How farm workers stay safe in the wake of COVID-19

Dolores Huerta, labor worker advocate and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, speaks on farm workers’ pressing concerns, health care options and those who are immigrants.
4:10 | 04/15/20

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Transcript for How farm workers stay safe in the wake of COVID-19
Over the past few weeks we've brought you several stories about the various points along our nation's food supply chain from the empty grocery shelves to Americans lined up at food banks to the farmers who are burying and dumping their goods. All are impacted tremendously by this pandemic but first parts of this chain. We're talking about farm workers those essential workers who remain in the fields picking our fruits and vegetables. So what's being done to keep them safe joining us now. Is someone who's dedicated her life's work to the rights of labor workers in co founded the United Farm Workers Delores where's thanks so much for joining us tonight Dolores. What are you hearing. From farm workers as far as their safety and what their most pressing issues are right now. Those are essential workers on the front lines and working it is out there but yeah. But they picked. The outpouring and it's legal that it is so as to what we're not and the young and so when you're being very neglect. While not as their diet. Is that we don't ever quote at the Elena. It also. And so at least the bomber is a lot more attention. But. In any states the United States alert though they are not pure and instead they're not here but to civilians and I. What has conquered. Architecture has reportedly been. In. It was so don't remember that they aren't. Or 13 or not why are you. Or ignorance not your wallet this. Particular disability insurance and requiring insurance. I'm and he's like. You know they. Can't get their when they oak. Aren't there are in a boat workers they're really oh not so they wouldn't that dumped me. You know millions of its. Market that are not. This particular thing. There were hoping to give them some visibility tonight you mention this a moment ago talking about the health care but what are the options that the majority of these workers have if they do get sick and are there efforts to get them so hazard pay potentially. Does it really. Comes out. It was nineteen billion dollars as part the city goes. And that it was about letting it work then it's. It's the time. The ministries and is trying to lose weight that while market as we speak. One market in the dark but also a great dinner on the week that it occurred while market. The school every corner that the sing it mom we're that stronger and so is it come thumbs up. Ticket and he is and that would hear the impact on an undocumented. Farmworkers are also part of the it's like. And what is really the California. And I didn't and this isn't. In president trying to sign a stimulus bill they gave billions of the agriculture industry. House agriculture gonna share this money with the actual workers and is there more that congress can do in order to get re sources directly to them. Oh yes absolutely. Adults under the its didn't. Compensate their congress' PP it is not. The go to some of undocumented workers and they're here today but we'll work. Please let's examine that went ballistic about it with your board says it is silly movie a hit them in our country. Apparently not that the technical this thing like this he already has that didn't know. Apparently the armor is that it's out there and that they picked the collective. Delores thank you so much for your time we appreciate you joining us tonight. You're.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Dolores Huerta, labor worker advocate and co-founder of the United Farm Workers, speaks on farm workers’ pressing concerns, health care options and those who are immigrants.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"70152527","title":"How farm workers stay safe in the wake of COVID-19","url":"/US/video/farm-workers-stay-safe-wake-covid-19-70152527"}