Go Inside Georgetown's Historic Tudor Place

ABC News' Stephanie Ramos reports from Washington, D.C.
0:30 | 08/12/16

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Transcript for Go Inside Georgetown's Historic Tudor Place
Oh. You for joining mr. promise with CDC is here. At two door quickly historic house mayor in our nation's capital so much for joining us. But couldn't get behind the scenes here where I want to work. You got to. Talking guy. He. Return accidentally humor. Nor play the right. Hurt the record sir here's a little. It gives you. Holidays. So. Where is fair. Well you can not. Yeah look outside her waist was designed by organization architect design. How well in her other houses here in DC area and it and we're really. Designed her foot is this how. Since he did some homework ask you take a look Brad yeah. Yeah. If you all class Bruins. Sixteen you need to CE. Career here customers tell me right back where plus. Later he only a career here terror. Our time is here aren't your granddaughter I'm Arnold WASL ten. Please me and at CE Ali Zardari and opposition here in GE is worse. You're the Jerusalem saying they are ENEMCE. I. Some of that beautiful gardens here communities. Eat yeah. CR. And you know look she should be here any time. So mark off. CE she's mostly a grand time. And our last seen in let it. Gary closing her creation and a great answer constantly Leonard used act and I took mark here. GE doesn't recently barbecue reclaim each. Hot. Did he attack us she. Your clothes clean. Since I eat experience seeing you hear that from where he Mercury losses to. But to mark the images screeners. It was you lot. Especially significant it was constantly. Eighteen sixteenths this you're celebrating 26 ERI's team. Consumers actually platinum. Stay in here and who he. And I ask me this or museums and witnesses when it is. It was through it. Yeah. That we are. Worked for other states to hear him. Here her uncertainty. It's your experience means. An email users as the ski. Now we just teams and we're looking at GE geology. And this with him and basically expressed particular. And today. Is it to me just give it your as it. Quick look if you look on Katie yeah. It's and here's the 800. Send any help me. Look at this and just. Clean out for us so here we have Martha Dandridge who married Daniel Parker. Dark and our cost cuts and Malone relies more on Washington. Martha was actually we don't when she married George Washington. To mark his first husband was Daniel. And with Daniel. Our justice she had were children's who switched her client. Their son John we're Jackie and men and a daughter as well so Jackie. Her son actually not diet can't fever in your. During the American revolution. So he married into the Calvert Stanley he Mary Ellen or Calvert and so that's where you get us out. Dear we're surviving children are Martha Washington's grand so Martha Peter looked at this. Cost her sister. Alliance another sister Nellie Brothers we're watching. And her hostess who don't Arlington house across and it's it's like that's the best reaction. Combat and say hey isn't this farm workers program I mean do you anti terror. This means war it yeah. Lady killer and so early just will restore order to get worse yet. Lee do you. Elizabeth there aren't these our the last we'll. Or ask Cheney to the editor and and he winning. Next and he smaller. He. Eight people who currently the acting not hear me in the a you me. It was yeah. The number of analysts place here's ruthlessly and humanity he rooms we're seeing how many almost four years. Daughter Tamara was scary and the parlor game. Wednesday's other daughter teams area in DEI harm three generations. Yeah yeah. Here. I think he means it what you eat and easy to dealers. He didn't need it where me. I'm Jeannie Khmer. It. Irony. Is this happening here here and and their impact and yeah. And he's. One well okay. And decorations sir I ha and here. Pieces have been. Here as long as the house has been completed what's especially interesting not much to quirk but that helps us pop music is does he popped the worst. We Wear Victorian or not it's not prudent. It's. It's uneasy peace there. In the house really mean for your enemy. Is yours we'll remember. This. Parlors are on room dining room and. And as you know and those. Yeah. Yeah. You won't let me and the number. It was a classic stories and records and Boehner. And in me. Anywhere I couldn't losers here. The tired of getting people. We. He it's easy. He. There. It is very classic. Younger eczema houses and talk about technology. Minor tingling in the light fixture here next. Yes. And I house okay. It may Christine. We're Tony Curtis left. He's absolutely here. She ended near its own yeah. It again. And we'll it was at the end of this you know industry. Oh yeah. I'm still. Crazy and we've really. Queen and her right yeah. Uday. And he you know work in that he. There's a great story again Thomas and Marcus daughter retaining its great story that they use the punch holes are hot sounds like and a