Hurricane Florence eye wall just off North Carolina coast

Hurricane Florence pounds the East Coast with heavy rain and potentially catastrophic flooding.
11:29 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence eye wall just off North Carolina coast
I'm Arial rest at that ABC news headquarters in New York picking up a live team coverage of hurricane Florence as it batters. The North Carolina and South Carolina coast we know that 300000 people are without power we know 150 people in North Carolina are still. Awaiting rescue we're now gonna get the very latest from the National Hurricane Center can agree. Good morning mrs. Ingram back to the National Hurricane Center here right operations were keeping an. And I on the latest on hurricane Florence the time it's 7 o'clock here's a 7 AM eastern update. We could see the eye wall making it on shore near Wilmington where we're having isn't that the intense. Wind and intense rainfall so the center right off the coast about to make landfall any minute now but look at these you can see these rain bands around that's where we can see some or intense wind and actually the tornado threat as well a lot of times of these rain -- the C. That Torino threats and we really got off a lot of intense rain and associated wind it it's it's just like we were saying this is a serious situation a lot of rain and a very dangerous. Portion of Americans were Macon not landfall here here's the track not much change from the before. We can still see these hurricane force winds about seventy or so miles on the outside of the senator look how large this tropical storm wind field is and if you progress that on land could see so many people will be seeing some of these tropical storm force winds and that's why we've been saying. Not this country and the senate but a large area outside. We've been talking about that's slowdown it's happening it's very slow. We're really just kinda edging a little bit west with time very slow movement we can see right here these are the forecast points. We start look at this one here. This is 2 PM on Saturday are going to be dealing with a hurricane most the day today and to tonight and not becoming a tropical storm. And until tomorrow so that is a long time to have the winds around this area with the wind. And and the rain sourcing a lot of trees down and power outages let's talk about some of those impacts we've been talking about the heavy rain is one of them and we kept the storm surge as well v.s of the dangers portions. Of this hurricane that we got to look at 90% of those fatalities it is indeed the water so let's look at some of the storm surge in some areas four to six feet South Carolina coast but moving up to North Carolina we see seven to eleven. Six to nine feet but I want to make note of something really important here. In look at this seven to eleven. Look out far inland some of that storm surge could be up and talking about the longer we keep those hurricane force winds the further inland miles in that we can push that water and that's indeed what happening but Turk enforcement lasting. For a long time so even in Lynn new burned. You know you start looking at places like the Pamela goes down the noose river AMOCO river you can really pushed that water up and even far in limit piles up for a long time so that's one of the things that we're really looking at. And the other we have to look at weave it never ties in this for a while the heavy rainfall is it be that these amounts are credible around the senator. Twenty to thirty inches and in some places. Could get forty inches or rain by the time it's all done. And very consistent message that we've had and moving inland fifteen to twenty look over Charlotte. You can get ten to fifteen inches or rain. And actually I've been talking about how this could shift a little bit and it did shift somewhat overnight. Pushing six to ten maybe even greater in to the forces of Roanoke the see some of these high. Rainfall values what does that mean well flooding is not confined just to the coast flooding is also inland. And if you combine that with the terrain the new house and dangerous flash flooding conditions and you know that's something that we got to be mindful why do you wanna Sharia. A little bit. Nearing this and it's I think it's important to show we go back as we're actually getting readings of some of this high water so this is how it happens that's what looks like the targets. In to these places and piles up so this is became Graham from the National Hurricane Center with your latest update. And we have that was Ken grand there at the National Hurricane Center just to recap what he was saying the eye wall of this storm is just off the shore of Wilmington. And it is quickly approaching or actually should say not actually quickly sadly not quickly approaching. Sure there and we know that the storm surge is is a definite threat. We know any robot is in the middle of it right now for us. You have gotten. Over eighty miles per hour right now and we are in a very thick structure here where a parking garage about five floors up. Just another transformer explode on generator powering your anyone image any kind of light is on generator power what's your hotel lights go dark. I'd just a short while ago we've been seeing more transformers explode across the sky. Wilmington it is in the dark at this hour so many people. Hundreds of thousands of people in this they have already lost power and this is just the beginning unfortunately the strong winds that I'm in. But the rain is going to be the big story here in the speed of north Carolina at least for now we have several. Rivers that will press after nine hours of rain with days of rain the next high tide is a couple hours from now and will be the biggest that. Just where the status of these rivers are we already know some town. In his feet have begun to plot out the New Bern and that is the concern here in downtown Wilmington and we have to see it yesterday we were walking around. It was a ghost town I would say the majority of residents are evacuated and when you see the conditions here that is absolutely a good thing we had them up. Couple blocks to get over to the structure from our