Foster grandparent volunteers at local school

A 95-year-old woman walks every day to her local elementary school to work with preschoolers.
2:13 | 02/14/19

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Transcript for Foster grandparent volunteers at local school
Teen beats rides herself had in mind here's young that the though Norman is back at Ludlow Taylor elementary school in Washington DC. Beat this noon Graham. How much a bat. For 25 years she's volunteered as a Foster Grant here working with preschool students. Aren't funny any debris and Janet. Eight is well caught by her four year old friends and make it. That beat him with the children. An amendment. Almond and moaning. I haven't had a it. And the home run into need to Foster grandparent program is nationwide. Here in DC it's run by the united cleaning organization. Committed his grandparents themselves suffer mowing console they know. Value case. Beaten the other Foster grandparents help students learn. What do you learn. It. I. Straight to the answer something special I love it here happen yeah. Albany one of them both important thing. If you inevitably an act of seeing and that you know that and nurturing acts. Foster grandparents are placed in schools in their own neighborhoods drama opening walks every day to Loveland Taylor in Iraq and students in all. Yes. And sometimes they open up on this for a month. Matt mountain. A rock stars. That Andrew Smith says the program has had a profound impact his student. It's no more or role models and arsons have both in this building when they leave this building. And more confident they are in in movement forward his seniors get a small night but the connection is fading be disputed the energy at. CNET Chrysler. Outlook villainous eyewitness abandon all its. Below it let's just let about like you know. Her driver's ABC news Washington. Then you know them.

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{"duration":"2:13","description":"A 95-year-old woman walks every day to her local elementary school to work with preschoolers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"61081251","title":"Foster grandparent volunteers at local school","url":"/US/video/foster-grandparent-volunteers-local-school-61081251"}