slice. I. And yeah. There was constantly hearing my little too much and an influence but she doesn't tell us which congress. And nineteenth century Washington but he didn't garner the most war policies in the house through entertainment around. When's he didn't. Place here and is true and it's a great place to hide. To watch this. Hillary's position where you're where one granddaughter lives. Bill she actually paid this grant. The Washington. Scene where you're actually. So that being erroneously here yeah. And you he's. What we really. The first curator to replace. Another Venus or a very innocent yet he. Or work I am. You much better eat more eager to see young woman and her solo was here he went wrong Sox and yankees. Yours always ladies to France next to each. And we're here. And I acts. Remarkable that this is. All of these years an easy tips course you all. This. Way just you know yeah. Yeah. It's a horror you know. He objects historical objects also think. Although he's seen the portraits round are. It's it's and you. An easy word pain. Here's. It. You hear meaning behind yeah that he had worked day here. Being beat her. Remember I'm. Act crowded generation so far this summer heaters person. I heard me and yeah isn't a game we're me here. Do Levy big out of. You. And his first. Store and seen. And let me hear and read EU that you hear. We need. Glass all this courage. Now lives here problem. The town houses completed 1816 and Melinda the last 193. And each generation kind of left there are more on the. House. Look at that little more as we keep going. House. And we. Indicated that. Yeah I'm. Yes yes and seen her. Problem welcome news since come back I think there's a name. A number this is yet happening here continuing one of my favorite pieces in the collection. Is that Wilson will there doesn't look very assuming that's actually want to use your hands. Here. It's he's. I think they cannot hold leases let's look husband during the American revolution. And then after Martha Washington's death an assailant hearted honest mark Peter acquired a number of those students and easy survive today that's. Paris and you're left and we have to implement what I how he thinkers who had this to a late comer Washington. I'm aim at a very glad he disclosed that he actually he was asked me. Are hopeful actually carried he's. Doing work read this Wednesday. Much less critical. And would have been where he's sitting here today attacked an extra part here it is just and news. It's into the school that our options and used on the committee tabled here where marxism TT EU. Cars. I didn't act her way out of me and here. Yeah bonds. Now suddenly the door and then. So pertain was Thomas and mark his daughter and retaining actually lived here. Fronds might know what she. She lives in children and and it's time to forget because she limps along her state was dispersed among her I bridge. These things. Company reports. Indeed expecting. Talk about it felt like selling and what's very interest you're not breaking news story she actually. Her she becomes a widow only sixteen months and her marriage and comes back here she actually end up she married. Confident that we can it was common not watching me. Sixteen in the on where he opera's. House. Cars a year. Goal. And lottery in history. Art and I'm. You know this city is no this. President's higher taxes on those he's. Not. So for T he comes back to your place as a widow with a young daughter who's. Meet mark Denmark and Holland family tradition and that's he Austin where. We're told and yeah. I berg and he's look. Ha okay Angela including the Washington collapse. And went to India divided the I have siblings. I want this constantly with article that you're here in loans to purchase got hit the shares and other siblings. Since he Al Bashir the house and instead cannot do anything like adding electricity. Means you. CI CE sits down and the salukis the rest. Are you thinking as well I'm so honored that NATO is working right you. House V we are exit eighteen hearings vehemently. Uncertainty sibling something Estonia and elsewhere pack and impact questions and we're glad that he had a relationship with the animal Anson and come back here. We just let creepy thing. Fantastic. Thing. And some of these securities items here it looks like business. Arm. And less from come Americans in uniform partner detailing the color it's uniform jacket. And here. It was really precedes you isn't mainly highway especially in his face their connection to why he actually movies past. It's. Sale. And you immediately Eagles. Were oh Woodley in her and then you're very Indy. Way prisoners instead. Maggie. When they were dividing up those objects that we talked about after retain his debt that you and where everything's they got those little numbers are so those numbers were added in nineteen ones this is much. Where he objects history. Certainly there hasn't. ABC technique. That. They always. Wearing that are. To heat care its. Or. Anything. Sears and office Heaton said our troops and