FBI raids Epstein's private U.S. Virgin Islands compound

The FBI is continuing their investigation into the late financier as they collect evidence at his compound in the Virgin Islands where many of his victims were allegedly abused.
2:55 | 08/13/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FBI raids Epstein's private U.S. Virgin Islands compound
To the Jeffrey Epstein case we've been keeping you updated lots of questions and an investigation around the registered sex offenders death by suicide so. I want to bring an air and deter ski again who broke the story. Of his death and he's been keeping us. I'm a bigger all of the details. You know Aaron and now all authorities are saying they're gonna start looking at his inner circle and bears expected to raided his apartment on the US Virgin Islands has home. Did the FBI and NYPD detective showed up at his compound as Ireland compound in the US Virgin Islands. Within hours of the attorney general William Barr saying that any conspirators co conspirators. Would face criminal charges and so now. They're looking for evidence of of others who may have been in an inner circle and who may have participated in at stands alleged sex trafficking. Now remember these allegations surfaced fourteen years ago so for the feds to go in now. Thinking they're going to find something useful in that regard. Seems maybe like a bit of a long shot but we're told they're confident based on what they found in other Epstein locations is his house here in New York. And his estate in Palm Beach, Florida may be something incriminating still lingers yen what about the investigation into his his death. That is continuing on two parallel tracks from the FBI and from the Department of Justice inspector general and so far they've turned up a number of what the attorney general called irregularities. And and and really we're learning of a security breakdown Jeffrey Epstein should have been checked every thirty minutes he was not. That protocol was not followed perhaps because of of chronic condition of under staffing at the jail may be because. The guards were too tired we've learned that at least two of them were on duty the morning of Epstein being found in his cell. I've been on their fifth overtime shift. And we've also heard that their may have been cameras in the cell block not necessarily trained on his cell. And there's a real question whether there's any. Surveillance video that would catch Epstein in the act. And it's kind of unbelievable and I guess the question for everyone is like this you know how does this and packed his trial. Well there's no trial wreck is no criminal prosecution and less federal prosecutors can find another defendant or two or three. Remember Eckstein was charged with sex trafficking conspiracy. And so that implies that there were others who enabled. His lurid ways allegedly and so now the hunt is on for for evidence that can connect all of those people. Suspicion has fallen on kill and Maxwell the British socialite. Who has been accused of being apps teens madam the pressure has to be on her now but there are others in sixteenths inner circle. Who victims have said facilitated. His his abusive of women and girls over the years yes and you're gonna keep us updated on everything that happens yes we'll do accurately yes I appreciated Aron.

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{"duration":"2:55","description":"The FBI is continuing their investigation into the late financier as they collect evidence at his compound in the Virgin Islands where many of his victims were allegedly abused.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64950689","title":"FBI raids Epstein's private U.S. Virgin Islands compound","url":"/US/video/fbi-raids-epsteins-private-us-virgin-islands-compound-64950689"}