Heavy storms hit parts of middle Tennessee

Heavy downpour, flash flooding and tornado warnings cause roads to close.
1:57 | 02/07/19

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Transcript for Heavy storms hit parts of middle Tennessee
An a lot of those. IC problems and wet weather is continuing in Tennessee with flooding and tornado warnings. For a look on the ground there we go to UWK aaron's Morgan high tower and brands from Mott and a things Natalie we're hearing Levin in Tennessee and this road right behind me Cumberland street as one of the main arteries into downtown eleven and this right here is typically dry creek the bag that this morning several feet of water has still dead and earlier today it was rushing up over the roadways. Causing some major problems for people in this area right now the water has receded but there is evidence of how high it wise. Last night like. Right here you can see these sticks and grass left behind where typically. There is no water in this creek bank. Overnight. Water rushing over the roadways reading out flooded ounce spots drivers had to avoid. But in Wilson county there were at least for a water rescues one happening on south Cumberland. Where Wilson county emergency management tells us a driver past a barricade and was quickly stopped in the flooded water. Firefighters with eleven and fire department were able to safely rescue the driver and get the car out of the roadway. More than forty weather related calls overnight with a dozen roads Deans and passable. Because I've standing water. On the roadways and I want to show you this as more evidence as to how high the water got just in this particular area you can see this line of debris. Signifying and that water line that has now receded but a lot of issues an eleven and as school districts in this area were closed. Because of all the flooding related problems. Reporting and eleven in Tennessee Morgan high tower back TO. Morgan think it's good to see some of that water recede.

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{"duration":"1:57","description":"Heavy downpour, flash flooding and tornado warnings cause roads to close.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60915736","title":"Heavy storms hit parts of middle Tennessee","url":"/US/video/heavy-storms-hit-parts-middle-tennessee-60915736"}