Will we hear from Robert Mueller?

Congressional Democrats continue to push for the special counsel to testify, and Georgia is the latest state to pass a "heartbeat" bill restricting abortion.
29:19 | 05/07/19

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Transcript for Will we hear from Robert Mueller?
And. Everybody welcome to the briefing room on Wednesday disciplines and Devin Dwyer watch him or else part to deputy political reformer. Have very happy to be joined today with our senior investigative producers want Johnson to chief press rocked. A big interview with cirrus Sanders who hasn't been in her own briefing room for quite some time but you bring us the headlines in the second. We should also let you know that we are following some big news out of Georgia today and the fight over abortion in this country Georgia becoming the fourth state just this year. To pass and sign a law that would ban abortion after six weeks will talk to both sides in that fight coming up stay tuned for that but first let's get to the headlines. John with this new interview with sir Sanders. We are all wondering whether we're gonna hear from Bob Muller the president Twitter over the weekend. But what does she had to say about so. Sarah Sanders. Doing a rare interior actually about anything related to the investigation on the investigation pocket security BC and we asked her about the weekend tweets about the president talking about Robert Mueller he should not test by the attorney general of course said underwrote that he is not against Robert Mueller testifying take a listen to what Sarah Sanders said to. Us should we take the president's tweet from this past weekend as in order to build or to not allow Robert Mueller to testify. I think that's a determination to be made at this point I think that's the president I mean that's the president's feelings on the matter and the reason is. Because we consider this as a case closed as a finished. Process and I again I think most Americans think that this is finished writers and art Cyril about it. Right to know what has been the dialogue though between. The president and his attorney general this has he said to bill Barr hate. Don't let Bob Mueller test I am not aware of any conversation between the two of them on expect from him at that to have again I am not aware that a date has even been set for that conversation to need to take place so we'll see what happens but. Again. This matter in our eyes is O for and done with and it's time to get back but America's music you. So of course terra Sanders there's. He came to ABC she was saying DeVon that determination has not been made yet on this matter the president feels extremely strongly as we saw from that tweet he did not mince words. But for Sarah to see that there is potentially a conversation it could happen. Between the attorney general and the president about this member. He attorney general is Robert mowers bought smaller is still the DOJ employee so his boss tells him he'd know what you do this. May not seem that. This is a big deal or else because Republicans have expressed an openness to hearing from Bob Mahler Democrats of course are demanding it. So for cirrus Sanders to now come out and basically are firm the president's tweet and say you know we've very well could put the kibosh. On the opportunity to hear from Bob Mueller a guy who spent two years working on this report is an enormous deal. Yes she's saying that they think the case is closed the exact same time the Democrats are saying hold on. That terrible thing why don't they want the notes they want the full un redacted version they want Bob Mueller come sit in the hot seat. They want the president tax returns so they think they're just getting going at the same time Republicans want to put this all behind them. I was on the fact that. That Sarah even hinted that therapy that level of conversation between the president. And the AG because that could just be incredibly politically perilous for both of them if they came out and said that they are actually going to keep Robert Mueller from the C. Absolutely and I think it also gets into this idea the president for so long had been saying I'm gonna lead into the attorney general almost keeping the distance from him but now. To your pointers to weed writing that there would be used dialogue happening. I mean you could reopen a whole another investigation. I denies there and be serious blow it and did you think Bob Mueller is sort of in a class of the zone as we watch the White House clash with Capitol Hill right now over subpoenas. Letters going back and forth witnesses. Want to come forward documents and me. I think you get the sense that people are sort of confused and flustered buying all the sub headlines here but Bob Mueller is someone that. Everyone sort of identifies with them presumably would want to hear from you guys have been heard from since he started. For two years he had not heard from probable I think we've seen in a couple time yeah I church any any anyone the way I mean we we we don't feel much is that having their way carries out paparazzi there and look at that photo from EP economy Georgetown last that it Martin's tavern has been harmed our product perhaps quite put anywhere movie I feel but I do think. There's a lot of subtext here going on to your point there's a lot of other headlines what else is happening these investigations. I do think one of the coming attractions resource or in this conversation with Sierra is this idea of executive privilege try to include the White House. Whom had not invoked executive privilege for the two years that Robert Mueller had been investigating him. Could they finally do it Serra told us. Get its attitude toward the