Jan. 22, 1993: Riots victim Reginald Denny speaks on 'Good Morning America'

Charlie Gibson interviews the truck driver who was severely beaten during the LA riots.
10:26 | 04/24/17

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Transcript for Jan. 22, 1993: Riots victim Reginald Denny speaks on 'Good Morning America'
Reggie I should start by asking are you are under OK thank you doing. Quite well okay. Just a just okay. What's is is your health not backed. I'm not back to normal on not by how long ways you know vote. Things bother me I sometimes I even. Bother with county lookers who actually hears someone complain I don't mind about anything fact the doctors usually. Have to come after me for my check that's because I descend stairway from them. It was the differences are told you can't drive not commercially now. Just some of the Madison I'm on for seizures because there's still a chance of that and blood thinning medicine. You know those things to keep the blood clots from you know forming. Really ever. Get back Foley and I have no idea. That's totally get to a neurologist and a neurosurgeon you know those guys who are in charge in my head but do they tell you that prognosis is. Good is. Okay. Really pretty near death. From what I understand yes I have no idea but. According to paramedics and to. The emergency step by Daniel Freeman hospital. If it hadn't been for. You know that he's the folks that came out there to drive my truck and me back to a hospital area as paramedics were not gonna go anywhere in Maryland's action. Who win did you know. There that you were in trouble. Says my right window broke then I figured something was gonna go crazy record and I was stacking not something. And didn't know what to do and it's very well I'm just gonna get out of here as quick as possible. And that never happened. The rate window broke yet did you think at that point that are going to get out of here. No still even though that was happening there's so many people intersection. In no I did not it was just a split second decision was like I said there had time to contemplate what my reaction is going to be but. I'm just not that. I just don't have inmates to run people over in I mean. Even though there's days on the freeway where you get angry with people that they cut you know catch shoppers just non mr. human like everyone counts. But the last thing I had in my mind was was taking out a handful of people are just because someone broke when. But did that crowd just suddenly surge around. Or did you know. To block it and we drove up this section you were blocked but people. I was just people all in cars. And you know. It's just a hear screaming in Bahrain. And tires screeching glass it here bottles breaking all of night when class hits the ground it just makes it sound. And it's it's it's where it may become aware of obvious things through your window breaks and montecalvo and in trouble. You know very much so. What happened at bats. When I was told because someone videotape that that's when somebody jumped up on the left side of my truck driver side. They came through the driver's side window had what appeared to Decker crowbar cartman the last it's so when that window Brooke that's really the lasting regret sir. Have you seen the tapes and pictures of all. Bits and pieces you know between some of the local stations in town I've got to see a lot of videotape you know and it's. Britain where. When you look at you look at an impersonal and you think oh my god that's me or do you there's anger boil up in what's your reaction. The that's. For meat says. It's hard to explain just another purse list they've actually been a situation where they can see what has happened but to me that's an at a guy out there its site. Had nagging I think that must've hurt. You know I mean you know I've slam my fingers in things are hit him or word you know part my skin you know doing things in this painful. That must've hurt that. Act up part act. I don't even know what's going on. It's either remember when the samaritans came government and did over repaid no formal. The last I remember just been downright scared. What's the what's the next thing. Coming to a hospital and not being able to talk because evolved life support that was going through my throat note because. You can't pass their patch of local courts when I got your neck that. And few alike cried I mean I major. Yeah actually it's word a diseases. Just going on mats on that are tell work because. I'm in trouble you know they got wears a truck. But am I doing here and what's worked gonna do know people back workload and I know it now is five days later. When you came to were you aware. Well what probably got to that point that it happened back at that intersection or whatever that was back to slow that didn't come back Meola was. Weeks later there I'd say at least a couple weeks until it started tell me what it happened because Errol it's kind of keep and it you know quacks that it wanted to. Make me feel bad. Were you where or when did they tell you that there'd been a group of its Americans come rescue. I was. By the same tired things really sketchy because it just small bits of information as it felt that I could handle it words given to me. And when each time you know I have never meeting Terry for the first time that's one women that was there I couldn't. Couldn't handle sinner because it's a very emotional meeting when you meet Heidi spank somebody. Who saved. How do you well Reginald Denny talks about life since the riots when Good Morning America continues at sixteen after it is now a few minutes after the hour it was something of a miracle. That truck driver Reginald Denny survive the beating that he took on the first night of the Los Angeles riots we have now more of the conversation within as we talked about the aftermath of the attack. If there was ever had her life saved me despite minutes perhaps by somebody. Whit what can be done I mean I basically can't figure. Our I fear that pretty much I owed them my life I mean that is it if they weren't there they didn't have the courage. And that's what's amazing is all this is not so much about me. It's about four people who watched on TV thank god for that helicopter pilot. You know and a camera person. That was nineteen B. It just been another statistic just like fifty some odd other. So you have known that all of those severe insert they're great people you know their rollout fun. You've stayed in touch every so often you know we call up and we'll do something Bartok and this is just odd you know mean they have they go about their life I have about my error once while we connect. The defendants in the case those who were accused. Of beating are now asking for dismissal of the charges against The Who what how you feel. About that move. Annan was glad I'm not. Person who has to make that decision for. For them in on in the judge true whoever's gonna do this. This court thing but no we are have to be. There is an accountability for our behavior to do they realize. That they cannot go about the way. That behavior cannot be repeated note say they realize what they didn't work yeah RR today. Or have they lived in such hell hole for their life that that just as another day. You know what I mean is this how do you. Is Heidi Heidi did even with somebody that that's that's no one ever gets eagle would anybody. No because there's always going to be I think that's one's. B someone's mind think and that they got even. Those guys have been in JL. You know there have answer. Some day for everything you know that everyone does answer sooner or later. And I don't want it on my conscience to beat a guy that wants revenge because that's just not me and nodded. You know we all get mad it does sound they knuckle walking saying that's that's that's not true. I get very angry with a lot of people. And these guys. Yeah I you know it back to shake ups or what not what the heck we face think. What is wrong with you. What if they're chargers got there's and supporters of the defendants in your case saying look. The people who beat up Rodney King got off their for the people who beat Reginald Denny ought to get off. And so the next group of people led beat somebody they get up from mean where does this this craziness stopped but never met Remington. Now that he'd be quite an animated. You want to any interest in you know just to save that. Not the other and no two different circumstances. In some ways similar. Do you ever feel you can go back to being anonymous again. Believe you weren't. Yes I'd like to. It's. It's really strange when people. I feel uncomfortable. Not in. In a bad way but just because its people know who I am. And I don't have any idea that there are and it's it's just when sums up must agree each and say hi. And I just stand I don't know what's. Thanks for caring that. And I don't know what to do. What are your back to driving. I don't know it would be nice. You know assists. I just don't know things are just so crazy these days honestly just. I think everybody struck by his. Willingness. To forgive and he doesn't want he he wants. Behavior to change but you also hear a sense of forgiveness than their that I think a lot of people have a hard time. Saying that they could also share it's a census forgive us for these confused about it I mean ME. He says yes I don't I don't feel great animosity and me but people have to be responsible for their actions we noticed that you don't. They can't drive so that's professional and afternoon. And we'll be back.

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{"duration":"10:26","description":"Charlie Gibson interviews the truck driver who was severely beaten during the LA riots.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"46993181","title":"Jan. 22, 1993: Riots victim Reginald Denny speaks on 'Good Morning America'","url":"/US/video/jan-22-1993-riots-victim-reginald-denny-speaks-46993181"}