Kavanaugh, accuser set to testify tomorrow

Attorney Michael Avenatti says new Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, wants to come forward.
3:58 | 09/26/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh, accuser set to testify tomorrow
We're gonna start things off with Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanaugh now facing a third accuser with sexual misconduct allegations. Attorney Michael oven not he says his new client Julie sweat it has submitted a sworn statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee. All this is Kavanagh and his first accuser get ready to testify on Capitol Hill tomorrow. Happened fall is outside the White House for us with the latest on all of this captain. Yet Diana as you said attorney Michael I'm not he says he has this new client to police when she does she has new allegations against Supreme Court. Nominee judge Brett happen not now of course. All of this comes on the eve of his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee now I'm Connie told the veto she wants to come forward and pass the find. Tickle us and what he's. Well moments ago we saw that he swore in the declaration. Under penalty of perjury side bar my client. You bleed sweat neck detailing her allegations. Against Brett Cavanaugh mark charge. And others relating to their early eighties. In what she observed and witnessed. As well as what transpired. To her hearing that card period we have asked the committee as we did days ago. To launch a formal FBI investigation my client is ready to meet with FBI agents fort whipped up. Disclose what she knows in detail. We have also offered that shall take a polygraph exam guess Brett Cavanaugh will take the polygraph exam and let me also say. That I'm looking forward to gaining more and attempting to challenge the credibility. Of march quiet because she is absolutely credible she is a very brave woman. An attractive. She is also obtain multiple security clearances issued by the US government. Over many many years. And now Diane as have a -- mentioned ABC news has confirmed that the senate judiciary has received. This sworn declaration. From his client they are we're viewing this but already calls from Democrats on Capitol Hill for Kavanagh to withdraw his nomination senate. Minority leader Chuck Schumer saying in a statement that proceedings. A should be suspended. And that Kavanagh should withdraw now I should mention Kavanagh has responded. To these new allegations he has released a statement saying quote this is ridiculous and from the twilight sound. I don't know who this is in this now. Or happens. At any sense of how this might affect tomorrow's proceedings or will it. Eight you know your guess is as good as mine right now so far. There are still on for tomorrow he will testify quasi Ford. Will testify they've hired. A former sex crimes prosecutor to lead. Some of this questioning and so far it's still on but I can guarantee we will still hear more calls from lawmakers on Capitol Hill to suspend these proceedings and delay until it can investigate them further. And Kevin you mentioned at the former sex crimes prosecutor hired by Republicans to come in and question Kavanagh and his first accuser Christine logic board. How unusual that news. You know it's pretty unusual we have it hadn't seen it. Is this before in other instances like this but look this is what Republicans on Capitol Hill felt it necessary to have a woman come in a woman who is experienced. With these sort of allegations now Ford's. Camp has now of course found out about it Grassley released the name of this person last night so they are preparing. For this particular person to question. We'll see how about plays out at that bald is ours from outside the White House captaincy. They fan. And don't forget we will have coverage of tomorrow's proceedings wrecked Kavanagh testifying as well as his accuser Christine -- if Ford that's starts tomorrow morning. At 10 AM eastern 7 AM Pacific and we'll have it right here on ABC news lines.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Attorney Michael Avenatti says new Kavanaugh accuser, Julie Swetnick, wants to come forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58100319","title":"Kavanaugh, accuser set to testify tomorrow ","url":"/US/video/kavanaugh-accuser-set-testify-tomorrow-58100319"}