hotel. Forty thought downed trees and again those transformers. Exploding all across the night sky. We will continue can update you on the deteriorating conditions here in Wilmington, North Carolina throughout the day. For now for ABC news you're going to North Carolina I mean you're o'clock. And Amy robot is there and willing ten and we can see her just getting hammered by those strong wind gusts and of course the rain that it expected to persist for the coming days. ABC's chief meteorologist ginger Z is also in Wilmington with some pretty unreal images. You're in Wilmington, North Carolina we are in the eye wall that. The peak of that's what I'm but it is not moving and patted the problem we went at nineteen miles per hour wallet and hear him resentment lonely I've. Seen. And the arts from happening parts supply. Easily more than 3000 people without power and don't lie that they torturing that it will not move it back. At. That's at six miles per hour. And it dropping rain. I mean it will end up being actually eat them may you find that with the storms are that we that it beat out riding so badly. The Internet that not that they and that it's going to be. It isn't we have all our Friday that throughout the entire state they were gonna be seen and raffle Lauren event. In new. At flat in Atlanta I think it and that part really getting that point we're all your eyes. Off. The senate back. With ABC's chief meteorologist ginger C and and likely sank as powerful images coming out of this storm very powerful and slow approaching storm which is the biggest concern. For so many meteorologists and of course the residents in that area the storm surge. Is something that could be life threatening according to national hurricane. Centered air and we heard from Kent Graham. Some of the concerns are are the rain that they would have rain the flash flooding that can come along with this and even tornado threat. But I do wanna gotten out to GO Benitez our correspondent is on the outer banks there and kitty hot. And GO I know it's it's. Relatively com where you are at the moment what have you seen so far. Well aerial right now we're still getting those strong winds and this has been the case. All day long and talk about for the past 24 hours of your member from Good Morning America yesterday we were feeling. Those strong winds were still feeling those gusts even though if you look at the radar at the rain is not over as very clearly. But the storm is still so large that the wind field just goes out for such a far distance OK take a look this right here is the kitty hawk pier behind me really been tested all night long. Quite frankly all of the piers along the outer banks and I want to show you just how far the water has reached a one of the things here in the outer banks. They are used to dealing with flooding but not potentially life threatening flooding and so that's one of the concerns that they were looking at here whether this was gonna cause that still very much possible because of these winds but I just want to show you how far. And powerful. These waters were how far they came this fence here was up here yesterday clearly it's just been totally taken down. By all of that water that repeats this far distance in Ariel one of the things that we've been talking about the eye wall I know Amy's there and ginger has been talking about it. But one of the things if you're watching this from the Wilmington area. You need to to be careful because that eye wall is very deceiving I've been covering so many of these storms where we look at those I want you get out. And it's just crystal clear not a cloud in the sky it's silent you have sort of an orchestra of crickets is what I describe it as that you hear little frauds and if you walk outside and people want to be out there in that. Don't because it comes back so hard so fast when that outer wall when that second eye wall as they call it. Comes through you don't wanna do that's if you're in the Wilmington area and you're watching this if you find yourself in that eyes situation. It might be fun to look outside but just don't stay out there because you know what you never know when that second I walls gonna come through and that could really hurt you. And Leo we know that you had a breadth of experience covering these kinds of storms here from the Miami area and very good advice there especially the heat now as we know the eye wall is making its way. Across the Carolinas GO. We've heard this kind of long term prediction we're gonna see rain and we're gonna see flooding. In your area heady talk to residents about how there are taking precautions are they out of there as many many of the officials had at urged people. Yeah I know I I heard Amy telling you that it was a ghost town there in that area. This was a ghost town days ago OK the stunt was still shining it was so nice that you could still be out on the beach and people think you know what we're not gonna deal with that September's a huge month for tourism here. 40 million dollars in tourism dollars here in the outer banks on every other September. So you can just imagine how many people coming here people are gone. I beat I don't know if we are we able to turn the camera Jim just a little but. I know we might not have though the best light here but it. If Jim if we could turn this camera just a little bit we can just see this row of houses here let's turn that camera seek and seek. Most of these homes that's when you're on the corner is an boarded up because at the vacation rental. But all of the others here. They're all boarded up people ended up just going ahead and leaving they left days ago. And that's really one of the more surprising things about this particular storm aerial. Is that how many people actually left. It is ends in such. Early stages of this storm way before this storm was even giving us a little political wind. Yet perhaps heating those images that we stopped from hurricane arm up from Maria up from Harvey and of course from Hurricane Katrina many years ago GOP's immediately. And X certainly an expert out there in the field they say out there it can't tell didn't Cecile say hello it's like apple.

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