Near the Hurricane Florence eye wall

ABC News correspondents are near Hurricane Florence's eye wall as the storm makes its way toward land.
4:40 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Near the Hurricane Florence eye wall
We wanna go out now live to a ABC's annaly Ralph who's been. I hammered by this storm and annaly your standing in the middle of all of this I know this is your first hurricane what are you experiencing right now. I area out here thinking we're very close that I wallet very light burnt down. That Howard how. That I at this that in Los. We're at that point what it means that it ain't so long I think that we haven't started the Y. Upkeep a sign of some kind of baffled rebound late. That. Not only happy he's got but if it's very unpredictable. Combine that with that rain with it but I think a lot of problems of flooding. Is getting worse by them in that haven't. A lot of people are without power at this point of care among that now hearing that it or else. Annaly hangout that you've been out there all night doing an excellent job forests and I just wanna know how it conditions deteriorated since you've been watching this storm. Well we've been out and about thirty I think pretty hot topic that berkadia couple nights rat that it. I think I'm but underwent heart when it back out here but it what you. Think. I'd get up and got it. Like what I and that would be what an incredible watching this. Around. That but a lot of storm once Nevada and then we'll have an in medicine. I really don't see how quickly the collapse. The wind and rain tainted but they're paying separately by my own without me. It happened that the fact that. It ha like they are out there. Our eight annaly aroused they say about their hold on to something and if you need to go inside we appreciate it so much. Take care they wanted to announce he Victor a commando who I believe is in Jacksonville and and know he's been whipping whipping around in the wind as well Victor. It has been a busy morning at a very long night here. These winds are only getting stronger this rain has just been relentless. You gotta see that just washing right across the shock right now actually just whipping me. Right in the face. The reported wind gusts here the last check right around 76. Miles per hour. And it's only getting worse here in Jacksonville we are about what he miles away. From the coast but near there are reports of major structural damage to homes and businesses these guys are what happened. Act that local high school here it's just a few hours ago. We were down near the new river to your the bit closer to the shores. Cannot lead all the way up through the city of Jacksonville that's going to be basically a 12 punch for these people here. We're getting at the initial hit from the Storch from the storm. And the major concern is obviously bad storm surge in another huge wind gust comes greater right now Jacksonville. That storm surge but Miller try to move closer to the next to the wall here. Guys that's all we've been dealing with all night long it we hear those winds. And the Rangers pound and against the window on the walls of our hotel here in Jacksonville with a power went up very early on. But as I was saying that storm surge they could possibly be up to eleven feet. Officials selling it they're bracing for an unprecedented amount of rain and rainfall alone the good looking at right around three feet as well. Here in all its locality the exceedingly didn't open up any shelters they were busing people inland. Further inland to get to other shelters and other counties getting them out of this area we did see and meet some people that decided to. Ride this storm out we always come across those votes but the advice to everyone was to get out of town but obviously at this point with the eye wall as close to the coast as it is right now. If he had not left at this point it is way too late. Just driving back. It's Jacksonville last night. Frogs needs ferry which again is along the new river. Near the mouth and it we saw a bunch of transformers blowing I was so sparks flying in the air. Gas station canopy is ripped right off. And I'm sure that once daylight. Comes you'll be able to see just a lot more damage because these winds have just been relentless and the rains again very strong and only picking up a. Here at Victor we know those winds have been relentless the rains have been relentless and not expected to let up any time soon we heard chief meteorologist ginger Z say that she's planning on being there until. Monday which gives you as sense of the scope of this storm.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"ABC News correspondents are near Hurricane Florence's eye wall as the storm makes its way toward land. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57820836","title":"Near the Hurricane Florence eye wall","url":"/US/video/hurricane-florence-eye-wall-57820836"}