Flights canceled due to winter storm

Snow delays flights in and out of D.C.'s Reagan National Airport.
2:59 | 02/20/19

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Transcript for Flights canceled due to winter storm
Aaron David Curley is at Reagan international and David. And what's it like on the tarmac right now. This is ground zero for the problem so far hours period this. American Eagle jet here's going to be taking off here momentarily. He sealed bag green on it that is GI's are. And just to the right you can see the trucks is just finished. To the runway to take off in in the background you can see another delta aircraft. Getting ready to take out I think that the delta aircraft. But that'll give you a sense of what the situation looks like here at Reagan national airport. Visibility not that great you can see there's still some snow and slush on the runways and a tarmac here. Releasing another aircraft coming here momentarily. As well to get that. 40% of the flights here have a hard even canceled this is ground zero. For the problems with the aviation system today and that can't those cancellations are rippling around across the country Chicago also having a tough time today. So the only good news as we see. The delta aircraft take off. And as you can see as I was saying. To landing got to take out. The only good news is that this is all expected this stopped in another hour to and then raids gonna come. And wash it all away but have. A very difficult day if you're flying because of all the cancellations here. Across the country were talking about 16100. Cancellations already I easily gets my attention at a thousand. So when you have 16100. You got a problem you can see some of the vehicles that are still out here. Working the runways and the tarmac this. A tough day to fly and the ripple effects coming from here in Washington Diane. And David any airports getting hit particularly hard. Yet this one in Chicago are the toughest right now Baltimore is had about a third of its flights canceled. Out of Dulles which is to the west of is here. About one in five flights have been canceled their soaked Baltimore Washington area is significant impacts today. Chicago's having their own problems as well Diane an data NASA be hopefully good news how long before things get back to normal. Well it's going to be a bad day today. Some of that ripple effect they should be able to deal with the overnight and get the latest plane's position for tomorrow there may be some residual tomorrow. But this looks really like. A one day event. For anybody who's line there Miley is a good job. In the kinda silly mess here that we. At Reagan national airport itself flights are going that's the good news to congressman isn't simply. We got a good satin and unseeded David Ratner more exciting you more than passengers and CNET take government consisting of planes at least they're running about fifteen minutes it's a little bit. Our love and mutilated curly floors at Reagan international airport David Banks.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"Snow delays flights in and out of D.C.'s Reagan National Airport. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61191635","title":"Flights canceled due to winter storm ","url":"/US/video/flights-canceled-due-winter-storm-61191635"}