jess talked about like. Dudes in dating and appeared not thought about that then it's almost like wal Ari what else he talked about so. Decide to use it. I gotta have that attachment to a corporation. In or a team in the same way so I kind of have a let a little more. You know at a little while movement and to me as I mean. My side of good entertainment businesses like they liked. Daylight those seized polarizing Baptist dollars like they can look at it like yeah I mean like they look at it like like they light. Today people let your hate you because people watching whether they let you're hate you re people will hate watts just as much play it's a real thing in house so I just. I might add that bit like he changed. It didn't just change like in terms of me having to be constant like OK like. I don't wanna be reckless because I don't want it's it appeared negative but I also want to be conscious about the fact that like there's more content that. He's to be out here that people want to consume that is actual in actual. I wanna pick up on something you just said arm and against question especially for UN chip Mel. What do you guys love about social media and Richard two and then what drives you crazy about it on because. Exactly exactly. That I I am well aware of what to melt you know kind of gets thrown at her and I think a lot of us aren't ports and anywhere but a couple of articles written about it but what you love about tragically. Well I'm just when I'm property like super fed up with it in the night. And disclose such as delete and all my accounts. What are the and one of the mid UA's. I who was able to support mile high school Mumford high school is the wrestling coach. He had. He sent out a Twitter. Post about the fact that. You know in each rate you know it's a very few high schools have a wrestling team and we were one of the U. And he was facing a lot of resistance and frankly a lottery system. Where do. Even so boldly as a you know a school administrators say to him that blanket should massacres at Harvard to buy. So. So he you know put that out they're and you know he and I were able to connect and I was able after Sen support book. Both locally and financially. Edges you know I figured you have these moments and even out from an awareness standpoint. Where. You know and WNX. Person can't comment police on somebody black. I got beat in eggs live until we got the idea is that didn't let. Us about all. It's a no man's got routed Clinton. And I think yes in the editing and that there is what does the woman born not. About an arrow. And it isn't that good in the bad I missed out on the stump up scenario they'll be stolen and at my old they know we have a new knew there was no one yet right oh yeah I was like I do. If not months up from I don't let my try to not let let. Every kid is at the greatest mom in by the. Mbeki is streets in need is. That hit Syria they do they see called the cops signed it wearing as her wet hair where her calling the cops on. Yeah. I don't let her at a camp where and it's less and I'm Erik on the got within the find out what the lady doesn't job I would leave yeah it does leave people I know he's not. Here are not actually DME kidnap eight. At. That now was lie like Ali she is he she's you'd like a family friend of mine works with parent. And she's a terrible persons. Act act act and they said that she actually he. Light is very like she's not liked in the marijuana community because this is not an isolated incident and that she is. Definitely done things that people have admonished report. Has got to be pretty typical be hated him in the while. I don't. The yeah. It. Is is crazy so it within the Starbucks. Encounter we found out about active socially because that video spirals so it is bringing as equal parts entertainment. Actor I mean not favor is still going to be the navy. I can't say the first where I'll navy went down at that unfortunately. I I'm not our hot later I think I. But Allah but when you know especially in communities account is Fuzzy black people like analysts it's our. A responsible for establishing our trains indoors everything I was not about black Twitter. I'm just not out I have no idea yeah. I'm not a social media re married and have better and you don't had a lack grant another. Let rich share I rich and ran attack. It's my thing. He. You have about point there. Now is if you're not a part of that if you're not what you locker room. Up. Not pretty that every visual art. And air buyouts at stopping you gave one more acute yet one more okay cool thank you. Now is not. This say this is I I don't honestly I try and a boy. These things like in a game when you've been in. The position now we are where it's team in its media and it's like you walk out her house in ever since I was you know 1718 years old there's people Richard did Solis like when I get away I get away right at Solis like. Now I'm starting to understand more and more is not that I don't watch news is not that I don't pay attention and not that I'm not aware of the culture and the struggle that that is not yet. It's just I've avoided the negativity. I and I see every time I see something negative every time I seen individuals have to put out. Okay this was not what I meant to say and it's just like it is leads me to be like I should probably to stay away from Africa I don't have a filter. As so I'm learn in more more about it as I am now entering. That realm having to promote via Twitter having to promote the answer ramp in so yes I do have black friends. This past I have half. And they have so everybody he didn't. Good thing about socially in the bad thing about so smear the good thing about social media's that everyone has a voice ranked. And the bad thing about that designated as and the bad thing about social media as everyone has a boy's. And so it's like you can you can literally create a following if you use a utes who platform if you lose too quick. If you are funny if you are intelligent if you are a great writer people will follow. You'll create a following that is something that especially as African Americans like when you were always having to fight against a current. When you were always having to deal with the struggle in people wouldn't listeners like we party filled are quoted today. Right are like now I affirmative action has psyche you we have to woo with we have enough but now it's like if you are talented if you are funny if you are intelligent they will find you are if you can put it out there and that's a positive thing. The negative things you start to get these burner counts there are lots of people with burner count out there