of not close and it could be something median the next couple days there's summing up now she's always been note. Teetering language or means not look too much into it however look at the response we saw today from this White House and from former White House counsel Don and again and responding Capitol Hill. We're not company. Every action we are seeing so far congress as we want this White House is neck that's not gonna happen. He does feel like you're getting to a point that they're looking potentially executive privilege and what that means that you get this iron clad wall it will come up. And sort of case closed for congress the wants to open is holding back open. Well it begins court case as much out and out and in previous administrations. That claimed executive privilege hasn't always been greeted them with friendly open arms and of course know what. I mean in factories in the courts often say that it's hard to claim executive privilege and have knocked it down and come on multiple occasions. One thing we know for sure though is that this court cases for taking a very long trial which is another reason why the White House doesn't seem to be in any big hurry. To declare executive privilege they are really and can take their time they can declared months from now which will further delay this process which is exactly want he. The ball down the road and look how they dealt with such a different committees between Jerry Nadler and house oversight committee I mean that you just kept. The ball and going and going and going. But he who has been a really interesting time if so watch this. Back and forth great conversation with Sarah Sanders on the new podcast is Kobe investigation it's available now on apple podcasts for every future park restaurants into chi. I care Phillips has long that conversation take a listen just out today John thanks so much and can. May or else this is also in raging. Democrats say the least all of this the stonewalling. Eight said Iraq and we heard from Nancy Pelosi today who serve sounded off on this as well. Race she seems admit that she is fighting against a growing wave. A support for impeachment and she says the Republicans are goading her base. I was struck by the fact that she'd. Basically argued that every time Republicans stone Waller a classmate and make it easier. For Democrats to point to evidence for why they should begin impeachment proceeding so let's listen. I'm Phyllis. Every day he's obstructing justice by S and dissolution. And the rest so he's making a case. He's just aren't going to us into the impeachment. And wherever you I think whatever it is. You. And whatever is looking at trump is currently students each. That's what he's doing everything he just constant problems and talking because he nerves. These are two classes. Just we're just. Mary Alice we have Sharon has let or whatever political reporters join us here rob. In this conversation but burials was sort of give us the big picture here Democrats. Are really between a rock and a hard place on this they are enraged by the stonewalling from him whitehouse you here. Nancy Pelosi tried to channel some of that but yet she wants to stop short. Proceed in an impeachment she's a heck of a hard time keeping her party together. On the issue is hoping that they be able to continues investigations ticks through some of the process there in the Judiciary Committee. In some of the other committees while at the same time ticking through a legislative agenda but as much as Republicans continue to Stonewall the investigation. It didn't do you rails the conversation put the spotlight back on those investigations. Which only. Adds fuel that fire for impeach met. I think it has also Noory that Republicans talk about impeachment as much as Democrats they are very aware that it is unpopular nationwide. They do think it is divisive as Nancy Pelosi just stand there and some daylight. Kind of jetting up this story line because it in that plays in their neighbors and Atlanta tied to Democrats at this before Democrats even doing an. Exactly BC political matters and you cover Elizabeth Warren senator Warner of Massachusetts the shy and issued today to this very point. What's on the floor of the United States senate making quite a scene about the need to impeach president trump immediately. Right definitely different response. From that side of the field senator Elizabeth Warren took to the senate floor and she bread from that Muller reports for twenty minutes making the plane almost page by page. But she's not letting asked Singleton count and this coming after Warren as the first trying to any Democrat to call for impeachment proceedings to begin on president. Donald Trump so today she really up that call for urgency and that I'm here to stay one more time and public. This is not about politics which she's been saying. This is about protecting the constitution of the United States and she says the way we do that it's me begin impeachment proceedings now against this president so. Definitely a reminder to McConnell to Republicans and other Democrats that she is not taking a seat on the call for impeachment. Yes she's trying to stake out that turf in the campaign of course in the policy Arenas while on the floor the United States senate one person. Who's taking is sort of the polo cease side of things it's sort of a more moderate approach to the president's stonewalling. And the calls for impeachment is former us president Joseph Biden he's out. In Nevada today campaigning out there and raising some cash sets were Molly Natal is taking along with him today and joins us now Molly. What's the what's Biden's view on all of this debate both about having Muller testified. And about impeachment. Or. I'll