Grammy-nominated rapper shot dead in L.A.

33-year-old Nipsey Hussle, a rapper heavily involved in the Los Angeles community, was killed Sunday.
8:01 | 04/01/19

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Transcript for Grammy-nominated rapper shot dead in L.A.
I guys this list tough it was aside in and it was very tragic and a lot of hearts are heavy today because Grammy nominated hit pop artist Nixie hustle. Was fatally shot yesterday outside of his clothing store in Los Angeles and if you didn't know his music. Maybe you knew all of his incredible work to just raise human consciousness and served his community so I wanna go to Adrian baker in Los Angeles. Adrian remind our viewers who he was then and what happened. All right here Kimberly were outside of the Atlantic records office here in holly wade and I gotta tell you for those who maybe don't know his name or is music he was very well known. Right here in Los Angeles specifically south LA where he felt not only a name for himself musically but as you mentioned. Within the community is more than an artist but an ad the kids and it. It is here that just last year he partnered with Atlantic records along with his indie music label to release his first. Debut studio album but he's been making mix tapes for years in fact. He famously in 2013 sold a CD for a hundred dollars a pop yet a limited amount. He sold out 1000 of them that's 100000 dollars in just 24 hours time next only bits of the iceberg. He somehow was able thinking that with the Smart eating at a theory. Savvy and yet street credible level. And yet a loyal fan base he continues to have a very loyal fan base here in Los Angeles and around the globe specifically with a lot of very. Wealthy and famous celebrities JE EZ among one of his biggest fans he collaborated. And worked with artists like ray. He was planning on collaborating with artist John Legend this week that legend tweeting his condolences online just they shocked the this year shock of this. Man's passing as you mentioned he was gunned down outside of his clothing store just one of a number of businesses in south LA in broad daylight around 3 PM. We have to tell you that police are saying they're looking for at least one suspect. But two other people were wounded in this shooting a one person refused medical attention the other person taken to the hospital. Now listed in stable condition but even police. The LA police commissioner ideally PV. Pleading online say very sad news. To report regarding hustles death. He and the police chief were scheduled to meet with hustle today. To talk about ways to combat gang violence Kimberly. And that's just terribly sad I mean he was going to meet. With me the officers to curb gun violence and then he is gunned down himself can you. Me talk a little bit about his community service that he did in his community as well. In south Los Angeles it it was more isn't just surveys he he was able to stir up. And partner with so many people on Indian. Elementary to give you a short laundry list he had the clothing stores in marathon clothing company he at a barbershop get a fish market. He was in the a cosmetics and beauty industry. He had started to stem program that he was hoping to take from LA across the country in order to bridge the gap between Silicon Valley in the inner city. He was just invested in a number of different businesses and just unnatural innovator. But also self admittedly still had ties to gain in LA. And so despite that he was trying to make a better life for himself and his friends say make a better life for the community and all those around him but it. What is interesting about this man you know in spite of his very very sad news is that he had friends again the were among the rich and famous but he also had friends here because he thinks so deeply tied to his roots Kimberly. Thank you Adrian. Yes absolutely devastating and in the tributes continue to pour in on social media from people who loved and respected him so you had John Legend you had. Tweets from staff curry and LeBron James and Rihanna and as we said there's one from Snoop Dogg has had gone too soon Rihanna said you're grant DeVine comfort to. All of his loved ones this doesn't make any sense LeBron James saying so sad Mandan man this hurt. Ice cubes sad mad and disappointed about my guy Gucci mane responding as well. And so I want to go to Mike muse he's the Sirius XM radio host and pop culture commentator. He's on the phone with us Mike how you doing today. They have been like can be is definitely a difficult time. That we experience in the music community. Meant just for American culture as a whole. Back a year through this morning I was actually in Los Angeles over the weekend. Commonality in LA when news broke and coincidentally I was only ten minutes away. From the maritime store where he got gunned down that goes doubly difficult morning for us. He had just I just want you to elaborate more about you know we talked about it some but just what he meant to the community because a lot of celebrities you know they become famous and then they sort of leave but he stayed with saying that south Los Angeles and really try to invest and reinvest in the and then the children there so talk about that. Absolutely. But I'm. What I'm hopeful McCullough lining is that that Americo began to understand the nature of gang culture of certain that he hustled. That she is one those individuals who brought presents. Oh win their lack of opportunity. For gang culture seems to makes it. He talked about that a lot he talked about where. He didn't still any hopefully growing up as a kid he didn't feel like he could be ambitious and he ambitious he wasn't surrounded by. Anything that would give them exposure to what could be possible when you're going up about environmentally not exposed to what could be possible. Why would you even want to draw the need to be ambitious or even thank you can't make out. So then therefore bite before you do what is normalized. To you would what came natural what is attainable. But today gang culture and though we as America need to begin to really understand. The decision point to why individuals do you choose gang that and it's not by choice but more so by circumstance. And Clinton's as at a hopelessness. Well let's see you recognize that and what he did what he was going got. Mixing with the individual who actually go and buy computers. As a child at LS the teenager at auction and and he would do it she would build new creator computers out of scratched. The reason why did she had a love for music and you have a lot of money and he knew he want to be the music business. What you want he knew that he had to use this software. To auction which he didn't have the money to pay for studio and that's really where does look at them. Really began to come from and so I began to get move it to his journey. Moving to music he began to reinvest in the community from that base and from that aspect. And other extension of that he created didn't but it comes from out of nowhere they've really can incriminate matriarch to teach kilos either example. Some of them got out their circumstance by filing their curiosity. It was incredible the investment what you took advantage of that opportunity. Bill of that happening in Los Angeles, California. Which you certainly wouldn't of the tax credit. And what you doing what's re developing his community right literally took over the shopping bladder. Q I'm Dave chaired are down and build up 100 units that would going to be a mix of commercial and residential but didn't look in the commercial space McBee at them and terror. For the children with a local community began to learn stand both also interesting was due to our country what of the co working space think we work if you will everything about how important that is right again you to buy this solution to wish you for the opportunity lies go he's doing you. Creating opportunities for those who maybe aren't trail those who may have entry are seeing computer. Come to the center let me Chichi let me bring these exposures to U that was really who admits he wasn't core and that's what he was doing for the community. Yes my thank you so much we appreciate you joining us. This is a devastating loss so we're sending lots of love to a Stanley his girlfriend Lauren London in his children.

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{"duration":"8:01","description":"33-year-old Nipsey Hussle, a rapper heavily involved in the Los Angeles community, was killed Sunday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62093050","title":"Grammy-nominated rapper shot dead in L.A.","url":"/US/video/grammy-nominated-rapper-shot-dead-la-62093050"}