What the future of ‘Chocolate City’ will look like after demographic changes

A look at the spirit and soul of Washington, D.C.,’s Black community.
6:32 | 02/26/21

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Transcript for What the future of ‘Chocolate City’ will look like after demographic changes
Washington DC has long been known to many as chocolate city because of its large African American population and rich culture but like so many place is in the US demographics there are shifting. And the black population is dropping so cannon nickname live on. Here's day the moving its. Here's this Washington DC losses touted as the majority black city. And still RG habit isn't ready to give up his beloved hometown was. Old nickname on the enemy is always going to be talking with city I'm never want to get. There are now and never let anybody else did and he does. Look into its popular soul food restaurant and you leave with the full belly and may be a neighborhood story. Build the black pride rich in culture. Child with city you would who was you know our people's spirit and and soul in in in. Today is in arm being wrapped in gold though Orleans soul food. Just a creative mind in mind set how to make you know something out of nothing and. Hardly the only black washingtonians who wistfully remembers those dates this is a black city as if this meant that you know we. We made this city you know that led the music then the food. The people. Where we work we take pride in everything. Several city was the though was aging of African Americans who live in have. A place there was for a black coach in music and grab yards entries to go and just manner back to self. The culture was drone. And do black people were running. Change you know people empowering people in authority a lot of people who look like you. Claimed its title as the first to big US city with the majority black population in 1957. But I was told in 197 need that it really began reveling in taking on the money currently chocolate city. I nationally hospitalized but this should be by funk band parliament. Copies of the rock and I did you feel. His story Maria Emma quarter cent with the black power movement and DC with its more than 70% black population was its Mecca. Chris Tomlin who grew up here in the 1970s and 1980s it felt like everything in every one was black and so you'd get rid no limits. In terms of which is what you thought you could and could not given and you really felt like the DC could be yes kind of he told big stage again for black read radical progressive city. A black progressive city hearing with the controversial but legendary mayor pushing it for. Demonic. It's just two words Mary Mary. Cora masters Barry delete mayor's wife. When they elected him as mayor his program was empowerment economic empowerment. Jobs. He changed how we may EC rules about who gets contracts who gets the bond. Business you know there are black folks doing everything you hear Washington DC you know dentists lawyers people collect. In your trash. Man of very was definitely about the people leave though wind down would help the people and that's that's that's what we know ignore level about Mary Berry. But by mayor Barry's death in 2014 his beloved chocolate CD was mostly bad in name only. Like many big cities in the US DC's demographics were sifting the black population dropping from its resounding majority. To now below 50%. Go to U street today. Very few African American businesses it's. Complex though of different things but definitely the influx of wealthy whites in this treaty definitely helped to lead to the decline of chocolate city. The chain to countenance when he thirteen the National Community Reinvestment Coalition estimates gentrification displaced more than 20000. Black DC residents. The change landing the city and the top of the coalition asked when he nineteen lists of most intensified US city. Anthony Williams speak arms. Mayor of this CE EP is that chance he says this he wants YE middle class and wealthy individuals and families choose who aren't into the city. You know one of the reasons he says you know we need wealthier people economy and and that raises property taxes and you know supposedly had been trickles down other programs. The issue gentrification. Is fine within I was it is done responsibly. It just sucks that it wasn't for us it wasn't for the people who live there and it's for the people who haven't come NN. They us many black people. It wasn't for black people. For DC native curry must guide the changing city Gabe has been bittersweet. During the years I was in school TC was changing very fast. Any news. One mini style and establishment being worked in the next minute supplement. There's nothing in DC can't do insisting that they won't do for the people of that and that they needed the most. The DC Scott new day and is now long gone. Along with her old apartment complex which one stood in the shadows of the US capitol. For family was among the many low income black residents displaced when the city as part of a redevelopment project torn down the temper quartz apartments in 2008. It's just the emotional experience to go through. That you know you you can walk through something you know I guess you've vice anti house and then go through your figuring knowing when he dealings. How are you they would go to my refrigerator need my food in me of course not with the same pains. It's my refrigerator if he's not talking about half that. As of 2019 the US Census Bureau estimates DC's black and white population is now evenly divided at 46%. Each. At that he soul food businesses were still thriving. Fears what the melting chocolate city will eventually mean for its black population. And maybe may miss. 48 minutes. Point five and in this twin mean in this tape played to the go do 5%. And then that now in talking the city is. Forgotten about Amin you try to roll back some different cases by behaved what would Rick Ross say about my bag to hood you know. Got him got stuck trying to buy back that was hit him I mean I'm well liked to do that's what I would like to do have been I guess this must start his mom beginning. For ABC news comfy to do that.

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{"duration":"6:32","description":"A look at the spirit and soul of Washington, D.C.,’s Black community.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76145226","title":"What the future of ‘Chocolate City’ will look like after demographic changes","url":"/US/video/future-chocolate-city-demographic-76145226"}