Hurricane Laura expected to make landfall as Category 3

Laura is threatening Texas and Louisiana with high winds, power outages and storm surge.
2:27 | 08/25/20

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Transcript for Hurricane Laura expected to make landfall as Category 3
And for more on where this storm is heading we're joined by meteorologist -- -- trip this morning Greg what's the latest on the forecast in the past here just over the last hour it's become a hurricane -- the -- getting updated from a tropical storm now with wind speeds of 75 miles per hour and rob didn't beat around the bush about this then for good reason because this is a theory dangerous storm system this is -- to be the first storm if it lands in Texas that's very makes landfall to make landfall in coastal Texas -- hurricane Harvey probably having impacts like -- here is the track again moving on in as a major category three hurricane. With winds of a hundred in fifteen miles per hour that's up ten miles per hour from mart was yesterday if this happens to make landfall. In southwest Louisiana it'll be the first one major hurricane make landfall there sense Hurricane Rita. This is concerning to say the least this is our in house model and notice this is well off to the west of the forecast track now. And with high pressure over Florida I expect this track to shift a little bit more west in the official tracker probably move more in this direction but this is. Honestly worst case scenario for Houston and Galveston bringing storm surge that could be up to an eleven foot. Also a foot of rain and then wins it could top a hundred miles per hour storm surge watch out here's where the seven to eleven feet are they stay extend from. Lake Charles all the way into central Louisiana along the coast and then just short. Of Galveston with four to sixty going into Galveston Bay 47 mile per hour wind gusts this approach is now this is more of the official type track rate now again if there's a westerly change in this you can take that a 109 mile per hour sustained wind. And move that over to Galveston and moving over to Houston and this would be a huge impact for hurricane hurricane watches are up because of this we're gonna continue to see more watches what I expect this to extend but look how far it spreads from Houston all the way. Out in the Mississippi and again these spaghetti models all the way miles combined. Have definitely made their way a little bit more westerly. That's the direction expect that impact track to change over the next 24 hours. That means all of this probably going to go and bring up to a foot. A brain Diane around Houston and Galveston that is definitely possible and again this is much bigger than Marco much more far reaching affects and possibly much more consequential moving forward I'm going to be one of the big emphasis here is that. Just because Marco it didn't turn out to be this huge thing doesn't mean that Laura. Can't be devastating this is the anti Marco for sure I mean is so much bigger is so much more powerful and has so much more upside on the strength and right Greg we appreciate it thank you.

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{"duration":"2:27","description":"Laura is threatening Texas and Louisiana with high winds, power outages and storm surge. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"72596952","title":"Hurricane Laura expected to make landfall as Category 3","url":"/US/video/hurricane-laura-expected-make-landfall-category-72596952"}