tell us seeking work what do you know its hard line. There that he wouldn't. Continued their investigation and I locked my the administration is Catholic nation aren't. Impeachment and it's yeah. An environment. And yeah. Dollars yeah. It is congress he's and it raising I was. Lying there in. I yeah. I'm Molly naval force there are very loud around with Joseph Biden my face so much for coming and happening now. Out in Las Vegas and in just a button that up Mary Alice Democrats. On the G in the Joseph Biden can't jewel of the Pelosi camp. Really want to be cautious. On impeachment they think that there's a decline ability. Absolutely but both of also being careful to not close the door completely. Even delighted and anti Pelosi had said they want to tick through these investigations and basically see if the time comes that warrants it. Time and again like we started this conversation if Republicans continue to Stonewall every step of the congressional investigations hard to match at some point. That point doesn't arrive right. Exactly it's going to be fascinating though latitudes is to see whether Bob Mueller himself actually weighs in on this debate and certainly that will be the next big shoe to drop on that story will continue to follow shangri to have you with us think so much. Offer come in and shifting gears now to another major story developing right now. Out of Georgia this is part of a bigger narrative in this country of a push for abortion restrictions across. Dozens of states Georgia today after became the fourth state just this year. A to pass and sign a law that would ban abortion after a fetal heartbeat. Can be detected that's typically around six weeks into pregnancy before many women even know. That they're pregnant quite a controversial bill this at least governor Republican governor Brian camp. Of that state signed it today he had this to say as he signed the bill into law tickle us. I understand why the others have said that some oppose this legislation. I realize that some might challenge it in the court of law. But our job is to do what is right. Not what is the east. Through the life that we will allow precious babies to grow up and realize their full god given potential and. Does he said this has been a part of a years long trend Republicans and essentially working around the courts slick even if it is still legal to get an abortion. Working to make sure that becomes harder and harder or nearly impossible in some of these conservative state. An illusion bring in Joshua and Nancy we have the executive director of the Georgia life alliance it was one of the co sponsors. Of this bill Josh Larry there. Smith thinks we're Travis today yeah explain why the goal of this new legislation to. So each leaf 41 the life backed the HH behind the bill list is to find that balance between the typical circumstances that women find themselves in. And recognizing the compelling interest that the state. In protecting innocent life in the womb and so we've got this this balanced language struck in this bill. That says it when that baby in the womb has all heart beat beating heart. Dayton at that point on and Giorgio no longer be able to have an abortion. And then for those women who find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. We've also got a tactics and your written into the bill that would allow order. Families who in curb those costs during pregnancy. To be able to save an average 238 dollars a year to go towards those costs. Through this bill as well as enabling child support for a baby in the womb with a beating heart. So were were providing this balanced approach to respecting and protecting life and the womb and supporting. Mothers and payments throughout our state. And I exceptions written until now. There or the original version the bill had no exceptions and actually even removed. On the current exceptions were in the law written and in 2012 from an a different group that was sponsoring legislation backed and and the bill was introduced with no exceptions in an. This bill that was signed today does include exceptions for rape and incest and or baby did the doctor determines. Would not survive a life outside of gluten after her. A halt Obama are. So this this bill does not include a health of the mother language. The medical community and George is so. World class that our medical. Professionals recognize that they are able to accommodate those typical medical circumstances to protect. Bull mother and baby. And so there was no need to route to provide that exception and our law. Instead they're there's no help them of the mother exception there is an exception in there that basically says it. There is going to be a direct threat to the life of the mother. And the only way to shrink the mother is to remove the baby from the womb in order to treat. The mother that the doctor can then removed the baby in provide the best care possible. Double mother and baby you also recognizing that the doctors actually treating two patients rather than one. It's Josh from your state Georgia is the latest I don't from growing list of states that are are seeking to push legislation. Of the type that year your state signed into law today at the political list of four Beers Georgia. Joins several states with heart beat bills are already in effect Ohio Kentucky Mississippi North Dakota Iowa. Among them we also have. I think ten other states it would that it introduced similar legislation interestingly though. But none of those laws have taken effect including North Dakota the first back in point thirteen lower court struck that down the Supreme Court. Declined to hear it. Why what makes you confident that this particular bill will sit will be sort of survive the legal