It’s Not Too Late: How outdoor heaters affect the environment

ABC News' Ginger Zee examines the environmental impact of outdoor heating systems used by restaurants during the pandemic.
6:08 | 01/23/21

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Transcript for It’s Not Too Late: How outdoor heaters affect the environment
In this week's it's not to later change using takes a look at the impact the increase in outdoor cedars is having on the environment. The researchers who came up with a potentially greener and more efficient solution to keep you warm. Okay. Hi and in dizzy and it's not too late. Raise your hand if you miss eating indoors. Yeah we did too. The elevated eating Al fresco even in mid January had. Norms not only here in New York City to Chicago. To Boston. Where 75%. Of their cafes have heated outdoor patio. With our dining they end in New York City you either have to have a pretty extensive outdoor heating system more personal loan or in this case. Their own personal Cabot. Can you tell me what is it made out. It's made it look. Not at the last but a day. Kind of perplexing type material there's training system systems built into the the base as you can see there are so that. You know whether rain or shine. You know these things are going withstand. The elements. You know the New York hospitality business has really taken such a hit so. It was really important for us to have experience like this and we could keep people employed and create jobs singing on the. Question automatically becomes like okay how the death. Different have played a group within here and then my group's funds then that your character by. We have air pure fires an eighteen year life and mentioned as a great job of sanitizing the space after every reservation. The pen and a transformed the streets of New York City they are aligned with these outdoor dining area as some of them workings others are not. This place had to shut down only operating on weekends in New York City you don't have bill. Leading man who's been on. France is now banning outdoor heaters for cafes and bars starting this spring. Why well they're far from the position they in the neck pain and let's be honest it really only warms one person at a table on the cheek. If it exists a team we heat how excited. In doing so because you need more control techniques to attending. Sure that we have to step dad because they're recent no option Stiefel to teammate. I don't think it's lights that begins have addiction of greenhouse gas emissions beginning in cheek. But many still significance. Here in New York the company that supplies cocaine to restaurants says that eighteen a giant increase in demand. Usually supplying 100000. Cylinders monthly this winter and 250000. On average each month. While the greenhouse gas emissions from outdoor heaters that happened to be saving some small businesses is a drop in the giant emissions bucket. It's a drop in the wrong direction. And in addition to a much bigger problems. Almost a quarter of the world's energy use. Comes from HVAC systems that's because this heat all of the air instead of just the air when he fielded. To freeze and a movie theater or to be bar when you're not supposed to do you should Soledad. I get general concept. Makes total sense to me if you can antique. Even five degrees and in need less consumption way you're having an giant impact on the overall system. Actually facing the climate is Sheen and emergency near an inning game I knew it was not a big sacrifice. Can get to being put teams because they're being our planet in every race. And while it's become quite fashionable today here on instant Gramm out Miller cove in safe experience. Well. The have to be more sustainable solutions. Of course Paris. Some researchers at the University of California Berkeley have been working on the solution far before cove it started. You don't want us. He could bring are looking. The person Sudanese gas heaters. I'm ugly. And radiant only radiation levels. Similar actions. So every politician. On. The amount to little error there every ending universe. Stern has probably surprise percent. They study not only which parts of the body need to be warmed more than others to keep she recently Moore can actually get older than you record. And the temperature and. I'm uncomfortable or dictates your current. So you are experiencing is what you're Campbell. But they have a solution that's already tested and proven for indoor energy savings and would likely work outside to. So we want you vote. The genes involved and we look pretty shouldn't get some newly created an ass we want a little lightbulb in the your bottle in her legs to. Keep things in April seelig minus. Insulation material linked here a little. Enter your eggs under the table to table angle it won't promising an extension cord. But switch your camera. And it's what you virtually. We already know that if you didn't just Indiana sad just downed two degrees and went terror two degrees in the summer you can save a ton of energy. Make a literal ton 2000 pounds of CEO Tim. Should do that today it's easy and the energy savings could hopefully help another restaurant stay alive and then comes in using and through counseling. I ton on the energy our thanks. To ginger for that.

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{"duration":"6:08","description":"ABC News' Ginger Zee examines the environmental impact of outdoor heating systems used by restaurants during the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75438537","title":"It’s Not Too Late: How outdoor heaters affect the environment","url":"/US/video/late-outdoor-heaters-affect-environment-75438537"}