'This has been hell' said mother of slain 15-year-old girl

Cleopatra Cowley asked the court for the "maximum penalty that the law will allow" for her daughter's murderer in an emotional victim statement in court today.
5:58 | 01/14/19

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Transcript for 'This has been hell' said mother of slain 15-year-old girl
Digits forward who was had the apparent in. Idea what the fifteen year old simply. She was beautiful in every way physically. And instantly. Her habits and beautiful her heart was you. She was the type of person that wanted to be the friend to so we know for an. Not only did she befriend people she made them feel like they were one. Do you have special someone has to be pulled. Low that was Indian. She was an avid reader and loved incarcerated. And had just embarked upon a new opt in them Paris. We seductive looks were together in common items to trying to figure out what should be written next we would have debates about. The different types of stories and white if anything she didn't like about. She was her own person. The very bites gently. But most of all she was my. She gate me drive and determination. A state to witness that was not to be compromise. So the idea that I have to write a statement like this because she was murdered. Ripped from my family her younger brother. Her father and her grandparents. And got a hand. On uncles cousins and friend inspiring the youth is unfathomable. Never in my existence and acting that my baby my baby are okay meaning to mind. Never in a million years that I think someone would cost him. My cousin. Now cousin. Miss statement that felt terrible. Because idea was attacked person that was so put together they never worried about it. QA deductible and he's at that he gave attention to them and he felt terrible day. But the fact remains that any attention he would have given would never prepared informant killed wards callous act. I lower the camp. And his very existence. Because every breath he gets to take is one breath more in my fifteen you know sort of was allowed to bring. I feel sympathy for him what so that. Know I stand. To be frank it's because they'll never understand. That we can live. Yes Imus statements prior. When asked if and only news because a stroke. But that does not. Mean that his act of violence is okay. He doesn't get a path. CI and clear that everyone loses. But lost the months. She at every opportunity given all the other crimes committed to do better and be that. He even his testimony or statements to police talked about how he and people in this neighborhood has it wrong. Yet accounts of bullets and low it commencement. With the intent to hurt me what kills some one. That particular day it happened to be heading. She did not deserve what counted. We deny this or that. We have lost so many opportunities. So many familial generation. We've lost out. Who lives in so much time because of that killed towards self students. Who knows in my door could that the her heart muscle being in what capacity she wanted to give experience. And an other conversations she spoke of going to turn. She started during college she went to a team. And me apart the major eighteen times interestingly enough Padilla also went to study of crime. And in January 23 team I believe I was almost newspaper Richmond. We're plan to get a pass but yet and we. But if they have yet to link him. Everyone was so worried about my decision to let her study of crime. Yet. The killed murdered her here home here at home is. Mattel's responsible for so much sadness the hurt and depression. Affects retreating with. I've had three. A veteran communicate. And that tonight at eight and it's a never ending process. This has been him. That's an apparent sign. I've had to learn what I like and don't mind. Learn to speak up from my. An excellent had to focus. That's my cell. Months. So many things are packed. As a result of just how it. What's affecting. He's not the Geneva this new but I can't fault him because I'm not the mom he wants to either. Heard any. He's not completely guy wants him but I can't find him because I'm not completely the woman he once. Her grandparents. Affected. Her aunts and uncles were affected. Her cousin. Her got siblings have got parents extended family members and friends affected. Who killed ward introduced for effort to us on January 29 2013. And I honestly hate. That perhaps forever and I government. Our holidays and the longer this thing. An act every day's different opportunities. Our friends at different associations are different to who we thought viewers different. But what killed late did do was give ideas and a place. A place that I am not at saint Miller frailties. And with his voice ICT Jansport. Police. Yet the murder of my first born child how ideas in America amplitude. The maximum penalty that the law we'll the absolute Max how ideas. Is certain a death sentence. Handed down until wars. And outstanding. Is the life as a result of this kind of act clip Patrick.

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{"duration":"5:58","description":"Cleopatra Cowley asked the court for the \"maximum penalty that the law will allow\" for her daughter's murderer in an emotional victim statement in court today.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60375886","title":"'This has been hell' said mother of slain 15-year-old girl","url":"/US/video/hell-mother-slain-15-year-girl-60375886"}