challenges that are sure to come here. That's a great question and so this a life acts here in Georgia is unique to any other legislation like it in the country. And what our bill does is actually we weeks lord. The oral arguments in the written decision of Roe vs. Wade into beat Bolton. And that establish legal abortion in America back in 1973. If you look at the oral arguments in indecision of room. It says that if the state who has a compelling interest of protecting innocent life were able to establish personhood for baby in the wound. That there would be no legal grounds for abortion because at that point blood they guaranteed right to like the baby would be would be assured by the fourteenth amendment. And actually the council arguing in favor proportion in the case conceded their points that is absolutely right if you have person the child there's no right to abortion. Because she can't legally. Guarantee our right to kill another person in our country and so what's still does read in the first. Opening lines of the life act H 41. Established is that person under Georgia law. It includes. Child in the bloom who is not yet been warm and then throughout the rest of the bill would it affirms that the child in the womb is a person. And that did the focus of the Eagles not just restricting access to medical procedure but it's actually recognizing that right to lighten up personhood of the child that's in the womb and because no court has ever explored that argument in a state law we believed that. The courts that there is a challenge debate the issue Liu said they intend to file a lawsuit that that's their prerogative to name it they want to explore. And compare. Science from 1973. Sees signs and two dozen nineteen let the supreme courts determine whether or not Roe vs. Wade has standing anymore compared to collect back that's their prerogative. Until we believe that that does indeed happen that we would be ruled favorably because of the unique nature of our law. All right we'll see you're aware that legal battle had social Evans executive director George elect alliance thanks so much for joining us that are things others appreciate it. It does seem like they're trying to make a new legal argument I understand he thinks that there are some precedent for that. But frankly we just seeing the courts really responding differently to these sorts of cases especially as some of those lower courts. I have sold to more conservative in the last decade he Supreme Court as well and little is currently were out there I'm I think we should bring in doctor Rihanna Wen Hui also have with as the president of Planned Parenthood. Leo when excuse me who I am you know I think is bringing alone in a different perspective in this. Doctor went one ask you about as seven cent this kind of growing trend. Of these heartbeat bill's mom do you see that taking foot in a blur of states and where where's this gonna happen next. Well first meet call outs these bills or bar they are eight hoarding and it's how on it limits here right. Sure quite if you're there have been sixteen Z that have final bill that will limit abortions here early in pregnancy. Six weeks. When that most women don't even know her name. And we know that her I'll ask widget and animals not look. Doctor and I know that legalizing abortion does not meet and heat for its. We did not pop city legal courses we're going to go back to flip line. Like the Florida obviously it was. When all of whom are women in that you died every year they did not say lethal force air. And then that's when the extreme bill. Honestly cannot beat Georgia at all that's appreciate let's talk about. Even provisions that allow states to investigate women or how he carried it. The bill act now an Alabama. Would include GE. Felony for doctors. And abortion here. Which would give them senses. Nine years. Taxes yeah trying to cast are this year alone. How would criminalize women actually wouldn't want the death penalty. Excellent linens we'll have a horse. This is a public company around the country and we now the grave threat except there is huge he went in in the. How concerned are you about the threat in this particular bill doctor Wendy. There is reset their band now about a dozen. Heart so called heartbeat deals introduced surpassed in this country suffer none of them are actually in fact that we just heard the previous guest say that they have. Tried to hone the language in this a lot of Georgia so that when it lands if it lands before the US Supreme Court they're competent. That it will win over the ear of this new conservative majority are you conserve energy think that this one like all the others will be blocked. This bill is unconstitutional. It is illegal and it is harmful we're talking sound lines of women and families that are on the line. Yes isn't wealthy Sunni hearing. Not happy right and that all are just. But he's. Not want it is absolutely extreme ban online reproductive care are an issue all up and and it's because rats are not honest and works. And these covenants legislators under a shock to many are thinking and in. They are challenging Slade and we're really just to wrap saying this is why did you get this legislation passed. Wrote recently overturned or a worker noted tutor or are. That he's not wanting women aged. Twenty million women. Could be many indices were Porsche is stands at an alliance and outlaw. And we call hypocrisy he wishes Georgia. Ample the second high. Mortality rate in the country. I didn't love it and it ten times more likely to die each called it an ink Kanye. In many think how extreme bands than thirty Iqbal. Syphilis is beating Missouri our clients. Experience over a thousand news the latest simplest and congenital. I'm