Lil Wayne's Daughter Reveals It's "Challenging At Times" To Have A Famous Father

Lil Wayne & Birdman's Teenage daughters Pen "Paparazzi Princesses"
5:10 | 08/07/13

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Transcript for Lil Wayne's Daughter Reveals It's "Challenging At Times" To Have A Famous Father
-- the teenage daughters it pops biggest stars will wane and -- man. And federal -- in their lives on Twitter and Tumblr like a lot of kids their age these girls took a step further. Releasing paparazzi princess is a book about what it's like to grow up in the spotlight with fame. Fortune. And famous fathers -- -- joining us here today to talk a little bit about the book and sneak peek into their world thanks got stuck -- me a bad -- -- met. You plan that out didn't do. Some very -- -- 1415 year old author is very cool -- restaurant and last summer. -- -- -- -- -- And how much did you there's -- what you have you guys been friends for awhile because of that together apparently. Rick and so -- at the height of the whole idea come about. -- -- -- -- again and you let you know reminisce on our stories and -- -- anyone daily life in how we should really write things down. You know and then -- say was a turning until book. Good idea bright young entrepreneur or -- -- that say about that okay not a bad idea. Are so it's it's fiction. There's got to be a little bit. That is somewhat similar to what actually happens for -- so. Or was reading in here. There's a fight between two of the sisters to the characters in the book. About someone accusing the other one of stealing some Christian movement times huge -- and Louis Vuitton purses. Is that real does that stuff like that really happen. He and Clinton at -- Blaming it on like this this day's -- this thing yet. It does okay are right so I mean that's that's pretty and usually a -- to be surprised to hear that I had. So what do you think about the fact so when -- we kept its idea what -- your -- say first. -- I was like really a book. Can send him to come from you know always on our phone and -- -- lit and in state hands of him like. -- they think this man right well. -- happening in -- got a 140 characters against a ground mean you're not gonna like write a whole not learn anything that's only if you guys have it was it tough when you actually sat down -- -- started writing to vote right for that. -- for me it's a good sized. Well cats you know tell our stories but it wasn't really that hard what kind because -- -- last summer it is okay. All right so there is a so there's a -- there's a little bit of a personal personal reflection yeah right. So what's it like -- when your -- mean obviously. Very well known I mean is it is it tough. Having famous dance. Well it's challenging at times but we're selling -- movement we -- men have spotted. -- -- Means to me we are you serious -- It's tough -- have to deal with other moment he had to see who their friends and -- your girlfriends and I. And him. So and so -- Jimmy did you do you find it difficult for me when you're trying to lake. Kind of figure -- who my true friends are or who -- my friends just because of -- my dad. So yeah because you know sometimes sound like home loan isn't Wentz concert coming up behind only found -- SA again now I can we go into and -- like. -- -- -- -- -- Exact payout for an exact. Which is the way it really should be now -- who's working on the album. -- you working on now nice following in dad's footsteps something totally different. -- -- and that -- Wednesday that it communion they. Now it's -- it's like. The kid's point of view -- you know my kids don't have music but it sounds so I'm just bringing -- I every day -- means -- Very cool very cool music for you in the future now now now no interest whatsoever known wow are -- -- -- -- you know. -- very cool so whats next guys another book. Yes. Yes and our clothing wearing -- clothing line relay and years of working that you as a working together for pulling him. -- -- consume a similar -- decides that you guys like. How designers in our well what's your style would you -- what what's the look and feel like. Alan Goldstein told Sorenstam just you know -- -- sharing and maybe -- -- -- sandals OK all right had a really have you know. The path over a casual and every day had any case -- rank. Warner. And now I am -- -- Joy and sand had at least -- -- -- it's highly enhancement. Crap tabs that let. OK RI so maybe a little difference in this. Apartment right who -- so -- everything stops -- did you guys look at him like OK you know -- -- address. Saint Leon. -- me in -- -- it's -- At least our idea shines brightly -- can't. And I sit well the book is called paparazzi princess were very happy indeed hope you have continued success -- -- second book in the clothing line that we come back. -- let alone thanks guys appreciate think they re having us.

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{"id":19897766,"title":"Lil Wayne's Daughter Reveals It's \"Challenging At Times\" To Have A Famous Father","duration":"5:10","description":"Lil Wayne & Birdman's Teenage daughters Pen \"Paparazzi Princesses\"","url":"/US/video/lil-waynes-daughter-reveals-challenging-times-famous-father-19897766","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}