Jeff Bezos ready for liftoff today

The billionaire and his three crewmates will launch into space aboard Blue Origin for the first time. ABC News' Marci Gonzalez has details on what to expect.
3:04 | 07/20/21

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Transcript for Jeff Bezos ready for liftoff today
But down to lift off because we are back with billionaire Jeff baze does and his crew of tourist. Preparing for their launch to space nearly sixty foot tall rocket will begin its journey. The launch pad this morning phases and his crew say they are ready to climb into the capsule for their historic flight. ABC's Martha Gonzales is in van horn Texas where final preparations are already under way Marcy good morning. Hey Andrea and Andrea good morning out as final preps under way about 25 miles outside of this. Very tiny very excited town of van horn Texas this as close as most people will be able to get. To watch this historic lines. Overnight just. Baze opposes blue origin rocket ready for liftoff the Amazon founder and his three fellow passengers are scheduled to blast off to space around 9 AM eastern U shepherd is ready to fly the eleven minute flight set to launch them 62 miles above the surface of earth. Beyond the 53 miles billionaire Richard Branson reached earlier this month mazes will be joined by his brother mark as well as eighteen year old Oliver Damon who will become the youngest. And the first ever paying passenger on a commercial spacecraft. And female aviation pioneer Wally funk she's 82 years and will become the oldest person to travel to space. To his three weeks after my training. Hit I list holes. That I did better than the men we've been treating with wall here in west Texas McIntyre she's still doing better than the man thought auction can outrun all of us pumped trained in the 1960s. Were women in space program but was never given the chance to go until today. I've dragons a wall in time. To get to go up. But with any space flight there is risk we've had fifteen successful flights and we're you know I'm excited but I'm not nervous. Blue origin designing the craft to be autonomous but with no pilot what happens if something goes wrong during the launch blue origin says there are back up plans to this is these sea border than at any patent fight. We can fire this and it became get the capsule. Foreign fassel waved from the booster if anything is detected is it's even joking about the risk last night before dinner. He yelled yeah. I hate his resume. I don't know. And I think let's talk about an Indian yeah. They've got their hate attitudes or get a lift off is set for 9 AM eastern it'll be a really quick trip to space just three minutes. And then once there the passengers will be able to I don't buckle and experienced three minutes of weightlessness. And of course is incredible views out of the biggest windows that have ever gone to space before beginning their descent back to earth. Injuring Andrea. We are seeing here with a front row seat to history Marcy thank you and remember ABC news will bring you live coverage of the launch on air and streaming but ABC. In his life so exciting.

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{"duration":"3:04","description":"The billionaire and his three crewmates will launch into space aboard Blue Origin for the first time. ABC News' Marci Gonzalez has details on what to expect.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78943402","title":"Jeff Bezos ready for liftoff today","url":"/US/video/jeff-bezos-ready-liftoff-today-78943402"}