Hurricane Florence stalls over North Carolina

The slow-moving storm is bringing high winds and record-setting amounts of rain.
26:03 | 09/14/18

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Transcript for Hurricane Florence stalls over North Carolina
You're watching ABC news life continued coverage as hurricane Florence makes landfall in the Carolinas right now in North Carolina hovering and going just six. Miles per hour that slow steady pace of this storm. Considerably dangerous when you see. All of the rainfall that is come with 885 mile per hour sustained. Winds that means the consistent winds. Right now being felt in some parts of North Carolina 85 miles per hour gusts in mid ninety's we've even seen up to a 105. Miles per hour. Our meteorologists now telling us this is major catastrophic rainfall that is expected. In the Carolinas over the next 36 to 48 hours. We have RT national affairs correspondent Tommy outlets in Myrtle Beach forests right now and Tom I know you described this as a ghost town at that. Very historic and also act towards the area no one behind you no one in your picture right now. That's right Arial we actually just lost power this is ocean boulevard now this is the act iconic stretch here. Of Myrtle Beach and relieve the grand strand is sixty mile stretch. On the coast here in South Carolina if you look at the power let's over here that's why have doctor. The book Hilary you could see the power has just gone opted. Street lights artwork in the traffic lights when a lot Humana read here that people are still walking driving around I should say. October will be the weather carpet earlier but and at seven. It's unclear it extended its so far have. But you can see in the fact that ghost town nobody's out here with the downfall bronze. And the people are driving around a lot more police officers. Who are unmarked vehicles. Up on its watch out of that. Art run over here. Job but you can say there's nobody out here we're just getting a taste of hurricanes wars right now aerial. Pollutant Willie has not been bad all the way he's picking up a little bit will be filed with more wind gusts. Alicia is something down over here as we back up a little bit this is the us guy we'll. This is one story tied to the gondolas office soccer. I haven't seen it move on all they can withstand hurricane force winds. I may believe them after this because I've not seen I think overall we've seen the brains of the budget core rides excellent way in the wind. But nothing to attends a little walking over the Atlantic Ocean right over here now. Isn't one of the big problems of what they're really worried about the storm surge on this storm because so far we really haven't been hit yet. By hurricane force isn't just the outer bands. And let low tide the problem is when this sucker it's it's going to be high tide and that's what they're really worried about the word about the storm surge the flooding. Local meteorologists had never forecasted this much rain. In their point five years in the business so they're really waiting for raw almost a rain event happened out here in South Carolina. Hillary here they've seen the iconic Myrtle Beach is as were eighteen million people coming here to visit this beautiful coastline the beautiful beach here. Ads that mention low tide. And some of the winds from from hurricane force actually had pushed the water out there was an extreme low tide about an hour ago if Garnett coming a little bit high titles at 3 PM. And that's when things really get cooking around here in Myrtle Beach. Luckily 78 by 80% of the people who have evacuated. Faithfully more than 420000. People all across the South Carolina coast have gotten. That's the good news we have been seen ample people come and go here in there but for the most part people of gotten out more than 101000 customers without power. I'm sure that number's gonna skyrocket. We're seeing hurricane. Wars Harry LC the crux of that storm right now over North Carolina and it's inching its way towards you Tom I believe that it's those that make landfall near you. A round at Saturday morning you've been in many different natural disasters in the past we've covered it extensively here from Miami your self. You you've covered many hurricanes recently as well how to how to the conditions right now that you're seeing yourself and also hearing about. Compared to what you've covered past. You know the concern now is what's happening in new Bern north Carolina at this is like that it's going to be a rain event and it's the flooding it. And people think all the winds aren't that bad. Like we've said so many times I didn't but the point that somebody. What's more than he did the wind will hurt you that the water will kill you. And that's what we're seeing with this hurricane you can never underestimate anything there's no such thing as a power as a weak hurricane wiped all the hurricane. This is gonna come as a category one. People here who did evacuate said oh you know we survived hurricane after a couple of years ago it was a category one it was still a serious flood event. He can make life miserable people are without power. We're two to three days like this pretty bad. Especially if your elderly especially if you need assistance especially in need power to keep up medical devices so that's why you always need to get out you never know with hurricanes you never know till dawn we're just getting started area well so