First Look Inside the Dizzying Heights of the New World Trade Center

ABC takes you on an exclusive tour of One World Trade Center's observation deck.
7:17 | 05/28/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for First Look Inside the Dizzying Heights of the New World Trade Center
Charlie James Kelly ABC news digital coast stream and we are live at the top of one World Trade Center observatory and lower Manhattan thirteen hundred feet above the ground. The observatory and actually opens the public until tomorrow you can see still making some last minute adjustments. But we are able to get here a little early to get used sneak peek at what you via. I'm going to be any information as author Alan but let's get straight to these amazing it was. Surgery is didn't. Where it's. But the main getting our. I think yeah. Looking north. Over Manhattan. And yeah. Building confidence. Now lives and the company that runs the theory. And I. Not super clear today. 83. And they are getting ready. Yeah it's there I've been. Yeah. And Tommy. And let me walk. He. Taking out. In the there. You have time you. Bringing up. Yeah yeah. Yeah. They yeah. Yeah. Street yeah. Now I'm sorry for anyone who say they feel a little scared of heights he seeds. He is reflecting a book from an island real. There isn't any mention the attacks on September 11 up here or the difficulties around. Rebuilding ground zero took over thirteen years visits there have been running the only reference. In these. Time for video. I'll tell it. The elevator and went into the ancient city. You hundreds feet lower than just forty seconds listening. That's just better. Okay. Looking out he's now UC NN. Amazing view of Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge. Actually cleared up a little that is the last teams coming and we are really lucky. Now I want to take its human the other thing done a lot of attention and that is the gift shop it behind me. When a series. At one time. You're still under fire. Here. That they keep on. A replica which puts you back oval 200 dollars. But other. Less expensive things happened. We're doing a stock of her announcement the north and. So we have gone all the way around 360 yeah. And so there's one last thing that I want to show you up here another one of the main attractions. It's called the sky port all. And it's another thing a may take some people who are afraid of heights a little bit queasy. Give you that you right here. Not actually alive street. When the street life. You're here that's. Cameras actually. The intent. Okay video here. Shipments you. Yeah we're seeing. It now that's been fighting the bill. And if you're looking. At certain group night news. I think that you mark and it's in real time is. Actually what's happening underneath us. And it's another teacher. Sure to be very popular. Think so much for joining us on this tour they're expecting more around 400 are excusing her. They're expecting as many more million people to come visit here every year and if you wanna be one of some tickets are available online on ready. They start at 32 dollars for adults thirty dollars for seniors and 26 dollars for children. And there's actually free tickets available for nine elevenths families as well as first responders rescue workers. I'm thank you so much for joining us it is in digital. This is my first go stream so I'm really happy that you're able to time. You should follow me on Twitter my handle is asked partly. A lot Marcos is coming up in the future. You don't want him but thanks so much experience today and and kids.

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{"duration":"7:17","description":"ABC takes you on an exclusive tour of One World Trade Center's observation deck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"31370444","title":"First Look Inside the Dizzying Heights of the New World Trade Center","url":"/US/video/inside-dizzying-heights-world-trade-center-31370444"}