Hamas. And when it's true history and space. And on a city. Any yeah. They eat I eat it. I am. In the manner he. Clark. It's certainly not racist I think there it is very. I was actually that you. Well below its stay here for yeah. Looking every single detail in the air and currently about two pounds through these changes over time these receivers aren't. House yeah. Later this entry this becomes more parlor workers he moaned in mass muscle leader's name and yeah race. I'm sad. Oh. He had. An endangerment risk this act. It was enters into it I was tenacious as we. This. Is this world that this year end up. Like I'm Reid currently is missing and faces windows. In Austin eighteen works and watch the Washington murder and the British are washed could see this move from the capitol building and New York. And so mrs. Norton record she is here this. And obviously. Treat yes clearly am. I'll see you in Nepal and Arnold is on you can actually see the Washington. Kim yeah. This is what's the last quarter and house. You're. Artists and this is winner. Pieces like Carolina the they residents else. Released nineteen when he where can I just love her pain and for patients. Or green solution. Not the chair she's saying it actually excellent election next sadness Ayers plus. Need to know her or her terrier. When you lose your marriage. That's. Then there was this Athens. And leave it us. GE didn't hear I'm back on the way yes I think there has I don't yeah. Yeah. Yeah there. Are high level so in addition. Objects that initiative in election we. Its success diaries. Records. Letters photographs. And address the Bruins hundred years ago ceased to see spurred news. So how risky for some being. Wrongly that share that he jacket on. Behind us through. See what happened is perhaps. Yeah you know upper atmosphere was the house. This house and. United here and it is all about this in history like bird watching. And is working. House where students work anger and number. Family members actually bought from both sides sports. Annually. Was actually. Became. Spartan needless us. Silverstein and Southern's vice science and were actually. You know officers were hurt whenever I guess is that the work not so fast it. I've seen his first that he would soon. Hillary isn't where a bit. Yeah he. Her purse and she's gotten. That. Some things in her. Into the I. She is he. ING group. Six us. You know ask her here. Way. Well this. And he. ET let me how angry. We have it here. He. He. Media elite our house press. This is where a lot. Views. This spring he himself yeah. Disease that AC BG group called our parents. Good news. See okay. Oh yeah. It is for sale here. It's a war room. And he sees the wall. Years. It's just all he's free. Offense it's very so I imagine the war and I'm saying. He's all about things happens postcards from. Holds these killers. My second. Green space. Well yeah. Yes it out. Okay. I don't need here any pockets. Actually god knows. India is now. He's in CE. I'll be the Internet where they ended better take a break from her. Ready for anything. It's that it couldn't. Here they can't hear me okay in. It actually eats the Peter. It's been absolutely I'm. I'm any you know this area it was her that there will be another outlet. I just in time that he will block. Axis of Arlington. I'm yeah. Yes you know lock step agency I can't yeah. And time strain. Kerr yeah. Why can't he continued to get into electricity. We can't deliver the walls where where this. In other. McCain and just wouldn't you propose three options. East street Louis Sunday into. You'll see elements just let you know let it since he admit that there is coming colonel who. Even given how little history here and sea and air history. Here. I'm. Eight three. It is easy to. Well I think experience. Or were beaten in. God it means. Really and let's. The difference. I'm here on first. Every room passenger vehicle is talking here. So it's cool it's just it's on its very fast food space evening and. Ethicists who drawing room or dining room and had anything chorus the dark blues and dark color. Is he pipes and is looking hear me. Here. Yeah. I'll pass at least. This thing as. Xerox and nine innings. My other favorite cases over the right is that humor. Okay. The basic thing and last pace that's okay. It's easy thing the yeah. Still here personally not. It's here. Yeah. Yeah the hanging me. It was close and see one of the previous sentence means definitely maintenance work. You hear that I have Brady your Red Bull inside and then right again. I know me. We don't aren't saddled car. We we're he did not because it creates issues. I'm any book market that's to me. Still he had only three. And win big games. Yeah. So you wearing. She is Sarah Walt Williams that humans are mistake. It. Solo. There's host a series of minutes from that day until you have other events from day. And explain ending arrogance that we're in big cities east. We knew for certain that things are just delivering Easter. I yeah. Okay. In this area. It's an acquaintance nervously at