that she would not expect that are putting out whether it's. Also whether their their starting staff where they're putting out stuff that probably doesn't need. It's a lake that's where it's like you start to see the negative in the positive both sides so if you are created if you aren't intelligent person and you have a message you have a platform. But on the other side there's also platform for people that desperate negative that want to tear people down and want to destroy. You know positive things out there in the world itself bats bats. Of the back and forth yet word thank you in heck well. And as that pendulum. No those are great I love. And I and I honestly about well follow up question Obama talked after the attack. As what I wanted to do now is kick it to the audience I think that there are a couple of questions. Out. They are and I want to get it as an opportunity to ask this fantastic panel. The questions. Well it's one you have to look at and NASA things that you have to look at who is saying that. Rightly ask first is like who has it. Bass dollars in wiley when I say oh you you talkback people's social media who asked for followers their blocked and all they're doing is trying to get reaction drank. And that's why you know when I see. You know and individuals say something like that too broad and then Kobe stands up and gives and not get an Oscar it says I know I'm supposed to shut at the dribble. What we know that that's not real we know that's not that's not realistic and I think today and athletes. You know if you go back even in the even in the late nineties when you have NJ unit their two year yet Tiger Woods these guys never made any social. You know that they never made any social change they they weren't activist and that's fine like that was that was who they were at the time because Beagle a generation before that. The art maybe two where you at Mohammad Ali you had. Adam you know Jim Jim Brown you had. Yet you had so many different people there were trying to to trying to make changed. And now you come today and you have guys like LeBron in U app on Capra making you have so many athletes now that are just like. On we're gonna use our platform we're even going to use your platform to make a change in our community and that's what causes. You know a lot of you know probably people being uncomfortable soaked. It's more than anything when you start to fill out a push back. It mean to doing something right. Right in even if it you know even if he can put you in a position of being very very uncomfortable like a can't cabinet are like what you Mel. Has accomplished it can make you be like. Damn but did you start to see that you have affected so many people in a positive way to know that you were going to use your platform so I don't ever. When people start to say things like that are when I see that projected on athletes or are comedians or or journalist. You just know that you at any point time people forget Mohammed Ali they're worth. Everyone in the world everyone in the world was like all Mohammed Ali he's passed the way he's the greatest he's this he's that. And we forget that we put him in prison. He. Says. Pay any. Price they admit that some say in the government put him imprisoned like what they were they were trying to destroy every single thing he did. Right in his prime which he was the most famous athlete on the planet. But then here we have to you know forty years later he passes away and then all of a sudden you you have you know there's monuments to the man. You particularly it will wait a second. He was the greatest in everyone hated him. But that's when you start to see it's like things can change how history were remember you is not by who's talking right now. It's about what you do today that might enact change when he 3040 years from Al. Nevada. I'm feeling it honestly at this planet and deputies are having some sort of social media. It's those media and dealing with that should be partly curriculum and school at this point like ammunition so. Integral in these kids' lives like in a weighted aids is was like their. There's no substitute for that was integral in our lives like there's no like although we had. Now and we just didn't have this thing out there like slam ex Ian L play at me with that you know. Ideally that. That Lambert as slam. The Mumford and I got it exactly but frank Malay it like a slam but was basically like a no put that was made him a white people could tell the message isn't there at it as is nearby it was like you know if someone had a slam. That was in your friends circle and they're like and I also liking it seamlessly making because sees whenever. And then light pleasant again got her hands on as the dance like. But in about. But Allah and there was it like good old fashioned bullying you know and I think we know fashion right thought I was a bit like. Here's to be set for being able to look the person and I that's bullying you and be able to at least like either take Allard give them hell. Did you Wear like you literally it's easy it's ghosts you know moms bullying other kids right exactly it is it's so per basic in a wave it's like. Hard for me sometimes that like content like. Like really actually wrap my head around and then when it's happening to you you're like okay what Heidi do it it's like I was is doing to me at age. And she was like united talent you know what thank you very much it's like got. Or because you have jazz make him leave famous learn and you know I. Like that's got it that bad but that's it like that's so authentically picked you know. And how that deal with. Things differently had ain't that the biggest thing is trying to managed. The concept. Ignoring people all but light considering the fact that like those people do exist them. You know so dazzling that because I think you need is you it says something where like a lake. It's so much negativity they like I just don't want to deal that they like aside to start it off but it's like it's. Still bear you know sell it's like okay president isn't a futile effort to like trying to deal with some limits. It's never gonna and how you manage it the way I manage it at this point is. I just blocked me like I'm are all about like the united satellite. The revolution didn't have in an at like we also did block buttons and I employ the blog by an in every Alan. Every sector if you break up with somebody that you know you should be talking to. Black them. Why today. Are you allowed waned as somebody access to you that you don't have to we used to have to deal that now it's just like ask you now and. You part you compartmentalize. This a way of