I want to make any assumptions yet. Think belief that a category four category three but it's still a really mean system. Yeah I'd certainly all of the experts have been telling us that this is in no way indicating that we should let our guard down or anyone in the region to let their guard down and they said not only is this not over. It is just beginning certainly indicates for you there in South Carolina Tommy out last. Thank you as always. We want to go now to David Muir who has been in Wilmington, North Carolina where that storm that I'll all of that storm has made its way and has made its impact. We've built to continue here and the rain which is good and we didn't really mean. Real forces this day it's straight through tomorrow for the next forty report at 36 hours. I want isolated and actually dealt with Iran traffic lights and that's how dangerous it is a story do not want people out on the streets here. Wind gusts of a hundred odd miles per hour here by the Wilmington international airport. That's the biggest wind gusting. Since 1958. Since hurricane Helene. That gives you an idea of how powerful this was even though with a category one don't we won't buy that. Given that it they said that number first and highest wind gusts as his team being developed a forty inches of rain and the board asked. They've already applicant story is a great Atlantic beach North Carolina. And that Everett's playing out it knew or whether rescuing families because the water. So when we are just looking at the track it's just come in this morning you know this tornado about twenty miles now. And just about south of where we are at Wilmington we watched the brunt of this storm cup victory conceit of our. Of these wings still you know Myrtle Beach has not seen as some of the coastline South Carolina it's going to be it. Throughout the day to day it is very slow moving which is why they're so concerned about this if that's gonna continue to hammer these communities here. What it means the police chief did tell me. Was that he wanted to at least a noble art. Did decide to stay behind here that it could take some time to get to them if there is any need there's an emergency advocate contact the national car this morning authorities telling us. Simply what he's witty Steve it still. Hear the tropical storm force winds extend out. 200 miles in each direction from the I 400 miles across but not going to be able to get their choppers that that the air they do have high water rescue vehicles. That they can't deploy. Much like the rescues that we're seeing play out at you we're North Carolina this morning. Right now is David Harris I think that was David you are reporting for us Ford Good Morning America I apologize for that we're gonna not go now to get me sat. Harris who is a resident in New Bern, North Carolina one of the areas that has been. Heavily damaged an artist seeing an inundated flood situation. Denise I understand you're currently helping to rescue some of the people in the area even family within AB. He acts are armed all of the woman's art award team here you are in. An area that is very flood prone. Armed. Is literally underwater it people in our needs he actually act is Sylvia my husband it hit my. Got and my mom's car weaving drive an outright gay people we were able to rescue. Are they in his girl for in the ten month old baby arm at a house where literally. Within hours the war would be ultimately into their houses in Libya could be accidentally let it was through our water rescue. Loud TV show will certainly we hope that you stay safe while you're in the process of being good samaritan trying to help others especially those in need at this hearing about a seven month old. With their family traps and it is really harrowing. To see that end and we hear about that now we're looking at images as we talk to you why cars completely submerged under water what do you seeing where you are. I'm not well when I went out to get back to him how good but when they're bad. Trees are down everywhere. It's arms start it is dark in we are seeing a lot of the rent he asked comfort at a Harold with the bull they're out year. I'm there she is now they're trying to rescue. All of all the 200 people that are stuck on their who we are people that have been under rule four hours. Is to midnight in the dark they are their kids didn't. We we have felt that he has been down because it that are aren't yield market big hurry it now we're back. Hadn't been out on do a mission now but we're trying to build boat called the erect you know individual that I am just. You know trying to EE 81. It not interior where is extremely bad wacky walk in the waters we see Cindy keep it out because. I mean it is it is it is catastrophic right now. Wow describing it as catastrophic Denise explain to me at how long have you lived in the area and does this compare anything you've seen before. I'm originally from Albany, New York are being here eight years are only one hurricane and it never did Eddie didn't like this act heard stories from the elder. It did act did work. It's ninety in Portland hazel was ears so I need new you don't work you Bart has ever seen where we act. He formed their room was packed packed of the beauty basically underwater. I'm still working out after passing arm I'm are all want and it did happen there. Here to stay happy is it even though I'm sitting in the Golan. Did it emotionally is such you know we're