'Iraqveteran8888' Demos the H&K G36

YouTube channel covers subjects including shooting, gunsmithing, handloading and gun tests.
3:00 | 01/14/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Iraqveteran8888' Demos the H&K G36
I'd ever one is Eric from mosque bombing gun and today we're going to be talking about another machine gun for -- the -- KG 36. All right this is the car being version -- model got the short barrel. This -- and is amazing all right I've heard a lot of stories about the G 36 over the years. From various people have ran into and I've just finally gotten a chance to really get my hands on one -- and do -- shooting -- it. -- of course they import version -- SLA many of the U no. The familiar silhouette of SS LA just because it's got the thumb hole Stockton -- No -- -- garbage all over but this is the real deal all right this guy and it's probably one of the most modern. Assault rifles. In existence this gun was developed you know in the early nineties. And once the design was finally topped off and finished in the mid nineties. -- service around 97. So this gun has only been in service since 1997 this is a very modern gun. -- 36 employees some pretty -- -- design functions one is extensive use of polymer in this construction makes a very lightweight. -- -- general controls. Are where someone would expect to see -- MP five socio selector for full automatic semi and safe. All in locations -- you expected to be on an MP five. -- the scope itself. It's very interesting and has a red dot built under the gun and also a normal life for power scope or maybe a three and a half power -- to check on that. But very very -- some design. The optics are all kind of built into the gun. So makes everything real trouble free. Tom from the standpoint of soldiers in the field -- on having issues or something. This whole -- easy enough to just drop off replace -- zero in the -- soldiers back out in the field. So from a standpoint of service and support they are very very well -- machine guns. The charging candles and -- textures and spring loaded you notice right here. It'll move and word no matter what's directions -- right people on a -- -- it doesn't matter. -- a lot of -- forces pull this handled to the side -- -- and and you can smack it. That's your forces so shut -- Obviously the stock does collapse. So you -- -- -- stock a very nice little short rig. This will be good for going into buildings. Jumping -- airplanes. And basically anything else you might need to do. They are -- firearms -- sees quite acceptable. Four -- service rifle. -- -- sea being on par. With what you'd expect to see in and they are or any other type of modern service rifle. How -- give the G 36 high marks -- -- a lot of people -- in video games and movies are all over the place we're gonna shoot the rifle some for you today. I hope you enjoy today's video. The rifle fires from a thirty -- box magazine twenty -- about magazines and 100 -- beta Macs are available.

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{"id":21535263,"title":"'Iraqveteran8888' Demos the H&K G36","duration":"3:00","description":"YouTube channel covers subjects including shooting, gunsmithing, handloading and gun tests.","url":"/US/video/iraqveteran8888-demos-hk-g36-21535263","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}