compartmentalize and somebody like you find yourself. Going down that rabbit hole and aside why I giving me energy. Today's at this bought you know and so I know some people like you should about people like Abbott is like. Bears. Are also the reality that not everybody's argument as a valid argument. And so you find yourself black times in these exchanges with some by you're like you'd even have the facts. But we're not even having a debate this argument was means emotional base and I don't even now you so why we went with this is silly you know and end the Internet. And the negativity that you're talking about is sold his emotion base it's not fact based so I've tried to really just these days like. Cutting it for not having a fact based exchange. I got to. NA at. The cavs are discarded even if I just don't even want whatever energy they do is bring they cannot even say anything to me. And I just acknowledges blocked them hide a mild hot and allowed these of that house that I see them that als or it there's certain people. In our business who I don't want to hear anything out of their mouth at her yes so I don't want them in my time line and I don't want to know what they say. Because. I I just block them ask you get black yeah I just block them because I'll really wanna hear. Anything that they have to say you don't take that county zoo can't I don't even need the mint sold like telling what's in my area. Not at all you need to talk to meet those like and I'm good at Lilly got I don't wanna be at the part I don't. Ever allow artists Amro designees and at lightly about a guacamole cool Ozzy out later rang out theft. And this is another thing then again I just don't understand is that like Hugo and you look at you know you have friends pages or whatever you see it. And UC just like houses the comet in people arches arguing in the comments click on other Internet and sport this is like. It do you hate. LeBron James RG if you hate them so much. It's energy it takes. Open your own scroll and black I hate them I need to help them. I play if you eat something like an ad that type energy you wanna put out our do you want to hold onto. I'd just like that for me I never I don't understand I don't immediately I don't know I got a gold watch and ride it was like when I see this happen and again think it it takes me back to the why I Pharmacia Abbott boy did it. But I've avoided it and sell his shares because I does not understand and it's like sometimes when you don't understand something or the human reaction to something it's just like. But I will say this is a different where adults and we know how to process this and the thing is and I apps I have gotten is from a lot of younger women journalists who want to do this job or what to be in journalism. And heirs of fear factor there because they're afraid. Of the social media abuse they're afraid of what people you know may say about them. You know women agent or are looks are dissected people don't care about. Are often is they're loyal allies rid of oil rising or look like or your thought I'd like mild it. So which is that I ate mild leg I Eminem to that name lay before yucky Madonna does look crazy. Like ice dance. At today like chatting on a day that is not downright careless crazy now that you can see Obama pony tails on the shower rack I mean everything. But that big is younger ages I'd noticed I quit high school key is especially like they're using the Internet. To bully each other like before if you if you act you know what is school or whatever or somebody gross did you. That schools that is state they are now a whole district may know about it it's so I think is important for me to understand. When I talk to these key is that they are processing this cell personally in a way I am not because I went through more than half of my life with out. So I don't really don't worry you before it came exactly they are still discovering who they are. But is today the prism of social media and so what I try to tell them is that. You know you're never as good Gore's strategy thing and for that matter. A lot of these people saying things about you'd literally will not be a party alive ten years from now anonymity that five years and now they won't matter. But that's hard to get through wind FaceBook and Twitter snatch at when that's their street corner. It's hard to get through at least trying to encourage dislike balancing the digital exchange was actually human exchange to 'cause it's like. We imagine that in my life but I also like with younger folks dislike. You have to get. Often they are also because. Finding out about who you are is the key like surviving that type of exchange right just knowing you and being silent and you like your identity and when you're in this light digital nebulous base it it's not a real. On tangible like exchange of energy and that is integral in my opinions are like finding out like cool really is real. And who'll really you know is is in your corner and like who understands you said Iraq. And these days I I just feel like. We he. Arts like their coming up on IX. You know I dislike just someone like that pitches I mean they actually like you rate you know take so it's like trying to encourage just like what is real. Now what is really digital. Light what is real life and even though did Israel is says it's added it's a different version of real you know like analog is actually image human exchange digital means the computer is a part of the is a part of the exchange and that's. That's as a lens that's changing how things get on handled between two people but I don't awful ever. Don't know how to really. Heats. Or help. Our youth like with this being because. I really do feel except a somewhat of an outsider to an effect because I didn't grow up with it I think there's a generation beneath us companies but behind us that. Has a better. Handle on it. Simply because they where Emerson in a different time but I got in and in 1996. Dial up. You know AOL AOL -- body you know and I just remember it like. Does this chat rooms and you know AF oh yeah and you know these things in it's it's it's it's is almost like archaic but. It's. It's a world and its own. America act act act. I think I can speak for everyone in the audience is panel has been fantastic. And Amanda's CLO Richard Jefferson and should bow hill thank you guys so much for sharing. Things we don't even know we needed some yeah. 02 minutes ago. But certainly everything else that you have kind of out there in this in this town this has been really fantastic so that you guys so Mike's. Yeah. I. A.

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