gonna hack directing individuals that you did this shelter indeed accurate. They're happy that these that this is. Mainly one thing that I'm stoked concerns that are right now looking at what we have. Give me see you may be able to shed some light on this we know there's been a state of emergency declared in North Carolina for several days now and the officials have been warning residents take to get out of there'd to get out of harm's way. Do you know why they are seem to be families who remain in new burden still and an as you mentioned are stuck now on rooms or an addicts. We see Compaq Intel and then on to evacuate but we explain to him that even though that we're under. May the story evacuation that we're not forcing you but we're begging you to lead to get these shelters that. Really what did I represent a majority over minority ward where each individual early to hold that. Our only like their whole I appear in their rightful in they've built you know. They date under at the native. Does this storm it date it's wanted to write their family they're realizing. It was vision bush. Actually what we he had just been the only thing we do receive praise indeed short that we can rent you and from their roots at this point. You're absolutely right Jimmy Chan hindsight is certainly 20/20 especially when lives or risk here. So do you know how many families are still waiting for rescue and are those rescue crews able to deploy right now given the conditions here you're dealing. Yep they are. Playing right now in the lack apparently he had won the heart when he three. Still 123 people still awaiting rescue any treacherous conditions and Mike and I guarantee you can't see it but we can. Is video coming in to us of cars in your area. Completely under water have you heard of people's homes already destroy Ada have you what kind of damage had building sustained in that area. He act down how the pictures are mean there's trees they're building destroyed their depicting Whitman where it says. One act print out her womb cape in black night she was able to get out caught the eye out. And out there aren't there are ways to acting school board chair mind that this they see. Black people out there are literally underwater is some areas there's cars underwater people were armed Holy See video of armed. Operates when he holds no word what blew the car there on the water in their June. The that this doesn't go on for so long and they're just blow out their literally in that river right now. Loud to Misha Harris thank you so much for spending some time with us today we hope you stay safe and we wish the best for those residents bill. In New Bern today as we watch those harrowing images. Water taking over the town thank you so much. Those he absolutely we wanted to enact in Melissa Griffin is an ABC news meteorologist he's been monitoring the storm since it started churning. Out in the Atlantic and now it is very much real and present danger analysts thanks for being with us all day today. What's the latest as far as the storm track and as far as more importantly. The impact it's happening. Right I want to get right to the radar because this is the problem here is that. It is just hammering parts of North Carolina but that's heavy rain we just on New Bern I want is inching ever because this is my concerns that the rain there. The heavy rain up for a while you can even band coming in from the ocean you can see heavy rain are ready hitting now. It's just going to continue with monopoly if not that's where were seen a heavy heavy heavy outer bands and then get closer. And I you can changing sheet you can see it's stalling even. Sitting there just south of Wilmington. Myrtle Beach starting to get some of those outer and now they are under a flash flood warning for years that these heavy rain and are going to be meeting there as well and I wanna taking your track. Because this is very important so for Myrtle Beach is actually. Right now they are seeing those off shortly. But after the storm over the next 24 hours. Moves last into the outlast the winds will turn them on short acts when they could eat the 46 foot storm surge in parts of Myrtle Beach area. And look I Friday afternoon at Arlington is all I mean it it doesn't look like on radar right now that it's moving so how does the problem and that's why I'm so concern for places like new birth at calvary keen enough rain. And that are going to continue to see more. And another thing about the rain if you pay attention that white area locally over forty inches. The paint and the ready and if that's still I think dip it keen. Even I flee to twenty inches of rain rather in the pocket be talking about major inlet flash flooding forgave now replaced at Charlotte Columbia Fayetteville, North Carolina so it isn't just the coastal event. This is also going to be an inland flooding that at Florence just that's there bean and keeps reading those extreme rainfall rates and volatile. And nominee take. Really quickly through that exercise you did with us earlier I mentioned there's a lot of people watching it in his life it may be aren't from coastal areas we don't really know what a storm surge is I myself had to learn. And I started covering weather more and more on the East Coast so it walk us through the lexicon of the hurricane what does that storm surge actually need and why is it so. Very dangerous. Right so what people don't really understand how dangerous storms