Will Joe Biden, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson run for president in 2020?

Mark Cuban joins "The View" co-hosts to discuss the qualities needed to be president -- and whether he may run for office himself.
8:33 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Will Joe Biden, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson run for president in 2020?
It's guy-day Friday, and joining us today is a billionaire, yeah, and reality competition show judge, which are the only two qualifications to be president these days. You're already here. You're hired! Please welcome mark Cuban. By the way, joy, I don't know if everyone noticed, but he waited for all the ladies to sit down before he sat down. He is a gentleman. Chivalrous. It's above the bar we had before. Which was trump. I know. I mentioned you are a billionaire. You can say that again. I like it. He is buying lunch. Had he already knows. You seem to be an actual, real billionaire. I don't know. Do you think trump is a real billionaire? I have the billion. He has the air. I question how much money he has. We haven't seen his taxes. Why doesn't he show his taxes? There is nothing to show. I don't know why he doesn't show his taxes. Guess. You know, he is probably -- it will be close, right? The guy has made money, but that doesn't qualify him. Is he hiding the fact that he doesn't have the money really, or is he hiding the fact that he did business with the Russians? I think both. I don't know what's more wrong to him. He would be embarrassed by his ego. Or the lack of charity. He doesn't care about that. How do I lower my chair? I'm so -- here it is. I have been trying to lower it for, like, three minutes. Your name has been tossed around as a potential presidential candidate. Let's make news here. Are you into it? Definitely. No. No. We'll see what happens. Wait. I have a message from Mr. President about that. There was a time when he tweeted, and I remember reading this when it happened, and so typical. You know mark Cuban well. He backed me big time, but I wasn't interested in taking his calls. He is not smart enough to run for president. There is nothing more surreal. I walk. In the morning, kiss the wife. Lay in bed, pick up my phone, and I see an alert. The president tweeted about me. I mean, it's, like, and then the hard part wasn't what he said. He is an idiot. I don't care what he says, right? The hard part -- how do I respond, right? So many things. So literally for the next hour, and I ended up with just, you know what? Lol. Lol. You have to speak the language. So you are not going to be answ announcing your bid for 2020 on "The view"? Maybe later in the show. You could have even more competition. Joe Biden is leaving the door open to run too. He also admitted -- another thing about Joe Biden, who is 70 -- 74. And let's talk about that for a second. What do you think about that? Well, you know, I have some age things here. Ruth Bader -- what's her name? Ginsburg. She just sits. Well, so does Donald. When does he move? John McCain. He is 80. He is still vibrant. McCain's 80? Yeah. He is 80. And Bernie Sanders is 75. Joe Biden would be great, you know, he goes down the middle. He can deal with Republicans. He can deal with Democrats. That's his strength, but age matters and there is a lot of expectations and so whether or not he has got it in him to really fight through those four years because who knows where he will be four years from now? There is a lot of buyer's remorse, and hindsight is 20/20, and he knows had he gone up against Donald Trump, he could have had a way. He has this magnetic personality. Whether or not you agree with his policy. He also has experience, right? Experience. When I heard that the rock is, like, thinking about running for president -- He is. Dwayne "The rock" Johnson. I love the rock. Don't knock the rock. I mean, he is seriously considering this in 2020. He says, he has a skill set that people are looking for. He is able to -- he is able to galvanize people or he'll kill you if you don't vote for him. He'll get you in the ring and he'll kill you. Anyone that speaks that they want to be the president, we speak here all the time about it's our job to participate. Whether it's on the grassroots level or not. If someone wants to risk this considering what we have now, bravo. People participate. Talking about experience, you own the Dallas mavericks, right? I'm a lawyer. I like basketball. We know that. I'm a lawyer. Remember that? And my qualifications, I'm a lawyer. I like basketball. Can I run the mavericks for you? It's not the same thing. No one is qualified to be the president. It takes leadership skills so you know what you don't know. And know when to put the tarp down around you. It's totally different, right? You're never going to know enough to say, here's where my strengths are. Here's what I don't know, and let me find the best people to do that, right? And listen to those people. Yeah. You can make an argument that Donald Trump has hired some good people around him. Maybe some you don't love. He has hired good people, but he never listens. And if you are not willing to listen, if you are not willing to learn, because the entire job -- the only certainty of the job of president is the uncertainty. You don't know what's happening. Would you hire somebody with no experience in basketball to run your organization? Everybody is a rookie for the first time. When you prosecuted a case or, you know, in trial, you have to do it for the first time. What are your skills when you walk in, and how willing are you to learn? Would you hire someone like me to run your organization? I bought the team with no experience, and I would hire you if you were smart and had the leadership skills. Too bad. We're not going to get hired. Joy! I'm not qualified. No. She can do anything. Sunny can do everything. I'll do ticket sales. How about that? The problem with what you are saying that he has some kind of A.D.D. Or something, right? He can't pay attention. He is oblivious to life. He has no self-awareness. He has no contextual awareness, but other than that, he is a great president. Do you ever watch when he has a foreign dignitary, and they are a boss from the Middle East, and they are speaking and speaking and he is thinking to himself, you know, I got to go home and watch my stories. I wish they would hurry up here, you know? He has something else he wants to do. When you look at a transcript transcription, that concerns me. All joking aside. You read what he says, and you can't piece together his thought. What he is trying to say. He jumps around to different topics, and you look ate. It actually has me concerned that there are illnesses and things that happen where he thinks he is making sense, but he can't understand. Trump heads out to the middle East god forbid. What's going to happen there? He is getting a crash course in how to understand. Presidentered Juan. Ered Juan. Ellie wezple. Ellie wezle. Angela Merkel. Angela Merkel. Beyonce. Jay Z said or Beyonce said. Tanzania. Tanzania. You try to say Muhammad den Shaud three times said. He has the disposal of every resource of this country. All you have to do is ask. How do you get Beyonce wrong? Maybe the leaders in Tanzania aren't -- Queen B? Everybody knows it's not Angela Merkel. You don't read news or do anything. Beyonce is in your face all the type. It's "Lemonade".

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{"id":47513885,"title":"Will Joe Biden, Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson run for president in 2020?","duration":"8:33","description":"Mark Cuban joins \"The View\" co-hosts to discuss the qualities needed to be president -- and whether he may run for office himself.","url":"/US/video/joe-biden-dwayne-rock-johnson-run-president-2020-47513885","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}