The fight over masks in America

Over the month of July, masks became a lightning rod of debate. Will they help defeat COVID-19?
3:29 | 08/06/20

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Transcript for The fight over masks in America
But when you're outside and not have the capability. Of maintaining distance. You should Wear a mask at all times. Just where the don't mess there's not a lot of pools left in the character I don't. Think we should be required to Wear one. This is a free country coveted fundamentally changed a lot of things you actually get anti there's a lot of confusion nobody had ever really tough to masks and a pandemic signing. Now that we're in the real world experiment and there's a much stronger evidence that's come out in real time yeah July. There was little or no social distancing and is active back celebrations this weekend and that night. Even one iota concerned about him in front of my students on the drugs and things. Look like it's slowly. I get is why. I have yeah and did not expect somebody else look out or else so they're. It's nothing about identifying its Democrat Republican and tired of hearing I think it's empowering people to react very strongly against me and told what you think this is their best dresses and assets and that's pretty neat and the American society and it does not work well in a pandemic when everybody needs to work together in the same. Yeah president from wearing a mask in public we're the worst time Walter Reed medical center. Sitting Kobe first responders and wounded soldiers and that remains is there to protect right they're not scared to tell us how you live your life and will be helping me. We can get everybody to Wear masks right now I really music do things for 68 weeks we can bring is an important. We have all been told he just keeps you busy fighting each other apps wouldn't open strips. Sleep and I you talk protesters battling over masks. While we all agree wearing masks is certain. I'm confident that workers don't mind date right. You can't trust people to Gatorade and all the time that's why don't trust people to Wear seat belt there's Arlington County for not taking basic responsibility. Massacre in an integral to protect other people like me even more important to mandated. And now major retailers like target ZES. And Walgreens are usually well our brokers and bulls keeper wire customers we're being passed in other stores. It will probably unfortunately get worse before it gets better whether you like to mask or not. They have an impact this is the way. She asked. Effective way we must open up our business. I think corporate America has has broken and Rick recognized that mrs. Huge threat to their livelihoods and it's not a choice between reopening her controlling academic each of the same things. Despite the surge in cases the CDC laying out its new guidelines for schools nationwide recommending schools keep kids in ponds. Used social distancing and recommends to students and staff we have these cut. Three more than four point two million Americans tested positive and we begin tonight with every new milestone in death toll in this country. Now topping 150000. From the rotavirus masks are probably be single most importance. Non pharmaceutical interventions that we have. As exciting as Leo.

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{"duration":"3:29","description":"Over the month of July, masks became a lightning rod of debate. Will they help defeat COVID-19?","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72220384","title":"The fight over masks in America","url":"/US/video/fight-masks-america-72220384"}