FEMA is prepared for 'catastrophic' Hurricane Florence

FEMA officials have deployed task force teams to areas in the crosshairs of Hurricane Florence.
3:13 | 09/13/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for FEMA is prepared for 'catastrophic' Hurricane Florence
I'm Mary Alice parks with ABC news and work your afternoon senator for the federal government's response people here at 59 national response coronation center remind us that all hurricane response starts. At the local level. But once local governments and city officials. Ask for help while the federal government wants to make sure that that help is in there and ready to down. It's sort of lend alphabet soup here are represented agencies across the board. Everyone's wearing these sort of this snake even nickel enlisted their agency in their titles so people even know who they're talking to. And working when I've seen representatives from the Department of Defense every branch of the military Coast Guard guys there are guys walking around. In air force jumpsuits. FAA HH asked the Department of Health and Human Services everyone trying to work together to get ready for this storm. Ya I wanna go through some of the numbers because and talk to a lot of people here about the prepositioning. That they've been able to do and head of this hurricane. So far FEMA has mobilized. 25. Of the 28 urban search and rescue teams they have available swift water rescue task force says. The Army Corps of Engineers has CM safety experts RD on standby they say. The department of health and human service says has pre positioned 230 medical person Alan 200 ambulances. In Raleigh, North Carolina trying to get supplies and resources in place. Ahead of this storm. You know I was looking at some maps around the corner there they're still building and working on predictive maps. To try to figure out where they can put shelters where they minutes and moved shelters. As this storm through changes its path and course. Trying to figure what else we've right behind me this has interest and these are representatives from. Red Cross Salvation Army. Partner Friday bit of volunteer service since that are allowed in here to work alongside. Federal government officials trying to coordinate. Response. I was lucky enough to talk to the FEMA administrator. Brock long who was here walking the floor as he talked to reporters. And we estimate about some of that political storms that have been. Hitting Washington to the president making waves as he continues to talk about his response in the administration's response last year to Puerto Rico. Let's listen to a little bit of what the administrator told me. These people worked around the clock and a 100% in the Puerto Rico and we kept Puerto Rico from complete and total collapse. No doubt about it. What we have to do now is how do we rebuild Puerto Rico they pick the conversation needs to beer and how you rebuild the commonwealth. In a more economically and resilient faction. And not only that but what we have to do is build an arm of emergency managers at the local and commonwealth leveled the did not exist before the storm. Andy is. Ladies and gentlemen will be here through it in and night through the weekends and probably in the weeks to come. Honestly FEMA does a lot of work after major storms after a major disasters trying to help people get back up on their feet. I'm Mary Alice parks from the female coordinate a response center you're watching ABC news.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"FEMA officials have deployed task force teams to areas in the crosshairs of Hurricane Florence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57807086","title":"FEMA is prepared for 'catastrophic' Hurricane Florence","url":"/US/video/fema-prepared-catastrophic-hurricane-florence-57807086"}