senate in decades. Is politics is doing its wilders and desire you want more hollow here. And not laugh and wish he calls they're policy. And law like. And they should be expanding health care and looking isn't true all occult or all people women shall be only infants under. There laying. You've been talking a lot about their extreme differences in. Access to abortion and reproductive care. For Americans depending on which state they live in are there any state that have been moving in the other direction that you feel like armed expanding. Access or expanding reproductive health care. We know now awaits trial in the White House and all the act states how to EEE critical asked off. You he thinks that expands. And I beat us. We look at you look. Which after years or acquire Symbian the governor inch law a bill. I wrote in these you see long. An anomaly where I just lines is also looking EB. Equity apps that would treat me then I'll know didn't know what it is. We just don't care. This is while the American people want support for the sleep a lot of land is higher than it's ever been at 73 cents. Slower growth and the right TC EO portion the American people are saying that. We understand eyewitness. Here. That is really on what county are simply unacceptable unacceptable act 81 they use today that US. We are 50% hydrogen on each column on hollers. The African American woman is free and eyes Auburn and that white women. And there's you know we can do about which she's women's healthcare. And human. Right Doctor Who you know when and where president of Planned Parenthood and America thank you so much artwork for come and ensure your view I certainly interest in developments. Out of Georgia and we know a number of states pursuing those things as well we'll continue to stay on it here on ABC news I appreciate your voice. And all this is certainly. Particularly in. At the Supreme Court can be a fascinating year ahead with so many cases in the pipeline not only the six week. Band split the number of other things admitting privileges for doctors. I'm hoping to plant parents where Linux yet we've seen come. A lot of different tactics at the state level she tried to restrict abortion and I and she made a point coming to head right now come as conservatives hope to get some of those cases. Before this Supreme Court. And finally today here in the briefing room wanna give tribute to the first lady of the United States malign a tribe celebrating a one year anniversary. Her big initiative since joining the White House would be best hits a three pronged. Each child focused programs she took a victory lap of sorts today in the Rose Garden she was said the only one on stage was to sort of an in interest in. Moment the president seated there in the front row let's take a listen to a little bit of hurt her. Money air guard today announced the best an awareness campaign dedicated to the children of an all over the world be vast has CPA lacks the well being of children online safety. And opiate abuse. And continue still how bungle. We just to educate children and parents about the issues they face. And promote programs and services available to have them beats today's challenges. It's unclear what that concrete. Outcomes have been from her initiatives but she was celebrated today by a lot of those bipartisan attendees simply for shining the spotlight. On a number of topics from her house and she's broken with her husband on. Absolutely I do think you're in the campaign is had a hard time and finding itself. Especially in Washington these days or there's just so much noise and so much drama it's hard for some thing. Positive to breakthrough we segment that in the newsroom all the time but you know that. That while the Cox's and hard to pinpoint the First Lady has visited. Schools in fifteen states also some hospitals met with thirty diplomats and reconvene inter agency working group specifically looking at. Youth programs and how there could be. A more attention on this issue of protecting that countries can't. A cross in errors or inner agency look at that as we obviously saw through the moment here to gradually her and and that a nice my house or. Yeah even I don't a number of the cabinet to turn out there as well in child he saw her in the front row. So hats off to monitor trump on the when your anniversary there. One to go look at the was stock market before we let you go today if you haven't noticed today and check your 41 K the market is. Is spooked again today in light of that news from the white house on the China trade negotiations that are under way ahead of that Friday deadline. With the potential for new tariffs on both sides you see the Dow is down big again today certainly concerning. To all of us everyday investors. And finally heard about at the top of the show with Johnson Tucci in the investigative team that day exclusive new interview with white house Press Secretary cirrus senator -- air. Coming up next journey ABC news live the investigations podcast if he can't stay tuned now be sure to download it would apple podcasts and listen at home you can download the app as well the latest. All the sources talked about today and some great analysis from Mary Alice parks in the note there as well. Great to have you with us very Alice is always on Devin Dwyer Washington C back here tomorrow.

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{"duration":"29:19","description":"Congressional Democrats continue to push for the special counsel to testify, and Georgia is the latest state to pass a \"heartbeat\" bill restricting abortion. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"62886800","title":"Will we hear from Robert Mueller? ","url":"/US/video/hear-robert-mueller-62886800"}