All eyes on Arizona as students go back to school without masks

Arizona is one of eight states that has banned mask mandates in schools.
5:44 | 07/21/21

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Transcript for All eyes on Arizona as students go back to school without masks
Arizona students heading back to school today schools around the country will be watching Arizona closely seeing how districts their fair. As schools start to develop their own reopening plans throughout the country so let's bring in doctor Jason Vargas. From the Arizona chapter of the American academy of pediatrics for more on this centage Vargas. Thanks for being here I have to start with the elephant in the room your group the American academy of pediatrics. It is recommending that all school staff and students over the age of two Wear masks regardless of whether they are vaccinated. But this CDC just issued guidance right before you guys did saying students and staff were vaccinated for the most part. Shouldn't have to Wear a mask so why the disconnect in how do parents and school officials make sense of this. Personally you for having me here today he I. I get that and confusion. We do recommend that all children over two years they were. I biggest check 88 valuable. He. Environments where content in the UK net matching patent does. Now most school district including one here in Arizona cannot. About vaccination status storm and they actually it would be very difficult to sort of decipher which and came out wearing mask. Or not wearing Matt that are not actually show you a better. Good message to recommend. That all children over to where about. And let's not forget that he has also prevent other preventable lead to like influence. Aren't the end and the comical. That despite the the AP's recommendation for everyone to amass Arizona as you eluded choose one of eight states. Banning mass mandates in school so for schools who can't require masks what is it just they do to protect students and staff. Well first let me say a moment about that I'm. A comment on that school popular going to need changeable. We're we're just go to CC changed and the from the very dynamic process shall schools this is certain outlook of a couple of crucial medical experts cheesy. I'm and The Today Show. Crime blockages in the UK including Arizona that literature. Or all the way to gold responded. That spear. We're all 181. Change it back to all the want to do it safely. It is important to know that even though they're banning mandate for vaccines. A court and that apparently gotten to a family that he saw no that this is not any. A lot of people are not even like to write my concern that currently poultry. There's no mandate about you that there's no pandemic in an optimal match she noted that each and they don't want to worm and it certainly recommend. In the back needed here. Gregg they're banning mask mandates in schools they're not banning masks in schools so all families still have the option. To Wear masks and have their kids Wear masks in the same per staffers. But you know I think in the end we all want to strike the right balance between keeping Kobe case is low. And also keeping kids in school now Arizona's second largest school district has just decided to make quarantining optional. For students who are exposed to cove in nineteen but have no symptoms. A must community spreader active cases in the school reaches specific threshold what do you think about plan. I think again it's not easy scientific evidence. Eight. What this adult under area coming is now going to be to Dominique you the US says it is going to be an Arizona. That increases transmission I think it is fearing what we're saying that you don't have to Wear a mask. We're putting more into all don't have to actually them and then that we don't have to quarantine. We've gotten a successful job of protecting rapid transmission and the all you can. All the factors in Nablus prevention act we have including Morgan. Scotland now I'll write more in the middle market and the next chapter to Barry dangerous. Precedent about more. Nut cases in Arizona are nowhere near their peaks in January but they are trending upward with more than 12100 cases per day on average. How confident do you feel about the upcoming school year there and what are you hearing from parents or teachers there. Look I have conversations with my family's every day. And they're struggling they're struggling Litsch whether or not tender their kids to school or not because they're fearful. And I tell them look it's worth the risk leaving their kids back to school. But I tell them they are certain things that we can do to prevent ourselves. If we're able to get the vaccine in the back this year younger child. Then we're gonna Wear masks and we're gonna do all looking governor do it before and we do that they can protect our shout IP choke point. Where we can shape that it changed to go to school now to all those who choose not to get the vaccine which is to get that. I am fearful and I hope that as long messaging as long as we cooperate with our social. How crucial this he she can get information from me he. I think the idea from you people understand though W need to do you keep our chief Lucia a couple all the same teamwork rocket into next chapter. What you've got a very funny more kids going to school possibly know laugh. Barry very important that we don't lose sight of the goal line and that kind of making it. I'll talk to Jason Vargas in the American academy of pediatrics Arizona we appreciate your time today thank you. Brad and I appreciated.

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{"duration":"5:44","description":"Arizona is one of eight states that has banned mask mandates in schools.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78977079","title":"All eyes on Arizona as students go back to school without masks","url":"/US/video/eyes-arizona-students-back-school-masks-78977079"}