Teacher speaks out on the purpose, impact of Denver strike

Charlie Gaare discusses why she decided to join the teachers strike and the financial realities of being an educator in Denver, Colorado.
4:26 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Teacher speaks out on the purpose, impact of Denver strike
Go to Denver now where teachers public school teachers are striking for a second day demanding higher wages it's the first time those teachers have gone on strike in 25 years Micah Smith from our affiliate K and GH. That is live for us in Denver Mike agreed to see you again today so. Remind us how many teachers are on strike right now and what of those reports you've been seen about. Chaos in some of these classrooms and schools that have been capped opened. DeVon where I am their about a hundred teachers that are dancing and shouting and picketing but according to the teacher's union there are about 3700. Educators. Participating in strike activities to give you an idea what that means that 86% at Denver teachers walk into the crowd just a little bit CP get an idea of how large this crowd is wondering with all educators out here what's on in the classroom what we actually got some video for in I don't eat high school very close to where I'm standing. Selling pay asks. You walked out of class flooded into the hallway and start having an impromptu party by their lockers we have asked. Denver Public Schools reflect that when we're waiting for a response from them. And I impromptu party in the hallways it's quite something in and we know they've had trouble getting substitutes its customers postured. You've been talking to some teachers in fact I think you have some. Nearby there give us a sense of how they're feeling how long do they think this is gonna go on. And DeVon they may want to take I want to go angry and teachers are legal worried that Charlie teaches English as Charlie why you personally on strike itself teacher for fourteen years I have a master's degree. I'm the three years ago all I realize that I was not going to be able to have my own children I wouldn't be able to afford to Clinton. I'm physically capable they don't have the money to be able to actually raise a family in Denver. So I started doing Foster care and what I would say is it allows me because cost of living and then heard because of Medicaid's tight ends. Content on the teacher's salary and I would have to pay 12100 dollars out of pocket every month I had a family and it also undercover daycare. And on my current salary that's just not within the realm of possibility and so yesterday I sent in my mind it's Foster child. And so hasn't ruled a woman who wants to be a mother and I basically have to sacrifice my own Green Zone on I love being a Gloucester mayor and I would really like demy and children age is not a reality for me I won't be able to do it when current salary him. Charlie a lot at stake with this strike today teachers will be heading accident negotiation table. With this school district rather than an hour what are you hoping happens within the first few hours of negotiation. I really like it it's is unheard of lay decided that teachers are worth investing in her real sustainable way. We can't weekends we can't our lives we give our commutes may get everything out so that we can work in Denver Public Schools for our kids. And it would be really nice to be able to get a raise without having to jump through a thousand hoops because we are he worked really really hard for this community as it like it did she would agree to our air and I'm party is scheduled it is similar to every other districts in the area right now we have to you let them do everything within our power pay thousands of dollars for education in order just to get a marginal ratings. And it's not fair and it's not sustainable and this would be if we don't need to get seriously my last year never public schools and I'll move back on the Montana. Where I can actually afford to have a family one last question for you this is a part of the national conversation. Have you been inspired by teacher strikes across the uncertain. I haven't I need to beds as a country we really really. Martin finally biting her whites is right for our art kits and our community is. I'm my teachers are finally saying hey I want to make a light in a home and stay teacher forever like the people inspired me when I was growing up. Then it's time for us to stand up and really really work for each other and work for our communities. To make things better. Ari think he so much for joining us Charlie well there's about ten hours of negotiations ahead of teachers and Denver public school. So we will see that thing in in those ten hours they can reach an agreement and get these teachers Madden last. Micah Smith thank you for that reporting terrific job out there can GH our affiliate in Denver great to see my.

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Charlie Gaare discusses why she decided to join the teachers strike and the financial realities of being an educator in Denver, Colorado.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61025428","title":"Teacher speaks out on the purpose, impact of Denver strike","url":"/US/video/english-teacher-speaks-purpose-impact-denver-teachers-strike-61025428"}