are really as when you have the hurricane. The hurricane inside of it water piled up over the open ocean. A huge impact hurricane gets well through the coast. That's when apple piling water. It actually moved inland and when you have a onshore winds that's usually towards the north east side of the high but onshore winds are going to place all that water. Inland you have those winds you have an on shore. Very strong wind and that's when you have the flooding that's when you could see six even 1011 feet of storm surge about water riding in the hall ended street. And you have high high that's what we're so concerned high tide when you have high tide. Coordinating with the same time as storm surge that's when you can have life threatening devastating impact these areas as doctor it's really is the grated. Impact and the greatest threat. A life and property from her. Endlessly before I let go just for now in a court here I know you're gonna stick with us for the rest of the day but. Before I let you go how fast can the water rise is we've seen as images out of New Bern where we see the time lapse video of the water rising quite fat. How fast. Can storm circuit packed. Storm surge I mean you can be standing there and the grass could be pretty dry. Maybe you know like it you'll have to rein cattle flooding and when you get that storm surge especially when it coincides with high tide. You can have rapid rising water and that's why the urging people Bellini. Because once you're there are once a storm surge happens there's no time to get out. It can rise up sit high and eat in just minute. That's the water is the most powerful part of a hurricane that's why it's so dangerous and even badly so that's why we really weren't resident passing along coastal communities. They can't. Our analyst at Griffin our meteorologist for ABC news thank you so much sports sharing your time with us today and and really sharing your insights as well. I want to head now to our David Curley is now at FEMA headquarters in David we heard from FEMA officials at about 9:15 this morning and they said this is just the beginning not the end. This is just the beginning of this storm what kind of preparations are you seeing how period for networking pair. Though that there. Very seriously and see these are the federal agencies. As well as the military and people from the states and the private sector. All together here at the national response coordination center for theme it to get ready for. Whatever this storm breaks in the reason they talk about the beginning is they did all their preparations over the past week. Putting supplies in specific spots in depots around the south where the storm was expected to hit and now the question is. How bad is it the other similarly the FEMA works. They're not the first responders it's the local police and fire that a the first responders. If they can handle it the local the county in the state gets involved and if the state gets overwhelmed. Then they come to FEMA for help. And as you can see all these folks stay here these are a little meeting going on right now there's some folks from mine. The red cross and elsewhere that are here meeting talking about what they're going to need to do as the storm continues to move and the reason it's the beginning. Is it as the storm comes ashore. Because this is set to rein in water event they don't know how bad the flooding going to be. They don't know how many teams they may have to actually deployed they have put a number of teens and 28. Water teams from the federal side or position and ready to help. In rescues that are ongoing now what about the flooding that happens over the next day or two that's where they're gonna get theory busy. Come Saturday Sunday and Monday if the storm continues to drop. The amount of water that the forecasters are expecting and the flooding it's as bad as they expected it. Harry and David you've covered these events extensively and I over your long career with ABC news and beyond we just spoke with Tom author of the former national security advisor who is. Fiercely defending theme as a response to hurricane Maria. Do you get a sense there that seem is is Payne added attention to this current situation. Given how much controversy there's been over the past few days. These people are serious about emergency management they'll always have they don't want to see anybody pass away they don't like what happened. In Puerto Rico and whether I I wouldn't. Characterize it is additional. I think everybody at theme and this administration know. That the country is watching to see what kind of response comes. A year after what happened in Puerto Rico and the responsiveness no doubt about that. If there's any good news here for theme misses from brought along the administrative told me earlier today. That North Carolina has a very good emergency response. System in place in this state which actually makes theme is job easier they don't get overwhelmed. Then FEMA is not overwhelmed if North Carolina calls for help though they're ready now. All right David Curley there at the headquarters we appreciate the update stay with us. And we want to head now to our. Affiliate KT RK and ten over who is now I believe in Wilmington in the area and can give us a look at some of the damage what they're dealing went right now. Burial we spent the night determining the intent and absolutely range saying that we. We need Knight can wind up