diners served. You reorganize the called Al Sistani. From don't Audi or another if you've ever visited another gilded age house who recognized out. This dialysis and these were actually the original home Nelson were found happening out and lots and Gwinnett and mountain mama that's where I'd be replaced with another. Call systems in just minutes. But against an hour into more. Service cited a house behind the scenes there. And so there certainly is teens lately architectural piece that we can't be able to earth like this evening and didn't. We'll feel a little different and it became isn't the only how even nations meet your nation's pension and steer. Us this year he's actually. I'm to you. Haines. We're headed now working. On anything this Easter and anger. He keeps things you there you are. So in nineteen. Working women out of electricity actually act as the light. Google certainly call system and its and there are little buttons in. Upon groups and chambers as well so and Rick Cushman and violence and Islam and arrows ceasing to which. The person's response does not know which freedom that they DOC TTE or whatever it is they're doing and it inner Constance. And eighties that that is just house. That is limited space where services went awaited. News leader since. I'll. Do you. Flowers. It's so me she's Meese meeting. Very much a hunt and activities where he. Domestic service here. I. Or is it stands. We CNN the blaze. This is another 88 earlier. The issue is accidental and pound. Yeah I'm paying rain that it loses its. Fast money. Where. It's easy lot of ups and news. Anything he. The CNN. I'm sure can move an easy he. I think being very. It's not yeah. So yeah. So very big cities yeah. This picture here. Seeing. Okay. Yeah. See here. He. What I see anyway yeah. It is he's. Erie street these attorneys when it. And goodness. Yeah. Instead he's half time. He. Hours. Yeah. I yeah. Grant refrigerator. We're used to alert law ice into how hard an it would keep we change under who. So before electricity and I steeler her songs practice ice and any minute now cancer free trader and floor. The Mars like refrigerators maintenance and growth. Sitting on the east pack ice may not seen are cases Aurora I don't know why parents and blue jeans or concede that he's. Fire him. Are. Your day. It also yeah this. Is on the the. It was lower. Me today they jewelry. Column. It is yeah and in person T hurt easily lose. This. Here we'll bring you down. You didn't. So what's your I don't when I headed eyes. Yeah yeah. Latest. I think. Even this. Yeah. And uses yeah. I think it's very modern here and would it. A hot water and people. However in. It is winning its. Water actions. This right. Seen. Yeah its want to be so let us policy. Why this home. Wires. It's good to get her first birthday this is a tight game. It's thirty. Ability tax. Guarantee. Kids used. I've been seeing. Now. In the early. Our. He's. He's. Here. Yeah city. Okay. Yeah inner. He. What. Hey why. Parents. Yeah. Yeah. In print. Chris. Here's an economic crisis he united says this is the old student from the flower Barrow. In store so when flower you purchased by the parent and so again he's written not history on this tax will always know. The history of this object which he had just the latest askew but to know its history you say you think about. Every time you know biscuits or may or case or anything where flowers. This case are. Some. And it's certainly. CA I. Really I mean there excuse you. Yeah. Here today. There's no longer just Smart. I'm seeing me. He did. Worse. Basically Nixon library Aaron Aaron how. It's here. Yeah. And ended this holes where he's in the house 111000. He. That you. Remember how he thought about really needs change its irony that you think. I mean these inaccurate and that's. And largest and I'll stop senator it's. And I. It's Easter we'll keep me. At. So what does that its drought resistant has written about meeting place for paints all of this oh yeah. And look like anything and passengers hikers fashion. Entry wins. Surfaced when the Eagles were being different courses each course part excellence. Lleyton he's horrors cents. China for service and I also. In nineteen we're opening. Mediators. Before seeking and it could have played on your you know more important place. And -- in Ireland. You. Yeah yeah. Students agree it's a little like Hillary you're yeah. Yeah. Yeah. They didn't really actually seen any this the I'm asking me to eat greens. They're on my singing as easy journey manufacturer there is Cold War arms. Lately that is where English is thousands and parents unhappy history. Here. I'm Amy is pitching heat isn't I sat from 1717. I haven't been sentenced patents. The purchase I don't class partner is there to eating making it big things move and you don't vote for treatment changes earnings here he's cheating antiques and he bit on what makes it is indeed a ski. Kelly it's also Rick loses. So there's things that would have been. On appliance finally sent nine people in the late nineteenth when it's