Kennedy assassination and America's gun culture

President Kennedy's assassination prompted this report from Jules Bergman on Nov. 25, 1963.
3:42 | 10/08/13

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Transcript for Kennedy assassination and America's gun culture
The assassination of the president. With a -- surplus rifle would cost twelve dollars and 78 cents. And bought without restrictions. Has brought renewed attention on the laws governing the sale of such weapons to the general public. And they are very few. We now have a report on the sale of guns and laws aimed at restricting their -- from ABC news fuels -- There is a -- of. Violence violence brought on by guns that runs through American lives. But gun has been glorified here ever since pioneer days why we ask ourselves after this weekend of tragic gunplay and -- be -- -- Fly they needed at all. The constitution guarantees that the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. That need -- from the era when a rifle symbolized the political freedom of Americans from subjugation. At the same time it was necessary for protection against Indians and -- hunt food. All three need to have long since ended. Yet we're going through a time of increased gun sales why western films some experts argue -- popularized shooting. With the increasing compression of our population in this cities there's more of an urge to get out and hunt. In a curious way target shooting on a weekend has become an expression of individual freedom from the -- restrictions of urbanized society. And gun stores all over the nation's sales are way up. You can buy firearms anywhere in the US with few restrictions. Only fourteen states require permits to -- carry a pistol or keep it in your home. Some cities have their own -- laws but the criminal can always get a gun often just by crossing a state line. New York Rhode Island Michigan and Massachusetts have the most stringent anti gun legislation. Submachine guns or automatic firearms with short barrels are governed by federal permits. But by and large there are no restrictions anywhere against the sale of rifles or shotguns. And with the millions of war surplus weapons already sold already in homes it's highly questionable whether any new legislation. Could stop criminals from getting guns. By contrast most nations in Europe such as England require a permit and in effect proof of a good background before you can buy any weapon. In Russia as Lee Harvey Oswald found out during his ex -- period. Guns are controlled for political reasons only members of state -- shooting clubs are allowed to use guns. But here is Oswald found out. Anybody can buy a rifle chiefly. -- Italian car kind of car being came equipped with telescopic sight for 1995. From -- Chicago sporting goods mail order house. The assassination of president Kennedy has brought on a spate of proposals and will bring on bills to control or ban guns. The pro gun elements shooting clubs and sportsman's groups cry out we don't want the -- punished it's merely the tools. A criminal could use a knife a -- could use any thing. And indeed in New York which has the Sullivan law banning concealed weapons crime is as rampant as ever. The criminal can -- across the state line and get any pistol he wants. Gun groups such as the National Rifle Association claim that the honest citizen who wants to shooter protect his home. Then as the man who can't get hand weapons that gun restriction laws penalize -- honest man not criminal elements. Most law officials field but even if you did ban all guns criminals would still find a way to get them. The issue is sure to be argued violently in coming months and years. The gun to us would seem to be no worse than no better than the man who owns it. If he's a -- impelled by wild motives only absolute security and protect anyone against.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"President Kennedy's assassination prompted this report from Jules Bergman on Nov. 25, 1963.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"20507077","title":"Kennedy assassination and America's gun culture","url":"/US/video/kennedy-assassination-americas-gun-culture-20507077"}