Julius Tennon discusses his new limited series, 'Two Sides,' with Eric Garner's mother

Eric Garner's mother opens up about the death of her son and recent death of her granddaughter.
21:35 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Julius Tennon discusses his new limited series, 'Two Sides,' with Eric Garner's mother
ABC radio and I have the distinct pleasure of talking to two amazing people about something that's very important and very. Tying me I have the amazing. Miss when the car he's here with me talking about this amazing hockey series and I have the producer of this Siri is mr. Julius tendon. Front and we're talking about two sides because as everyone knows there's two sides to every story has serious. So I I want to jump right in because they feel like. This is something that I have been. Kind of getting. You a lot of feedback from in regards to just east he's amazing stories of what has consistently been. Very much a topical conversation. I'm so you know I am honest with you first chilies and again. Because I I I. I want oh kind of what was your initial. Thought process when you wanted to broach the subject because you know there's so many. It sucks me a emotional conversation didn't fatally fraught with controversy fraught with controversy I'm absolutely and so I want to hear if you can't if you might expand you and your life. Ms. Viola Davis right lover as well. Of course Brady sees oh yeah. Can you talk about that that conversation if you can. About well initial yeah I mean LMP. L opium I'm sorry opium. They brought this project to us you know oftentimes in Hollywood you're trying to figure out what you Gundy you have a production company. And then something comes along and we we were in you know in this in the social reality space and then when he brought this is these kind of fit under robbery and cause we. We moniker ourselves is a voice. For the voiceless. And so you know win when they came in with the project. It was something that really. Resonated with me and bio and we wanted to get involved who says so how do we do this. And then you know obviously this would cooperation. And so that's what it took and so those guys along with my team you know went out in. No start putting together different cases of course is a plethora of cases and diesel for high profile there's there's several other high profile cases. But it's all about getting net assets and if you don't have assets and you can't put a story together because you gotta get the families you gotta get a law enforcement you gotta get. DA's yet you're prosecuting attorneys you gotta get hopefully get some civil rights activist. Some activism you have to get. You know congress moved people all women and we were able to do all that stuff you all did very clearly involved in this kind of a different take on these things as you get this. You get to see it play out more than it allows you the end. You're here and at and then you're allowed to counter. Make your own conclusion. Right and just just I I know there was a because of course this is not. A one case scenario these are multiple things I have consistently been happening within a multiple years and again and continues to happen unfortunately. Is anything specific about these particular stories that. I you can briefly mention that Jew you specifically of course you know I feel like. They're so much with and we're within what happened to your son in Hamden to speak to you specifically on that but. You know any of these other different narratives what what is or something that struck you about each of them you can briefly mention. Well that has you know I mean as much as they're different they're the same. Because the outcome. Outcomes even though Eric wasn't shut Eric was choked to death. And and in these other cases Sandra bland she ended up they found a home. And in the other two cases were shootings. And soul. There's not really any any distinction these are different people different families different circumstances but yet the outcome. Is what it Wallace and so then we go in and we pull you pull the families pull everybody together and then we've tried did tell the best. And narrative. Story we can within that kind of get in as much balances with what real balance could be. And when you know first time formal. How are you hold. I'm Holton. It's not easy I'm home now. You know if it scenes almost unbelievable that you know. We're talking about this in the sense that it's suspect shouldn't and ate it. A new situation obviously with the passing of your granddaughter now who I would say was a brilliant amazing human being because she continued to hold that torch for her father and I'm in her 27 years Phil you know much. As jittery very adamant. About advocating for her follow. Mean this he took it to another level he was. Determined to gauge justice one way audio clips you point eight you know so bad for. Bills offices he held accountable for their misconduct on day to day. And madness. I know recently did the video of that last a US Justice Department conversation was released. To some capacity or air she had been active than in trying to make sure that had been. In a wealthy I didn't know anything. About that at eight I think no. That it was even coming out the or anything I found out when the media you know released an X where you what what are your thoughts on. Well I can't speak look at that don't even know where this really about Ian. But now kind of focusing in on what we're doing today Mars. Iraqi theories and what I what is actually getting for you when you were first approached about this what we your initial thoughts and obviously this narrative not only includes what happened. From the perspective of the family but also those who are you know were still questioning today manner what were your thoughts when that was presented to you and Hattie W which any apprehension like. Well it was first presented to me aren't I have a PR person and she talk to me she says while they wanted to do was see your knees and they warned. Com used to be and they do want to tell the story about Harry sucked obviously actual was caught what is going to entail you know. I don't want it to be feet tissues I don't want it to be. Asked to is acting like you know what happened and they really don't know you know. What to do what what to say. And Mason known to say no was going to be real people it's gonna beat of people who. Ever expanding. People who was involved