GoStream: Update on Deadly Amtrak Derailment

Josh Haskell reports from near the crash site in Philadelphia.
5:18 | 05/14/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for GoStream: Update on Deadly Amtrak Derailment
Josh Haskell with ABC's those street in Philadelphia. At the scene of that terrible. Train crash which happened. About forty hours ago we just learned that they are now eight people. Died in that train crash this morning. Philadelphia fire department went in and AM covered. A body underneath that. First caller the train which is youths on all the pictures was the most badly damaged power the engineer the train of course survived. He's been interviewed by police but he was also injured in this terrible crash. And his memory of what happened as he told ABC news and exclusive. He's not an. Beat me back so you'll be a long process and an investigation by the NTS. The movies here in Philadelphia. They've been here since Wednesday morning interviewing people controlling disease right now we've seen Amtrak vehicles. Come in and out there trying to repair those tracks. The theory this line that train which derailed was headed from Washington DC. To New York's Penn Station com and ended up. Here in port Richmond where the derailment and crash happened we learn from the NTSB also on Wednesday day. He has the speed limit in this part of the track his fifteen miles per hour that dream was reported at a 106. Miles per hour. So the train was beating the NTSB is not definitively said that speed is the reason why this tragedy happened. What their investigation. There was just a press conference. We'll show you where the media is set up here where New York hear my story Philadelphia mayor nutter said it. Three. On there were on the train Tuesday night they are all accounted. But the 240 and 43 rural county board so they do not expect to find. Bodies at eight. Now there's also an announcement about positive train. I'm telling you talk about on many different ABC news plot. Com and that is something that Amtrak's CEO just told. If the press conference he just said that doubt will be installed. On this line by the end of so that was a fairy theories. And that is something that we've been. Boarding covering this Amtrak line is not happy. And that that is something of this day on that many people. Would that have prevented this we just don't know. On Wednesday at a press conference. When that announcement came out of office. The engineer. Reckless. And that those comments that he didn't exactly walk back on he said that he did let the emotions get the best of him. But he reiterated a 106 miles per hour and fifty mile an hour zone for that Amtrak Norton. East regional training so that is something that he you know. Says he's deeply concerned about and he's still waiting for answers. We know that that engineers I said had been interviewed for six hours here in Philadelphia. Here's how the hot. Queens New York he worked for Amtrak for four years. So open about what you're seeing here in the port Richmond section of Novell. Day they're number of police vehicles. Feel your pain. The beef. You can't even really get that close to train tracks that. I told you they've recovered a body its search and rescue operation has been on going up it's going not anymore now that all too. Out of plus their firings. Further down the street we can't decide if you have there been a number three. Here and those brain whipping up. BM from tracks also Amtrak as a number. Police trucks. You walked down they've been repairing the electrical lines they've also been repairing tracks were. Obviously very matching as they're trying to reopen this route but this time they don't know. Three. Traveled between Philadelphia and there's a lot of unknowns here for weeks you know. After all over town in war as I said earlier he'd people. Dead at this point there's still a number of people. Continue to monitor this story update you. On the investigation NTSB. Is planning a briefing at 5 PM. Eastern time we'll have full coverage on abcnews.com. And all of our other platforms. World news tonight we didn't hear what you live from. Philadelphia for now I'm Josh Haskell ABC's goes street.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Josh Haskell reports from near the crash site in Philadelphia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31055762","title":"GoStream: Update on Deadly Amtrak Derailment","url":"/US/video/gostream-update-deadly-amtrak-derailment-31055762"}