Female candidates hope to change Pennsylvania's all-male delegation in DC

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos speaks with Democratic congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan ahead of the Pennsylvania primary.
4:38 | 05/15/18

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Transcript for Female candidates hope to change Pennsylvania's all-male delegation in DC
Hey there I'm Stephanie Ramos and an ABC news just outside of Billy because they need to take your mom and pencil me it is primary day. It's really think that they have a chance to. Gained a majority in congress common. November is that he's actually the easiest way court Democrats did to gain majority is by. Winning across the state of Pennsylvania in the fall some don't want Democrat here who is on the ballot 1490 the right here in the six. Congressional district and and Chrissie. What are the chances are in November for Democrats to go ahead and gained that majority in congress. So I'm thinking. It hurts you for having me I'm incredibly bullish about our opportunities are eating house in 2018. And it definitely goes right through southeastern Pennsylvania that's going to happen. Now do you feel any fracture. Going into the mid terms at all male and I think what's really important that each one of us her heart really hear her community. And the reason I didn't know compelled to represent my community and the issues in our communities issues and that was our. Very traditional issues health care and jobs in education so. I'm doing my thing and you know reading my recent claim handling it here in our community because that's what we have to do is represent our communities. You're also better and where we're seeing a trend here and there are nearly to death and the veterans who are you were also Kennedy. You know across the country can't think that's. That's another way that's another after that. And can benefit Democrats and with the excitement turns finding veterans com are. Kind of bipartisan people we are teen builders and team players and we really don't talk about our partisanship where what side of the aisle we sit on when we're serving active duty. And I think that's what each needs right now is we need people who are healers were bringing each other together because he's very patient has really divided right now and as a result is really in trouble. And and now there are no and I think this is an incredible fact there are no women in congress representing the state of Pennsylvania. And how do you feel about that talk a little bit about that and how you would be you. Up one of the few there if elected it's actually a remarkable and dubious distinction to be one to be the largest state in the country to have you know women represented Singh's government. And I think it I hope very much be one of many people who break that that trend we have only history at seven women in congress represented Pennsylvania. And only three of those have been rightfully elected on their own. We are also number 49 in the country in terms of elected women in all of Pennsylvania not just in congress so we have a lot of work to not to do and I think that going back to your conversation about veterans. I think women are uniquely qualified to be but even remember Anderson but even as non U buyers as well as veterans. And a little bit about the issues that you'll take from here from this from this district to Washington. So they are the issues that I think are that the F kitchen table issues stared at each and I'll have a really good job the treat each other well. We have affordable quality health care making sure they were happy education that we need to have those costs and jobs jobs today and tomorrow. And those are the issues that I think everybody's interest today and regardless securities expert here in Pennsylvania and you're into. LA in Washington the political climate has to spend up and down what examine your thoughts on on what we've seen lately what we see this year. And I think that's why we're crying for unity great expire community which I believe fundamental let's be very purple heart of that the country purple heart Pennsylvania I really don't think are necessary red or blue. Democrats or Republicans and leader Richard heckmann pragmatic. Sit and I think we're asking for teaching children to do I hate to make congress continues. Yeah. It's kind of been here on the ground and in the Democrats get real here confident moving into the Internet and can pardon you congressional. How do you think I don't play it's all a sudden only. You know importantly these past her and her what forecasts are exactly what brings us their. Thirteen with the county and not broken continuous yeah. Certainly we are we willing to surrender or its. Content actually is our maximum fairly represented the end Pennsylvanian yeah. Countries. But we also have gone. Thirteen. Republicans five Democrats and it cut in ST uncertain where we have nearly a million more registered Democrats half Republicans. It's at this newly drawn map is very much more fair it really will allow us each have a voice in our go to really matter. Leveling the playing field but. Wouldn't loan him best deluxe yeah yeah easy getting it needs you aren't adding he didn't expect some of Pennsylvania and it's great to be hit it it was things it isn't every rounds for ABC news. Today.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"ABC News' Stephanie Ramos speaks with Democratic congressional candidate Chrissy Houlahan ahead of the Pennsylvania primary. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"55190322","title":"Female candidates hope to change Pennsylvania's all-male delegation in DC","url":"/US/video/female-candidates-hope-change-pennsylvanias-male-delegation-dc-55190322"}