treated 98 and staying away. Chris life rests so even have to weird night table currently solos that little or really just restaurant. And you are well yes yeah. Angel you know all. If you animals and I only specialize. Yet you can these were special night that you might say. I have twelve or fourteen he's flatware acts is there. Some places tape. And what you see here actually only portions but we have stores that we have. If you stories any team out. Hasn't been out looking like big area houses and Nancy Tucker I think he. Broke out it currently. Is another opportunity to ship that Gretzky continuity. I. Now reading these tests usually used worse holiday this is. Here look I am rich I needed peninsula here. Anything is is that person. Let's pass out west where. Look at Packard moves out there what you eat some room in the east. And fattening network and it needs. Please note. Go home and just be a lot higher had just beyond even see my eyes are planned in as brilliant as. As easy as using I'm so much. Aren't you Haitians apparently on his email and text first letter. Looking in the archives scene where it any members entrapment. Might let my mind right written letters in Dayton. Revealing just flexible on color texture and he nails you know this flat out today is a letter. Do you Leonard's Curtis physical pain something slurred speech and things. Excellent and he how lucky. Crown it isn't getting an expert. Era when it anything. Where. So harmless and easily see peacekeepers and eat their classrooms it was time. You had. Yeah. I'm billion on the shows and come back to the United States saying well. And the Eric Peters who need happy here is history and you actually saying we're here. Here tonight. Haines and can be happy through life. Excellence. All of them downstairs flung an exciting for me. See anger. Yeah. Now. Where. He officers and worse analysts and he dinner. And. It means he can't exactly. You in her hair. Thank you had noticed in this hearing comes part of me. Just another example of some of these hitting catchers behalf everywhere you turn something different in each it is pepper hair. Necessities as partners desk as the engines into law partners would send on either side facing each other and just Dunlop who is Rick Scott Small car money here saying there. It's from. Arms here. Jeter. Marcy expert she. Yeah yeah yeah yeah your name please. Really our pain accurate runner. Release day and we're yeah EE. Oh yeah we do not look like this. There yeah. And it's cool birthday hair. Or. All US. Eight school program is all well states where it was we're proud six. South saying right here. I'm just gonna major transmontaigne. Sanders has learned. Started only. And let me he and eat it. Yes we know exactly respected think you expect to and it has always stickers on their you know all the places. Time period where yeah. We'll let my changed obviously we're times today for various purposes and cellular phones take everything. Evasiveness do. Did your parents case there. Yeah let me say it's. It looked bad rap and CEO. Legal Eagles here. Worsening scary. Where he heartless bunch are hollow and simply as you cook is in need area. What other. He anchored on the net but I think it's harmless. I haven't seen me checks Imus had come and actually. Yeah. Eight Atlantic season after Watson's. It's. OK CNN. News you know it was. Starting. It was a six hour. I'm and I went yeah. Okay. Here. We're watching. Chris saying. Here that's the PG and fair tax goes back out here asking. Where does sale Spain's reluctance. Is that states require some very fine. You always hear clarity and. X yeah. Staying. Home and I'm very excited classes. So let me and and you it doesn't excuse. There me. I. And. And it. It game. It's you. We have good but. And it. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. So isn't always in the let's see. I announced here it always thought it is returning. Even though I'm art that he aging and that you. Italy. And the better care about. And plenty someone else is news. It's. Yeah. If you didn't. Me. Nelson is here a number of priests and these photos and various namely members so. The last owner artists are Peter the third and his wife Carolina on their wedding day and night went one. And in just the right path we have. June 2 all the work he was the need she was volunteered for the Red Cross your first Boston. Grade student them together and their respective uniforms. Great or where she. Attending and me and. And I Carla that's. His answer basically retaining his granddaughter acts was heard from these. That's Europe and again every tactic where we see it. Bringing out. We carry him out what kind of thing you achieve. This copy break here since ending his yeah. First. Staring at an annual NA GE it's he described it GE and I only eat he never asked me. It's heat here. May I ask him diet EU. Is convenient. Actually yeah it's in the east of that. Air boxes that scares. Us this that would actually buzz probably startled to. But it doesn't it snow let certain that you know someone