Firestorm at University of Oklahoma Over Racist Fraternity Video

Former fraternity members forced to move out, sorority sisters under investigation.
7:24 | 03/10/15

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Transcript for Firestorm at University of Oklahoma Over Racist Fraternity Video
Questions this morning. About a house mother of the University of Oklahoma for Terry shut down after a racist video surfaced. She lost her job. But that she also saying racist chants of when I'm down Cutler in New York this sorority sisters also on that bus where that video was shot they are also under investigation. ABC's Ryan Owens is in Norman Oklahoma with the latest Ryan. Again that is being L former frat house behind me and you see that you all truck. Well that's here because those young men have to vacate that house by midnight tonight. By order of the university president Darrell lots of signs this scandal. Is only growing. The Greek letters have been stripped off the frat house this morning and the young man who once proudly wore them have been stripped of their pride he embarrassed extremely. Say anything else. And they may not be the only ones. This morning the sorority trite dealt says there are deeply disappointed and now investigating their own members. After this video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon freshman at the University of Oklahoma. Went by role. It shows SAE members along with some young women chanting a racial slur and. Something that's been or heard something that is well known. Everybody on that bus was singing can't proudly confidently some students tell ABC news the chant is part of this fraternities racist legacy. The national chapter which boasts 50000 members denies that and I'll immediately close the OU chapter. This song is not as sanctioned endorsed or otherwise a national song. There's dark cloud is is hanging over the organization and and it's and it's sad because. This is absolutely not when essays about the university president says any students identified on the tapered may be expelled. I think it's time for all of us all across America to step up and show zero tolerance when we're dealing with racism. Outrage reverberating far beyond campus this star football recruit who committed to play it owe you says not now. As minister of I don't like what was going on but closing down an entire house based on the actions of a few freshman seems like an overreaction to sun. Including the fraternities African American cook who this morning finds himself out of a job. He's had for fourteen years outlet. Adding to the confusion this morning we got a brand new statement from the local chapter of the tri dealt sorority. They are at odds it appears would their national organization they say. The young women here are not under investigation and at this point there's no evidence it was them on the tape. One of many things that will be sorted out later today again to get just the beginning of his Ryan talked reloaded about this development that and it hurt. About the house mother of the fraternity ago. This woman who is in her seventies. Who lived at the house she jumped to the defense last night of the young men in the fraternity. She went on the local television news here and said that she'd never heard that chance. And that she. Was not aware of them using this kind of language well then this buying video has emerged showing. This woman it certainly appears to be the same woman. From 2013. At where she is singing a rap song. And is inheriting the lyrics of which she repeatedly said the N word. So while that is not the same as the chant and it is her singing along to a rap song. That is certainly her using racist language and once that's emerged a lot of people are saying that's indicative of the culture inside this frat house. Another component as well we're looking at some of the video of her alongside of that cook that you bet that was interviewed as well there. What does his future he said that it was it was incredible that it was the indescribable as he taught you know what he was hearing or about the fact that he is now lot of it job. He was talking really about the fact that he is out of a job and we're hearing this from. Other people as well SAE alumni here's what they're saying again. That is that all of course they don't approve of that language but what they're saying is that this was just a couple of freshmen members. New members of the fraternity on that bus and therefore and and that those young men who were on the bus don't even live in this house they live in the dorms their freshman. And that this entire chapter. And all of these sophomores juniors and seniors who are members. Our kicked out of their house some of them may be expelled from this university all because the actions of a couple of freshman. And so yes there is some backlash and certainly to people who were employed in that house. Are upset that this is all unfolded the way it has. And that they are now out of a job. I know there were still looking to find exactly who of the people are on that tape as well. Which he put an epithet that they were freshmen that were singing the song is a some part of it emit initiation. Of a hazing that was going on. All we know is that the national chapters says look. This is not our chance this is not one of our songs we have songs this is not approved by us we've never heard of it before. We have heard now from a lot of students here who said in the past. They have heard this on on this campus and on some other campuses across mainly the southern part of the United States. But all we can say for sure is that the national chapter not surprisingly says. What this is not our saw an and we don't endorse this in so right now then lastly where our investigations of it happening with the police department of it happening with the school with the fraternity all three. Well first let's be very clear nothing with the police department this is this is a lot of things but this is not a criminal offense. This was very offensive speech but nothing more than that services. The investigation. Is concentrated at the university. In addition the national organizations the national chapters of these fraternities or possibly this sorority. Involved are looking into its own members as well but at this point this is all centered here at the university as we pointed out. The president move fast here this place is shut down behind me they got to be out of here by midnight. And the question now is if they can identify the specific members and some of them you see their faces on that tape. The president is not ruling out that some of them will be expelled. One more point yet I think a lot of these kids especially the ones that are seen on the tape may just not come back to school they may not have to expel them. We've talked to one of the friends of one of the young man is clearly identified on the tape and he says look he's already back home in Texas this is. Has been a really public shaming and he'll probably never come back to this university again so this question of whether or not they're expelled may be semantics because I think it's fair to say. Some of these people may just find another place to go to schooled him. ABC's Ryan Owens in Norman Oklahoma Ryan thank you for that we appreciate it. You can keep up to date with history and real time as adults by downloading ABC news apps start the story for exclusive updates on ago. For now. And Dan up for New York.

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{"duration":"7:24","description":"Former fraternity members forced to move out, sorority sisters under investigation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"29526107","title":"Firestorm at University of Oklahoma Over Racist Fraternity Video","url":"/US/video/firestorm-university-oklahoma-racist-fraternity-video-29526107"}