What to expect in closing arguments of Derek Chauvin trial

What to expect in the closing arguments and which witnesses could have made the biggest impact on the jury.
6:48 | 04/19/21

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Transcript for What to expect in closing arguments of Derek Chauvin trial
I ran Terry Austin from the lawn crime network for more legal analysis of the trial and where we are now Terri thanks for being here we've. At this point heard from 45 witnesses throughout this trial who do you think in that group had the biggest impact on this case. Good morning dying and I and number of them were very and pactel on the prosecution side. I have to admit the bystander. Who kept saying to do its Floyd. Listen and do what they want you to do Charles McMillan he was the first one on the stand who actually brought tears in his eyes and I think brought tears. To the eyes of the jury so he was dairy moving the airy and pack full. I also that the prosecution is going to want to raise and their closing argument. Testimony from the use of force experts particularly as it relates to is tiger and Sargent drew a clue girl was the one. Cool what's called Tim Justine by the 911 dispatcher and I think his testimony was very important he basically said. That at the time George blade stopped moving Tillman should have removed his restraint from his body. And I think Steiger was excellent as an acts are and that stood out in my mind because he was able to say does was against policy. And this was excessive use of force. As good defense witnesses were concerned I did not think they were vary. Moving or be airy and packed full I do think that the one who was called back. Nicole only candy was called back because of the excited delirium and that that was an interesting theory and I think they jury might have hung on to that as well they probably also hung on to doctor Fowler. But I don't think he was positive for the defense because I think Jerry black wells. Cross examination of doctor Fowler really put some holes in the argument as far as the defense was concern in terms that cause of death. And I imagine testimony from doctor Martin Tobin is gonna pay a key role. In the closing arguments today what do you think are some of the keys. That the prosecution is gonna want to highlight today as they try to sum this whole thing up for the jury. Well you hit it on the head Diane and always because he cannot talk about or the prosecution it looks like. There might. Summations but. Eight can't be over and over and repetitive and redundant because you don't want to lose the jury. So I do think that the prosecution is going to hone in on as far as the medical evidence doctor tell them because he was excellent he and back. And to the jury look you can put your hand onion next and you can squeeze it we don't need to did test to see whether or not your airway is blocked when you put your hand on your next because you can tell. I'm common sense that that is what is going to a car so he had a number of moments like that and he made it very clear. To the jury that George Floyd died because of this low oxygen because of the compression both on his neck and his back. Out of the individuals who work restraining George Floyd so I do think that. They will spend some time doing that closing up on the testimony. Doctor tell them because he made it simple and he made it clear. And what about the defense what are some of the key points you think that Eric Nelson needs to focus on here to try to raise reasonable doubt. What are the things Erica Nelson said in his opening and I think he will repeat this in his closing is. Look it's more then just nine minutes and 29 seconds he's trying to establish that back. That his client was dealing with a multitude. Of issues not the least of which in his opinion was that crowd and making sure that the crowd didn't end to be and that they didn't get. Too overly rowdy and so he's using Nat and he's saying that. Derek children how old police procedure he'd file policy and he was concerned. Ed Joyce Lloyd might jest come back and have this extra strain. Which is why he did not remove the restraint so he's going to try to argue that that drug use also caused his death that he. You might or call engines use that Mae 82019. Accidents to shell. And so they're gonna use all of that end in the last thing they. Nelson is definitely going to talk about. Is George Blake a heart and how that you contributed to his death let's. Under the charges because show then is charged with second degree unintentional murder. Third degree murder and second degree manslaughter so what are some of the main points the jury needs to consider for each of those charges. Well before and heat that. Unintentional murder which is the second degree they're going to have to show that there was an assault and backed the assault was intentional and they're gonna have to shell. That what children was doing was assaulting George Floyd he didn't intend to kill him. But by eight keeping his restraint on top of the body. That that was an assault and that ended up in the death of two exploit as far as the second degree. He asked to shell that there was a depraved mind. That children did not care about the individual and all of that evidence having to do with the duty of care. That was never given to George Floyd I think he's going to influence the jury as far as that's concerned. The second degree manslaughter all of the information you saw about eight unreasonable use of force the negligence that we saw because he didn't remove the restraint and I think the jury's going to look at all of that and they will be able to comment to the conclusion that. In fact children who was unreasonable that at the point where there was no. Pulse there was no breeding there was no moving there was no resistance and yet. Tobin did not remove their restraint from George played and I think if nothing else Diane we will see a manslaughter. I think all in all. That it Vick case has been proven by the prosecution. But I am not. Posited that the jury is going to come back with the tax counts the murder counts but I think that it will be a bit easier. Then to justify the manslaughter. On crime host legal analyst Terry Austin Terry Allen's great to have your analysis thank you. Anke Diane and we'll see you again soon when court resumes this morning for closing arguments we will carry that live here when it happens on ABC news live.

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