ICE arrests man taking wife to hospital

A man driving his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby was detained by ICE at a gas station.
1:46 | 08/20/18

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Transcript for ICE arrests man taking wife to hospital
An out of that controversy over in California after immigration officials detained a man who was driving his wife his pregnant wife. To the hospital. He was detained she was left to drive herself to the hospital but now officials say they had a good. Reason to pull them over and to take him into custody Marcy Gonzales has that story for us from Orange, California. Hey Diane yet this is the detention facility where that father is being held in. Give you some more of the back story he and his wife were on their way to the hospital for a scheduled C section getting ready to deliver their baby. They pull into a gas station even see it in the surveillance video their vehicle is surrounded by SUVs immigration officials get out. They put this guy hopewell road a lot of into handcuffs they taken into custody. Many see his wife in surveillance video crying she was left alone at that gas station she says she had to drive. Herself to the hospital she say she asked the agents why they were taking her husband into custody and she says she was told it was because someone. Reported them to a few days later ice put out a statement explaining that they took a road a lot into custody because he was in the US illegally from Mexico. Then at. How words after that statement they sent an update saying. He was arrested because he's wanted on homicide charges in Mexico. Now his attorney says that he denies those accusations he's questioning the validity. He's questioning the tiny of all of this we reach out to officials in Mexico they say they have the no record of any warrant out for a road a lot. His attorney is now filing a motion asking that he be released from this detention facility on bonds and he could be with his family. I said they are moving forward with proceedings though to have been deported. Diane.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"A man driving his wife to the hospital to deliver their baby was detained by ICE at a gas station. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"57287819","title":"ICE arrests man taking wife to hospital","url":"/US/video/ice-arrests-man-taking-wife-hospital-57287819"}