4 found dead in basement apartment

Police are investigating the deaths of four people found in a basement apartment in Troy, New York, early Tuesday afternoon.
2:05 | 12/27/17

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Transcript for 4 found dead in basement apartment
Police in upstate New York are investigating a possible quadruple murder after four people were found dead in a basement apartment. It happened in the quiet neighborhood of Troy near Albany police say property manager found the victims' bodies with their hands bound behind their backs. Investigators haven't revealed any other information about the victims or how they died but they say the deaths are being investigated as homicides. And we're learning some new details now about the Virginia teen charged with killing his girlfriend's parents. Family members say the parents fear the boyfriend was a neo Nazi and they wanted their daughter to break up with him. Now neighbors say that's seventeen year old. Mota swaps to cut into the grass at a local field. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has more. Police investigating a brutal double murder inside this suburban Virginia home just three days before Christmas. I think. Mother and her wish on. Buck Likud for acre and her husband Scott gunned down before dawn family members say their daughter's boyfriend then shot and critically injured himself. Oh yeah. The girl's grandmother says last week that the couple told their daughter to end the relationship after discovering his alleged Nazi views from looking at her phone. Name disapproved of all the time she was standing within hours on the phone. The Washington Post reports the girl's mother alerted the principle of their private school about messages praising Hitler supporting Nazi book burnings and calling for a white revolution. But by Friday morning. Police say the full weight got inside the home where he was confronted by the couple. That's seventeen year old is still hospitalized the juvenile is now facing double murder charges the victim's devastated families sending general message. It's hate has no home. And that's what we're talking about and returned about. Bumps. There were four other people inside this house when the shooting happened a family member tells me Scott Parker's parents were both there are visiting for the holiday. None of them were physically hurt. Stephanie Rahman's ABC news Reston Virginia.

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{"duration":"2:05","description":"Police are investigating the deaths of four people found in a basement apartment in Troy, New York, early Tuesday afternoon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52007419","title":"4 found dead in basement apartment","url":"/US/video/found-dead-basement-apartment-52007419"}