Family reacts to middle school shooting

The Martinez family says their 10-year-old daughter was at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana, when the shooting occurred.
3:11 | 12/13/18

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Transcript for Family reacts to middle school shooting
You know I'm with the Martinez family right now Graham a mother and father and be at him and the other drama and Graham up ramp was inside your ten year old daughter was at the school. A tummy tummy what happened tell me what's gone through your mind right now. Right now I decide. Make sure these babies are okay they said there OK that we've heard confusing stories supposedly it might be to others that might have been injured student wise plan. All we can figure we don't know how they into the school with computers they witnesses school with the rest of the kids at school was bloody and because it's no buzzer there's only eighty one's teacher at that definitely let the man. They don't have any control they they need to be painted white and wheat all we know is that you know the kids. Path. That the buses this weekend where where it's there's over underpants here. Freaking. And we now that 600 kids go to that school so. So quite a feeling your daughter's ten years old so obviously just wanna hug her yeah she's you know ABC and Ian everything else she's CE shall look out. We line. Holiday OK as an owner. These. Same way. It's it's hard it's a hard cooking is now actually Christmas sign you know it's getting harder and harder for these kids to be able to go to school. I'm scared to death when we're Providence is school homes for the time the only way between the state. And when you got that message and message from the school that this had even happened I mean what went through your mind at that moment I didn't even get the message from the school till fourteen after nine. I heard from him before her mini in my boss. And I'm like okay usually does tell us anything. When these kids there right on the Strom like an hour prior to us what. You know are still wait for those buses right now Graham a Tommy what's what's gone three. My right now that's when I get my hands around granddaughter that's all. She's my world my life I've got a degree of babies that are in school in Ohio in here and my heart just aches for all the peer center here that day and all the students as active. Witness what's gone on and and you wouldn't think a small town like Richmond this what happened. And there she is I don't know what's wrong with this new team should we really doubt. You could get a modeled love and support in you know. Things that happen that they need to get a better system. In our schools to Wear. Students. They need to listen to the students when they're telling them they've got issues. And they need to make sure the school is safe for kids nobody should be able to walk up go into the school. Undetected unnoticed. And let alone bring again. It's I just. My heart is vacant properties parents it's taken too long. We did hear almost two hours and not work. And we're just. I'm blocks and just had a lot I just wanna get arms around.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The Martinez family says their 10-year-old daughter was at Dennis Intermediate School in Richmond, Indiana, when the shooting occurred.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"59798439","title":"Family reacts to middle school shooting","url":"/US/video/family-reacts-middle-school-shooting-59798439"}