with Eric. So by her telling me this I says all India while I would like to be appointed. And you know I was steak came tomorrow her and interviewed me and I thought it would be a good eye opening. You know once they told me how big was going to conduct a series and I says well so it and it gave everyone a chance. To see the series and make their own decision on you know what happened that day and what and that helped happening that day yet from. And I mean. Command it's very alarming alarming that we're still. Officials of course that is very alarmed well that was alarming when we didn't give an indictment. That was an insult. Because an indictment is just. Accusing a person of a crime is not convicting them and accuse and a person. Engagement indictment is because you seem probable coolest and I think create plenty probable cause to get an indictment. What you know. We used a justice. You know. And so obviously you know we we were able to see this all unfold for us what are your thoughts with the actors couldn't I don't know if you got opportunity prior to let. Now that it's out. Wecht what had been what's your reaction what has been the family's reaction what are your thoughts OK what I did. Seem to screening. Before you know everyone else to aid arm because I had was had gone to a Los Angeles last week. Put this screening and full of bees. The awards. The image awards. Was the affable. Soul the it was a screening. And I looked that it puts you know when their plots come witness showing my son being married it on camera I just can't still bring myself to look at that. Though it arm. The rest of it I say well it was very well put it it was. This will give. Americo out on an opportunity. To see it. To focus on aid and to judge you know because everybody's going to be judgmental. One what actually happened. After seeing facts in hearing from both sides of him. And you know. I am I'm very much inspired. You know by eight this this. Conversation in the sense that you know. What out of what is still unbelievable. In hurtful and an unimaginable. It births so many different. Being that now we are taking a critical look into these cases and and starting to really have these conversations. Glenn way and you know you started to see. The whole movement of I can't priests and admit the LeBron James and the in the Colin cap for next not what what are your thoughts as this started sit through four in that way. I was so pleased that there was so much hope we in his around the injustice. Of how black and brown Brothers and sisters because. At some points as soon like no one is paying attention. And BS sitting back on when they see these killings on TV days sit back and say oh this is another new storm. We can't let them sit back and say this is another new storing milk these college children being killed and Powell on armed children being killed. And we can't just sit back and take this anymore. It has to be something done the communities have to come together the police have to know the people who will be approved policing in the communities. Get to know them don't profile albums don't have this deep seated hate singing old because he used this color or because he. He's not what I expect a young man to be. That. He's supposed to be killed now where you live shouldn't determine if he'd. And Julius tonight Kay also askew because I feel like there was to some degree. An objective. You know in treating these these amazing docking series and an and show that we're gonna see consistently. On TV one. I I want to get what what when you first decided okay we're gonna make this happen this is what we're gonna push doctor. Your initial vision as far as your goal when he whole or what do you now hope obviously the first up something here. That viewers get from the series because essentially I read that it was sort of to bridge the gap between the community and police but is something greater now. Well. Listen there's a lot of things to be learned. You know. You know from the police perspective how to they. Talk to us. When there and our communities. How do we and respect police offices when an officer. Is when an officer gives you commands. A home. Ward. Do we do. In our own communities in terms who are our leaders on the local level. How are we going to be party and party the change. That we seek. If we're seeking change then we have to be involved in some kind of way. Opted to make that change become a reality. And listen there's. A Tony Gwynn would agree there's there's a ton of female officers and and mail offices out there. They're going to work every day and doing the war there really are and we know there's always going to be these. No. Incidents that happen or whatever but we. People want justice people want we want we want to see people. Brought. You know it it to accuse it to be brought to justice to it is sometimes some semblance. Because that's what makes it you know that's what makes it hard for everybody because you look at these cases and you see it and then there's not anything that even happy not even any indictments or whatever. And then. You know. Is god is going to be a conversation this going to be a comes wishes got to be some way. Around these things. And so you know with that being said. Gland and obviously Julius on the moon would lie. Physically from your particulars story we want people to get to know about air that they mean that have known or know about your family in what they didn't. Well my family was a close knit friendly. Arm. My sisters my brother mama we all always galvanized Kyoko we all wings but take didn't jump. And Eric. It was no different he always. Found a friend in a person who. He always try to help someone he loaf Christmas Hilo foot pole. Couldn't get him out the house on Sundays. Only when a football games. Und die hard science and into the ones golden time good none I loved them there and there. He would act like every Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday when the giants were playing and get his pop punk into sandwiches in. Food and to sit in the living room and just have to sell football gallon had to tell them and that's. And I really missed that would him because when he was home at the time when he stayed with me. It was too as I say you know you upbeat Kate. That's a big case in the mountain and you sound you'll be cute messier who are. Now and he was just sold weeding the family and loved him comment to family -- the man's. Always