here in this chamber needed his friends dressed when TE plan. And it's wrong hands and he didn't even and it is still he gives them. And the indebtedness of its islands and we're just. Yeah. Install. Inning and he. Keller Armenians as well he gives a little older people that would get Victorian act. Companies that actually. Matters he didn't know. Eight leader. I don't care looking to the past for experience and that's what you had been acting in an exclusive. And I house didn't use of arms that you're here I was here there you don't realize the historical significance of the house and didn't adding you know modern being on the back. Or didn't you know re furnish it win you know 1950s style in 1960 self furniture they still ask Hillary is fairly acquired in its east he. Ferguson house in his haste and early and cherish its. We're. Early. It's your time was. A and you. Excuse me AEI and businesses salute. I ain't no better furniture I'm like yeah yeah. Yeah. And it. That actually let me. We're. It. Bet we learned from public. Our time. Really for me. People only say it feels like housing. It's very comfortable ouster reminds them up and grandmother's house for a bigger house and I think Susan Hensley every morning as I walked upstairs he almost did. Liberalism mall walls song being an air and it's not reminds you. You know childhood memories of my house house bias. Its very own. He noticed it seeing Mars. Bob to. And it's. We actually heard and it has repeatedly vehemently others that 800 left everything we anyone that we. He just left where I don't you love. Because that's what you don't. We want visitors to come and feel like you're part of this experience and story be it. He's hit the story. And visitors and Eagles today. He that are really it's the experience. What it was like when it was let through different time here. So this room here. Another another bashing her you know I yes. The early leaders are warning jerseys he heard us and correspondence. Hair. Also. All directors visions of the closet authorities especially. You'll see it's actually furnished. Number. Caroline's pieces floating dresses and jackets from the 1920s and from the 1980s. Had boxes and everything you expect to find him. And here for instance it wouldn't use the honor and it is. I'm if he is. I'm Dawson. Is. At its brands. In the art are dying. And the club is ultimately space. See her picture of all it's important upstairs it's in both the pool two stories while you see that her law and William Burton architect likes to use. Spaces thicker walls to put clauses he sees in Vietnam house just in. The Irvine laughs at his arms as. Yours is we certainly don't see you next I know yeah. Modern. Actually well. Were all conservationist these items and that peace is more pieces of clothing descending on wire hanger actually. Residents includes an extra patent for an act. It's. There. Anymore here yes. Ingraham in for things he. Passed means that. The yen down in the collapse. It's things cup needs. Time and at any rate here is there. Aren't. I colors and download yes you know miners back seat parliament. Some. Xena today. It's. Isn't it's me. Another one of these yes yes the program. It's it's really unfortunate it happened you actually eat and the other measures protect storage of any and mark potter cast storage facility in the long term plan. Her pregnant and how then taxed out. And another beauty treatment. It's supposed to that they're here is not. You see them good to. Us. Beauty and it means thousands. More. There and grace ER SEO hare. I didn't rodents eat it. He knows he the I still angry excuse. Me I just let us in the house. Generations. My idea. There's. Different time. Still. Things. At least changed. So. There's where he. And it. It. More use. Our continent that relatives ski there actually let their straps and country listing she. As compared to children and represents are really greet me and Larry. C. Clicking. Oh. This playing its funny litmus Pittsburgh how that you. Like being what it and in pain in his daily. In order to Iceland so let us. Still styles and sending. Debris at the Clinton on the market. I I. And me. I girl reading a book just across an aunt you know last child car here. There. It's. Me. It's yeah. Four. There really yeah CE. Yeah yeah news. Andy. Are. So that they and I was left in my counselors and. You learn. Senate sexy photos from our archives. It shows our visit here the last retain his great grandmother they. In talking about you have Martha Washington's great granddaughter. With her great brands. It was he didn't just off on. Martin and win at least east conference major emergency motions filed and police here wheelchair that continues sending him and. His right. There yeah. The front door when he was easily forgotten it is another. He's OKV. The where you. You will also swore lurks behind. He. Handed your ear while we see your attitudes in here please still see solid history. Again it's gonna. I'm CNN over the dark and.

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