Hospital gives update on deadly California crash

At least 15 were killed in a crash on Imperial County highway in Southern California.
6:03 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Hospital gives update on deadly California crash
For patients for that went. Eleventh. When obscenity infamous on the examined Denis of South Korea and al-Qaeda yet but I said if and that and a one bread and fat doesn't seem him. I've invited Judy close to get up to speed up numbers and doctor aboard sharp. Who's got actually she was there on the onside when the patient started to arrive and illustrating the patients to get you up to speed on that yet. It doesn't listen identity sprucing up at a board Turkey assisted me in on at a time though I think it's funny. Good afternoon. So we do have a slight update honored on the numbers so there were 28. Passengers in the SUV that collided with a semi truck. Fourteen were dead on the scene. Far of those patients were flown out from the scene to desert hospital. Seven patients arrived at a center regional virtually one later died in our emergency room. Three patients were transferred to pioneers hospital. And that's the update on the numbers. A good look at him up and that is what he thought a and denied. If it entangled the only justice is coming and a if I don't think yet took percent of the founder and into the Lacey Vienna out of an axiom that money on hand it got to act. Cutler said her son asked in testimony and I see it on in place and that and an accident at what those put on us that battle. Necessary hospital. It CF the persona asked for an unpaid sick he and senator regional medical center and on a suspect somehow some impediment if he if I if he off. This person has fled on doesn't felt as if that eats I thought it and thinking what have less. I'm just I took care of several of the patients from the act accidents. I sign it. Same diet our staff and eighteen EMS calls and a great job. Updating us on status as a vacation says that he men. So that we can be prepared to. And ready with everything. As they came into the doors. Finish fifth if we keep on playing each feminist but I make birthday at eleven and that it was a sub out unnoticed and animals is album and best young. Adams is dedicated to get animals won't look at them some elements of the L and I says it was senior. I left my sympathy and I asked academy in their hands at this coming. Our staff is and a ten minutes job getting everything ready. For these patients being able to handle them and get him transferred out. To the appropriate place is as soon as possible. Where we can take care of them here there are being well taken care of as well CN Nikki. Us. I'm not gunman that it can put an Islamic Kansas and a moment of the annals of us in this. If it Leon they just. English if it's up about and the photos and children Niles officials could sadness and the system and get a that I set up by people that I how open I'm lament this coming. Finished his speech today great relationship that he Cianci has made the other hospitals at a separate answers. As well as the relationships that we have with EMS services here. In an imperial county and also Harry air ambulance patch answers as well reached. And at mercy air. We have great relationships with volleys people on they were ready. To take sign anything that they came in through our doors. C and another process coming an emblem of that battles on that they panicky but this ascent. And they insisted battles in muscles that as. In those but I'm meeting clothes in land when land yet any asked him until vegetables because on the among the many people. And me. I'm very several different. Life threatening injuries that did and get transferred into EC and C today. I don't we're right in right EMS several patients they get transferred out those were the most critically ill. The lines that were flown from the scene on the Wednesday came into last had. Injuries careening from fractures to. Head injuries that life threatening head injuries. Chest injuries. And it's. Seek and eat out but I found that belies its mandated. That added up and as I seen this in as the fled on nothing else. Another that gets put on the monthly payment but that's. In a moment though they and eleven in San handles press on Afghanistan and making us with but he does. He assembly says if that bullet if game Tennessee Mallard beds let them waste that is that's gonna gonna gonna settle. Capital themselves are Hundley is is coming. Unfortunately when indications that where Pratt in did pass away. But the others that ours stable and have been stable. We're chance for three of them have been transferred counties he has the and nab. And they are stable at that time of the cancer. The separate economic don't I was pressing the fight is just coming and a and I suspect in this case signing incoming and out dancing though that a son and this is CNN Hispanic Baptist. You. I'm I want I think this time and thank the you see as the team for the quick response and for them helping us with a transporters. Can I say keep they use if it better than apple and it just coming and I hear that muslin and got Dallas within this. And I know we keep our getting asked the question about children being involved we are. Aware of the children were involved in this accident but I'll refer you to the authorities conversation had their press conference at 1130. CNN Sunday a lot of but I want that is may have seen one Ninos and what about in the back seat and they. A eat but I if the weather and with electronic cash and that I had been back at them and us thirty it's and a phone thing in. I think you again for staying in touch with us and I can't thank the Mexican consulate again for being here.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"At least 15 were killed in a crash on Imperial County highway in Southern California.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76207845","title":"Hospital gives update on deadly California crash","url":"/US/video/hospital-update-deadly-california-crash-76207845"}