Historic Blue Origin space flight takes off

Jeff Bezos and crew make history as the New Shepard rocket takes off.
10:44 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Historic Blue Origin space flight takes off
And it. Okay. And there you see it right there blue origin and has begun its live dog in this makes. Katie wanted and wall watching this rocket go off to such as the worst. Give us a sense about what those passes or are feeling right this moment. They are realizing just what I said that it is so hard to hit the planet and they're going to Kenya realizing you're going somewhere or just. It's not gonna stop until that nation cuts out. And then Rabin's face they're getting good cheese are just starting to build up and Max Q. You have the highest under pressure from right and so what is next you feel like what are you beat buffalo. It's not a sudden thing for us it's just thank you realize there's some low stress on the on the vehicle itself and it's. It's a nice thing to get time repellent that is the most stressful parts of the vehicles and I you know your vehicle is doing fine. EC. What are they feeling inside their bodies at the formula under our elders now. Eight. Points. It's an average ask about what it's like gathered there if they're actually feelings are oppressed and their seat is if I tell people it's like having a guerrilla setting your chest but sort of like. Gradually gradually gradually more and more it's a little hard to brief but at the same time you know that you can you also know it's not gonna last that long. Coming up on mock on two minutes coming up on mark to. And then there eventually gonna hit mocks you three and wait weightlessness. Everything going perfectly so far correct. As far as I can tell. Pink and mail at Fort Lee might separation. And that points after separation Morgan I'll let that the astronauts on muscle. And take in the freedoms of zero G there is Nico main and being cut off. A beautiful shot. Down the new Shepard rocket. Look at that view. Sustains their weight on real. Coming up. So once they will wait here after reaching here. As soon as they got that separation. There is seriously. And here we are you can start to see. Standby here Tennessee beat the separation of the capsule from the booster itself. In Haiti once the booster separates. What's gonna happen. When and they. I'm not sure ticket here that I think that sounds like yeah. Outside right now I'm. It's awesome. That was seven and here we go. Our astronauts have passed the Carmen lying at about 328000. Feet. Continuing there a sense he's seeded to vehicles there. When the speed and zero you know they Apogee their Matt. As soon as you here there and I want meets. I've experienced it. Yeah. Blue. That is a hi Katie isn't it. Off yeah you can hear it in their races there's nothing like Kent. The floating the flying your flying inside the capsule. In the view of the earth. Tech combination. And in those windows are as big as you are and I am. How many times you practice it's still what feels different when it's real. It wouldn't you know it badly damaged all the civilians in space it's people in space and when it's when it's real it's just. There's just nothing like that feeling and it makes you realize that there's. It's a whole big world out there and I universe and its weight of resting time. See the separation as an excuse if there's the boosters on the bottom there we'll actually that this is putting on the top. Are spends on camera angles with the very illness isn't a Christian. Yeah yeah slow. Everybody. Action. All other day death. Good with a gold border. Better prepared. Heavy action that Ali. Okay. Okay. The action. And happy happy that. Okay. Happy happy. Right there is almost seven minutes into their flight. In this case and paving telling people what they say it was able to bring what is about to make landfall again. We turn. Was planning that they're they're going faster and faster and faster and others they're starting to slow down in the post about actually look at the Vista there. So your two things are happening in Brewster actually lands before they do and you see it coming in for a landing slowing down stolen at about five miles per hour. Usually right on that once had assets of mr. Manning are seeing right now. So any day over about two miles away. Turns out well. Good news Shepard. A beautiful rocket that reminded me beautiful life persists base. Because it was your have. Have landed. Society for the instrument there on the launch pad. It didn't go Victor but victim here. There ever hear about the minister. They would hear them that are sold all excited but yet so. Yeah. The and that it is floating. See it right they see the blue origin capsule. And I drowned. Stand bijur the group. Yeah. Stand by name. Can't buy me. Thought so far a nominal flights here comes that crew capsule back from space. That dramas deployed to hear the names out reaping and coming to a full. Inflation. There are our rocket went over a mock three. And now they're coming floating back down it just about fifteen or sixteen miles an hour about to join his home. Back here and. West Texas after hacking on so Robin George casinos pear shaped now although the slowing it down to sixteen miles per hour and eventually I fill it hits that desert here hit a slow down. To just one mile per hour so it at the slow and gentle descent. Jill it seemed to go about as well as a possibly could have gone. You know what we had fifteen successfully passed before this George consecutive thefts now we can count. A sixteenth at saint because this one was the first one with humans on terrorism and it looks to be going. Very very war. Multiple sensors. In just six feet above the ground Baghdad Christian and very well. We'll puffs and then we'll have a soft touch down almost like just sitting in the chair. I'm sure they're adrenaline is pumping. What a gentle flow. And George if you can see the capsule there's look at a little bit and this touchdown. Well. Fat. His killer like Saturday. And.

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{"duration":"10:44","description":"Jeff Bezos and crew make history as the New Shepard rocket takes off.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78943808","title":"Historic Blue Origin space flight takes off","url":"/US/video/historic-blue-origin-space-flight-takes-off-78943808"}