Florida students detail actions taken to protect classmates from shooter

JROTC cadets Zackary Walls and Colton Haab protected students and teachers with Kevlar fabric.
3:00 | 02/15/18

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Transcript for Florida students detail actions taken to protect classmates from shooter
And we do what do you see yesterday what did you hear. Is crazy I just got back in hot humid night that's formation of KC cadets senior partners of both RJ RTC yes there on the on the captain I'm accompanied Menem tried to all class in about 5560 kids. And omelet out there for information I looked at my watch is he want to eat and I think you know let's go in early sometimes I I didn't college the or just slightly before announcement this is going early I don't know why but some image moment ago apparently I brought them in. Two minutes in giving in costing around 230 I hear the bell ring for the fire alarm. And we start heading now I line on the kids up outside in meaning the line in my head now. And it just so happens that fire zone as is that David Souter was on the shooter might not see this shooter but I heard the first they were at three ops. And I knew it was gunshots pilot back on the kids behind needed sixty can't look at me what I do it right now I just don't get back in the bathroom. Everyone starts sprinting back trampling everything I start running IC can find almost all I'm likely slowdown. Vegas. I start trying to discard its innate in them whether or not busing and trampling each is imminent and safely at voting teachers that voting kids that went in my class. As his walking around that I know who had to go and thank you don't know weight classes in mind I heard some gunshots that seven. Kind of them specific. What did you do at that point to you also grabbed some students say they were wanted to sponsor dances I heard this evidence that I reopened the door and as those cities that my personal want the news don't know. I turned around and some might or old student in and I brought into the other room. And I started getting people in size this up what you guys are in the same space OK and then. You guys had this Kevlar material what would you do it that they're big hanging curtains they have live and eat centimeters a dozen others have been violent like. Gauging that's an idea of family members Arnie and me and started moving them when they outlawed and all that it that he can't live pads. So I brought those persons out because I knew exactly what they were. Made I guess he never thought he needed for situation thought as I'm building them something. It's an anomaly due out against him happy that we never needed all. Weasel out of an upstate that we did you guys move many of the deaths or anything repaired it or it take to tables and at a muffled by the new library there. And meaning that you can buy poisoned at a Connecticut with a fire extinguisher and there is Satan and need to do and do something in. You guessing you're ready to fight just an. We've we've both got great training from JC and activities we do on our own. I'm gonna program at crossings police department called police its boys. And weeks before this we had an active shooter training. He taught us that. Active shooters well all the fire lines it's an outside but since he added guys execute on campus were taught that in the training in the police voice and yesterday it program. News media training cops on the time.

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{"id":53111854,"title":"Florida students detail actions taken to protect classmates from shooter","duration":"3:00","description":"JROTC cadets Zackary Walls and Colton Haab protected students and teachers with Kevlar fabric.","url":"/US/video/florida-shooting-students-detail-actions-protect-classmates-shooter-53111854","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}