Gavin Grimm, transgender student in landmark lawsuit, and Laverne Cox discuss Trump's new policy

Transgender actress Laverne Cox called in to "The View" to express support for Gavin Grimm and all trans youth.
8:07 | 02/23/17

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Transcript for Gavin Grimm, transgender student in landmark lawsuit, and Laverne Cox discuss Trump's new policy
In a grin that he's going to the Supreme Court in March hash tag. Standard we've got then. That was Laverne cops at grant. I got I don't friends. I have seen activist Gavin Grant whose lawsuit I would bet that rides just became a battle that could impact every transgender Americans. Thanks to Charles reversal of bad though directives. Up thanks to his reversal of back to direct himself. Please welcome Gavin Grant pan. Afraid and I told you you're so great thank you for her for being here and that. What's being T you to see Laverne Cox. Acknowledged you on that platform. It was absolutely and I just was blown away I wasn't actually watched and I hear my mom screaming from downstairs I. You know I think so surely she's just injured herself terribly but no it was she was so happy about it. And now I go down in and we were just we were in tears we were so it's he'd taken that time and in in that platform to uplift the stories of transgender youth. So you look or sophomore in high school when you decide to sue the Gloucester county. The school board and Virginia for discrimination. What went on to that decision it. Well for me it was it was a a thought process it said this is not right and this can't continue feel what steps can I take. To make sure that I don't have to spend my high school career being separated away from my peers. Unfortunately that seems like it's going to be happening anyway but at this point we're just really looking to doing whatever we can for people to come after howling separated. I I'm not able leads the same Russians as my appeared by options are a unisex single stall. Fresh from that only I'm required to use and that's about it is for my options. And we have Laverne Cox on the phone from LA. Imagine if it. Many people found out about tapping story because of your grammys each. Why was it important for you to bring attention to Gavin story. Hole and then bobbled the principal and though everyone of society can't be there who out of view Kapanen. I just everything making you be issued Philip Parrish and that's really the region because this young man if they'll inspiring and if he's going to Supreme Court in the that very first time the Supreme Court hearing Kate retreated to direct but stated that it not enough people we're talking about this case. Have they'll heartened when it went as god not again with has let him get that would grant trending Grammy night. And you know a lot of people know more back story that is just and can come forward with all of his courage and brilliant. And certain humidity because both elated about the humanity. Jan young people. We'll bring you went. Grammys and what feisty you give him on becoming a prominent face of the fight for transgender rights. What that would that would add that together they have the video few months ago and we that is going to Supreme Court that often. Get our country's history is a person who did not engaged to be a symbol or to Pique dame it. It's just get up but what is right. Who had been chosen and I believe they katic if that person shooters could not the first time that you if you. That fight to have that they accept that at their kids have had queen basket before. Before Gavin. In. In Colorado Nicole being mentioned age at getting in Florida. Still any thought that you know why cabinet think Kevin is it just because cabinet to protect you can hate. And she still unbelievably articulate and composed. I believe they'll inspire a get a ticket to the date we have to remember that back to back it really is not about Barack. Should lead our opponents note that all that they occurred early that what they've what if someone. He'll pretend to be true and they can't act that you are girls bathrooms that hasn't happened in the put it to have these other over the country. We're we have public obligations protections for trips people no one posted at Tran they can have access to England after they can have that doesn't happen. Yeah opponents note that did try to make sure we're at it the best mother about whether it's about Reggie that the public state. That it would get the bad is that states right issues should be civil rights issue ads actually says. And that. The front administration. Withdrew president Obama's guidance which provided federal up protections for transgender students and our schools. What worries you both up bouts. The federal government returning back power. To the State's Kevin certainly you will often when you leave decisions of civil rights up to states in. Eat it happens the need for a very very long time people don't have civil rights. I do agree that earlier this is that they addressed the issue. The civil recognition I think it's than the message to you and you that they aren't that stand in the record that stood out as separate conference last year at this that we want to protect. Treated people go imported everything we can't I would I would change here. He built still incredible to meet each. Federal government did week. Advised and the people and that the Tibetans to meet that is divide them much and siblings have mattered in this group of revoking it. It's ordered that the message that our lives don't matter that we get that can cut it. That we should be treated differently. And statement typed in saint and we should note that said he'd ever printed a trance students experience a replica bullying in schools at over 2% a chain you. Articulate that if you put an attempted attacks because we live in a world exchange stigma tied it and criminal. Yeah yeah. Bottom line really is. Everyone is supposed to be protected under the law the law does not is not saying you would not use you but not you. We as Americans. Have the right to be comfortable where we are apps got to school. How we go to school so this spotlight what what do you need people who may be don't understand. What should talk about what what's the one thing you can say to them about here's why we're fight. Well I mean I think. It won't what people really really need to understand is how traumatic it can be first student it at the age of school yard trying really hard to fit in currently just not be bullied and that's a huge problem. And when you already have. Are you facing something like being transgender which already puts you at greater risk for social stigma and bullying and to that mental health issues. And then you have a school. A school board set this message that says. You are going to be treated and should be treated differently from all your peers and you are not allowed to have access in the same public spaces that's that's a huge huge. Guideline for how they will be treated by other peers and no student should ever have to feel. Like they're unsafe and can't use the bathroom off trying to get an education that. During that it's going to the bad and yes but. And to urge we have time for Marbury out worked a back. Unpack it conversation continued out and didn't talk to you this forever. So bring except that it had. Except right now because we have the wet get we want to say to you keep us posted with everything that's going on because. Little burned there might not have been. Wide knowledge of this before but you shouting now you coming onto here. Helping get this information out so everybody understands that if just one of buses all Abbas F it up vegan militant want. When I thank you could come back don't forget to catch in the mountains out. Yeah Wednesday.

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{"duration":"8:07","description":"Transgender actress Laverne Cox called in to \"The View\" to express support for Gavin Grimm and all trans youth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"45690148","title":"Gavin Grimm, transgender student in landmark lawsuit, and Laverne Cox discuss Trump's new policy","url":"/US/video/gavin-grimm-transgender-student-landmark-lawsuit-laverne-cox-45690148"}