making its way through every track of our department it sounded just like old time for an hour. My son up you could see some of the damage here this plate glass window. It goes on completely from the front of the store. All of the glass interestingly blown out and onto the sidewalk as you work your way down front street here an historic buildings in Carolina. Eyewitness News three down just right here but what's more impressive isn't looking out into that building Robertson meter ten story building in you can see. He was under the luncheon. So much of that I would. And whatever window was in there is now gone. The material that was on the roof of the sheet metal has been warned around this street. All morning in Wilmington they have that he barely run tonight all of the power went out. In an amazingly not told about 7 o'clock this morning but when that happened transformers were popping it was like a fireworks show in the midst of this storm. There's that tree there's all those windows that goes for blocks. Just like this and that it didn't continue to be a tough day. They're not like to begin to recover and clean up for some time until this dies down. And bullets into the Carolina and tell her where ABC. I don't. Clouds head showing us as vivid image is happening right now in Wilmington, North Carolina and we know our David Muir is also in Wilmington he's been weathering the storm. And we have the very latest from right now. You continued here and the rain which is good and we didn't really mean. Israel forces this day at straight through tomorrow for the next 44 to 36 hours. I want isolated wind actually tails that's been around traffic lights and that's how dangerous it is authorities do not want people out on the streets here. Wind gusts of a hundred spot miles per hour nearby to Wilmington international airport. That's the biggest wind gusts they've had since 1958. Since hurricane Helene. If you an idea of how powerful this was even dealt with a category one doping by that. A given that they said that number first and highest we've just moments of his team being developed a forty inches of rain in the forecast. They've already applicant story is a great Atlantic beach North Carolina. And at a bird it's playing out in Newburgh where there rescuing families because the water. So when we are just looking at the track it's just come in this morning you know this tornado about twenty miles now. And just about south of where we are you building and we watched the brunt of the storm coming through concede to our. Of these winds still you know Myrtle Beach has not seen this over the coastline South Carolina it's going to be it. Propagated. It is very slow moving which is why they're so concerned about this it's it's gonna continue to hammer these communities here. What it because the police chief did tell me. Was that he wanted to at least a noble art. Did decide to stay behind here that it could take some time to get to them if there is any need there's an emergency advocate contact the national car this morning authorities telling us. But simply what he's witty Steve it still. Hear the tropical storm force winds extend out. 200 miles in each direction from the I 400 miles across that not going to be able to get their choppers that the air they do have high water rescue vehicles. That they can't deploy. Much like the rescues that we're seeing play out at duke or North Carolina this morning. Our right our thanks to David you're out in Wilmington and that's sick of the storm this has been a historic storm and we say for all the wrong reasons strongest winds in sixty years recorded. In that Wilmington area where you saw David you're reporting want to go out now to ginger is the Archie meteorologist his. I've been through many storms like that she is as sophisticated storm chaser and still these images and thinks she is seeing are surprising her. So it looks like we may have an official that this would be the wettest tropical system that has ever written made landfall here in. North Carolina and tropical system at all really. So well that the rain is going to be a big deal let you know what else at that big deal a win. I am holding a piece of the deck and standing up while we were alive earlier in the morning. As this thing was coming close to I will all of 105 mile per hour gusts are very near. This started ripping apart the Boren on this deck started popping up under our feet. Not shows that played as many that's still an inexperienced storm chaser I study urology at choose places that I feel comfortable. And faith and for myself and for the crew. This building is more than 100 usable it has been through dozens of tropical storms and hurricanes. This storm took part of it away and I think that that speaks volumes to just how strong it is now as mentioning those rain totals there at that several rain totals that a popped up. And that are already and that. You know twenty that thirtieth and obscene seven to eleven inches today another four to eight inches tomorrow in some places. As this moves west will eventually be seeing as it goes even into the northeast and mid Atlantic. So Lawrence a storm as we had warned about that we will be talking about it early next week. And ginger as mentioned she plans to be on the ground there probably until Monday this is a slow moving storm which makes it even more dangerous and potentially deadly.

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