Judge to decide if Bill Cosby will face prison time for 2004 sexual assault

Cosby could face a maximum of 30 years in prison.
3:16 | 09/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Judge to decide if Bill Cosby will face prison time for 2004 sexual assault
Could be bill Cosby's last day. As a free man Cosby's in court for sentencing right now are to be convicted of sexual assault in April and the big news this morning is that neither Crosby. Nor any friends or family will be speaking on his behalf. Elizabeth her is outside the courtroom. In Norris town Pennsylvania. Most of normally defendants like to take this opportunity to kind of maybe win over the judge a little bit try to get a lighter sentence. Why is Cosby not speaking. I and that is the one. Answer we don't have right now but we do know as you mentioned that the defense tactic that was just announced that about an hour ago we learned this from our colleague Lindsey Davis who is in the courtroom according to Lindsay defense attorneys made that announcement saying that no we will not hear from bill Cosby's nor will anyone be speaking on his behalf certainly more reasons we don't know yet but certainly this is something that's in the men's team. Things will work incontinence fever in getting that more lenient punishment but absolutely we will be hearing from Andrea can't stand the victim. Who is expected to beat her victim impact statement. And I understand his attorneys said he's set he has to say on the matter something along those lines. I wonder I know constant is expected to speak what else is expected to happen today. What ten game we know that this hearing got under way with the debate over a Pennsylvania law that could well cause you to be branded what is called. A sexually violent predator now as it. What we are hearing is that people who are supporting this law are saying absolutely Cosby's should be labeled that saying that just because he's a celebrity he shouldn't be treated any differently and the law applies to him but as you can imagine his defense attorneys are. Putting up a big fight saying this is this obviously this is a scarlet letter that they do not want. And here in fact inside arguing that this law is unconstitutional. And again they're fighting. This law because. Adam should. He be branded a sexually violent predator what that means. Is that here in Pennsylvania it is a mandatory life time counseling and wherever he ends up being. It is a community notification of whereabouts so it's something that his defense team right now I understand. Lightning so that he does not get that Lee Ann Elizabeth how many years is he facing. We know that he's then convicted of three felony counts of aggravated indecent assault and each count carries a maximum of ten years. And so he could be sentenced to up to thirty years in prison. Or he could be sent home. On probation with a wide range. But of course as you can imagine confidante and the other women there were more than sixty other women who accused of sexual molestation. And up five of them were allowed to testify and many of them are inside right now they. Some of them talked to reporters yesterday and as you can imagine they've told us they're certainly hoping that Cosby gets the maximum of thirty years and see this could be over today or maybe tomorrow that we watching close Elizabeth her from outside the courtroom. In Norris out that something Elizabeth thank you.

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{"duration":"3:16","description":"Cosby could face a maximum of 30 years in prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58047116","title":"Judge to decide if Bill Cosby will face prison time for 2004 sexual assault","url":"/US/video/judge-decide-bill-cosby-face-prison-time-2004-58047116"}