Several killed after pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapses

First responders could be seen loading injured victims onto stretchers.
8:23 | 03/15/18

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Transcript for Several killed after pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapses
This is an ABC news. George Stephanopoulos. Good afternoon we are coming on the air right now because there's been a pretty serious accident in Miami Florida that is the scene at Florida International University right now pedestrian bridge a brand new pedestrian bridge just built. Over the weekend has collapsed in the last hour is on a 109 avenue and eighth street in Miami trapping a number of cars. And people underneath a cordon of the Florida Highway Patrol. There are several fatalities confirmed five to six vehicles crushed underneath that bridge. As you can see as I said this is a brand new bridge it was just finished over the weekend this Saturday. We actually can show how the 950 ton bridge was being put up in in those final hours BC the devastation. Right they're the brand new vision gracious just completely. Collapsed. Onto the causeway right there was apparently a bridge that was connecting various parts of the campuses to off campus. Housing ought to bring in our correspondent victory Kendall on the phone in Miami. Victor what more can you tell us right now. George were underway right now to the dean what I can create Richard spoke with a source pollution rigidity chuck an adult that part of the bridge that. Connect the Florida International University campus that it videos we've water. On Saturday that big portion that goes right across each reach now at what they've all been just yet it was that there obeying. It's a point in December of this year as as a project between by you and the city of Sweetwater they received a grant to build it and they put that up very quickly again just on Saturday is when it put up networking that a lot and it came crashing down. At least six cars trapped underneath her Miami Dade fire rescue and a number fatality. Well yeah we're seeing now on a split screen as it was being put it was put up in just a few hour he said very quickly it can using accelerated bridge construction. Methods but it only been in operation now for for a couple of days and of course. Florida gnashing over C a very large campus 55000. Enrolled students what more can you tell us about that area in Miami. But it's a very BB area George nigh university has only grown. Over the last. Twenty years it's become one of the largest university in the country that area are right now it is absolutely sprawling and I think that's something like that happen there. It sure does. I know you're on your way owner talked to Scott where there's now our producer on the phone on the scene. At Florida international Everest you tell us what you're seeing. George they're pushing us back right now let's just about a hundred beef from and I can see at least four cars. Different sides of the like eight. Minivan and it looks like me large panel truck is also just so much to underneath this. If this is eight Regis Victor was staying debt was under construction you can still speak. Some of the scaffolding on the side there are crane on the other side of the bridge. I've talked to some of the witnesses here this that it was they didn't hear any thing didn't see anything leading up to it it just. Bell and felt very quickly I've talked there are some of the police officers in the fire rescue people here they're saying that there are concurrent brutalities on the scene. On the this bridge spans about seven or eight Elaine mr. B if you Rhode this eight street southwest. A Miami it's over by its. It connection brand new parking garage over to the other sided picture would say they're still seeking stretchers in and bringing people out. Seen one woman just leave a few minutes ago she was sitting up she was talking talking to paramedics she was OK but had not removed any of the body that there is no way that some think he of people made it out of these. Our case got stand by absorbing in town a page right now another eyewitness on the scene intend to thank you. For joining so you actually saw the bridge go down such. Yes I learned that one nine om and it felt that there with the earthquake so me and my roommate jumped up and looked outside. And I didn't I looked outside I thought does. Flying everywhere and I knew that the bridge had collapsed. There was one car that was able to get. I guess they adjustment. On the bridge and the back into their car was not in the school lean that we're coming from the car would pair up buying like. I like every good every line started. Sprinting toward the scene and they just look Gary to the happy so. Yes it had this happen in a matter of seconds. I'm matter shut. And then were you able to see we are now seeing in that the the rescue workers on top of the bridge right now were you able to see if there was anyone actually on the bridge were all that. Those all the danger underneath the bridge is a collapsed. No it there would workers on the bridge at their bill actually trying to dig people out from under the bridge I Lott then it'll fall. Arab. Perhaps with someone out there are a lot of people who people have kept these are performed on them. And there's there's still a at a fund I think like three cars that are completely snapped under the bridge that they haven't been able to get. You saw three cars they weren't able to get to do you have any. Sense from what you were able to see if how many injured there might be. Com. I know that forced they're there have it be at least three people dead. Only because that's coming apart under there and there's no it was able to provide thought. I don't know about that authorities and I know I want helicopters be Monad I think there at the few people blown out so I don't know. And you say it felt like an earthquake. Me. Then how close are you to the bridge. I am on the fifteenth floor I live on the fifteenth floor of this. Apartment complex that I wrote that I was pretty far up but I'm basically Rangel read an inspection. And you hadn't any idea what happened are now. Now I can only thank that there might have been. I miss calculation of some sort of fatal one at that. We'll have a thank you for thank you for quickly calling in us and sharing your story appreciate. The information really give us when it over to Scott winters as well we've now heard from Rick Scott the governor. A florist says he spoke with a Miami Dade county police chief Juan Perez about this collapse obviously B Wirthlin law enforcement all through the day. What kind of presence of law enforcing rescue workers are you seeing there on the scene. George did you name it dates here we've got Miami Dade fire rescue got sheriff Scott local police on I'm you like thirty to forty. Active vehicles rate where I'm Matt there's actually not a lot of activity because. The people that were all the people that were trapped under the Carter are the cars are still under the bridge there was no one walking really over because it wasn't open to the public yet. So all of the activity now is focused on at the woman was saying and those cars and I can still see and they are and Kate under this bridge. And primarily are looking at this bridge. The north section of it is where did it appears most of the collapse because that's just kind of rumble. This southern portion of it is all in one piece leading down onto the road. And can't really tell if there was they support being in the middle holding this up Gary white road and there's not a lot of of space for support being that there was when their but that whole section of the bill that road. Towards the north and is gone it's just all down and that's where I'm seeing this large panel truck in. And George it's been compressed down she meaty. Two or three feet and it you know what type they are a panel truck kids it's just been smashed. There are bugs aren't power. Extreme politician and it came down we are really quickly in the people that talked few days that it was just instantaneous. It was allowed. There was nothing they could deal was handed podium they're telling me and they just ran as quickly because it's why and help. But those people pinned our during their Clark there was no way they could get to them. Okay we'll Scott thank you very much again what we're talking about here is that bridge collapse in Miami. Florida Florida International University and pedestrian bridge brand new pedestrian bridge that has collapsed. In the last hour accord to the Florida however Highway Patrol there are several fatalities confirmed as you can see the rescue operations are continuing. Right now you can get the latest on that anytime an Or for downloading the ABC news that. And of course will be a full report tonight on world news tonight were David Muir. Have a good day. This has been a special. From ABC.

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{"duration":"8:23","description":"First responders could be seen loading injured victims onto stretchers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"53776318","title":"Several killed after pedestrian bridge at Florida International University collapses","url":"/US/video/killed-pedestrian-bridge-florida-international-university-collapses-53776318"}