saying crazy things they may just loved the way that he knew you know would would we interact with the keys. Key is always seminal always hated Mary being hanging. He just little. And people black had never met before. His death. They came up to me after his death science such good things about him. Only one lady told me day. She worked ended arm to check cashing place if she would get there early and UCC Eric Eric was standing here. Until possible classic came and opened that door far. And he CC he was just such attempts would mean a homeless guy told me. You'll armed told my Grande do what they say to you know. You'll fought the fit me every day he caught me a sandwich every day. And in non. Arm is an even that oh late and young lady who was on drugs he said Janelle. Young signed used to seeing over the and that park and he spoke to me and he stated he abetted in day. Why do you see it now he in his Paula he abetted. And she said in Athens armed he died out what happened in a program because couples listening to the words peace. And you know things like that this type tomorrow on until he was a good president but people can enhance this. After he died when they came up to me and tell me the little encounters that they had with him. I mean it's a it's. It's sad that. His passing. We now learn of these three game losing because he was he officials who he. Only Muslims and so. You know I I appreciate you guys coming here and in being able to just talk about this and and then. I pray that it will be as an powerful as it has impacted me in home. Julius I I want to touch on a couple things because I feel like what you and your life for doing with you may productions is amazing thing. And I'm very ecstatic about some of the things that you have in Tola coming up I mean this obviously we're going to be tuning in on TV one and I thank you for you know being able to bring this to light mom but I duets and a couple things before we are because. You know he did manage the hard working man over yeah. Yes the only the couple they don't we go. One thing I think you were Eric salivating is is the girls like this and that haze dad loves them maybe not yet. Yeah now that's an amazing story consists of the chiles six straight. And Lun London based girl was traffic when she was fourteen Rachel Lloyd. And then once she got out of trafficking she decided to help girls who were in who were trapped. And she moved to moved here to the stage there was steel hard for her. And she moved to new York and she kind of steel went through some things but she's I'm and persevere. I'm gonna go do something else changed these girls wives as she started. G the impasse girls' educational mentoring service here in New York currently. And she's doing serious work to help girls who are Vivian traffic and she ventricle in safe harbor at being passed adjourned. President Bush's administration. And so we're we're we're gonna do narrative film so we're real excited about vision just in the process of putting writers together and all that before we wanted to Erin Brockovich approach a solution based approach. To this this narratives it was not gonna really be digging so much into that kind of more solution based. And then also I mean this like us and I'm going to be brief canal to all the right thing out but I know that. Obviously your wife violet she's gonna be in this Terry McMillan found the magic any beyond. We're we're producing that would universal. Alan I'm lucky I almost forgot about you Terry's latest book you're you know it's out there is a great book great read. She's always agree agreed. But yeah we're producing with the with. Gay Olbermann and Joseph. These Lee. And Malcolm Lee is producing and directing viola started so we're. We're we're and that's the stage now where he's being written right now about Ron bass and Terry McMillan. I think they teamed up on a waiting to exhale and so they are teaming up again and so we're gonna put another one a Terry's movies out there are books in the world. I can't a and you know of course you know like I think we low. Davis though. You know I'm I'm just she's gonna captured of course I am excited to see you guys and what you guys are doing and then I'm right now you can confirm this are not what I heard is also a comedy potentially be. The potential ABC comedy Emmys deal right here was do we meant we give up the final script back to the network so we're hoping that they give it to its come on guys. I have no end tentative title called black don't crack so we're we're excited for it well yeah. That's. What is our sisters and they come together and then we'll see what happens if we're hoping that you know that the network sees fit allows the opportunity to put them out there in the world are going to be great things. But meanwhile we're gonna lead to any answers amazing he is on TV wine and because there's more stories more. I think just amazing. Conversations to be had because of all the things that we've. Scenes play out in the media from you know. And because of it I'm glad this is sparking such an immense conversation and an understanding of all the different parts are involved men as you so eloquently said Glenn I think people need to see the humanity and the people who have no way that I don't rely on our hands to me that's part of the fact Terry you know exited the apps is a few community that was wearing these people here they view him as they weren't kids and whose story. Yeah yeah. And and just glad they were able to talk about this today. And of course hasn't smiled as well through and an end to show that there are some degree. Great dynamic programming out there and available so please check this out to us eyes as we know there are two sides to every story of Al Gore TV lines so we're going to be checking this out and you know. At local listings for acts and they give so much a question. K as well ABC re L thanks to exit Juliet friends checking out. And please please tune into the semi amazing dikes and seeing that happen absolutely any time.

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{"duration":"21:35","description":"Eric Garner's mother opens up about the death of her son and recent death of her granddaughter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"52587192","title":"Julius Tennon discusses his new limited series, 'Two Sides,' with Eric Garner's mother","url":"/US/video/julius-tennon-discusses-limited-series-sides-eric-garners-52587192"}