Linda Tripp shares her tapes with Ken Starr's team: Part 6

Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr said that in FBI recordings, Monica Lewinsky was urging and imploring Linda Tripp to help protect Bill Clinton.
9:28 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Linda Tripp shares her tapes with Ken Starr's team: Part 6
Sex lies and audiotapes for the president to have a relationship with an intern. And news crazy now and meeting where this all except. Monica is actually see woods with much more something Bill Clinton's it's been seen them harsher light. A navy blue dress with the president's semen stain on it alone and unloved. Grass Monica Lewinsky tells. Can someone she considers different and that French. Right and Mary. West polluted for things can change what drove into Trenton to do what she did. I still believe. In a place. All hope. Re elected in 1960 American people who embraced. Kim again right. I'd describe his life is an endless cycle of loss and recovery. Would never use a top. You find a way to screw every time when he won reelection in 96 but still well watch out something's gonna happen. I can think that the net meaning I wander off. And it felt way trying to ignite an act. About that might be a good athlete that night. When I got banished to the Pentagon and there was this six or seven months period where. The only time I saw him was if I went to an immense. When he would seem he would call me she's certainly tried to inject herself in to places. Where she knew. She didn't want to lose that much. And she did everything keeps keeps. For months now. Monica's entire focus was on getting back to the White House. Monica had been sent to the Pentagon. With the president's promise that after the reelection. She would return to the White House. The elections come and go but Monica Lewinsky's not brought back she becomes. Distraught. And even a little frantic it. Little and did I know that many had any consolation but. Well I did yeah Howard K. And now it means neon did that work at their worst night though that. What you listen these tapes will it is hard not to fuel firm. You know she's insecure she's should understand the relationship. How could she this is no normal relationship. She her. The success told him. Calling you're telling this is a very sick situation she deserved more than. Yeah. I'm Mike you. Can. Do. Write your web right. The histrionics never stopped they just increased. My mom's in New York she doesn't care my dad doesn't care. The president doesn't even bother to call me anymore something kicked it was of maternal I don't want to define it that way. I'll only say that. I began to resent the president once I knew about this. Enormously. Let's turn to may 24. 1997. Gum today. I was heartbroken. I didn't why do relationships and. After they break up becomes this question what's gonna happen her now and she would like job something other than what she's doing at the Pentagon and Bill Clinton asks his friend Vernon Jordan to help out. Vernon Jordan was very close friend of Bill Clinton he. Is. Among the most powerful. Lawyers in Washington at the time. He was rather well connected and could get her job anywhere else making a lot of money. Created magic in or if Eddy county. I have a lot of and that my understanding that this that he is going to secure you a job and you're gonna be told what to show up. Vernon Jordan arranged all of these meetings to get Cianci jobs in New York with a lot of powerful people in big democratic donors she had been offered a job. Com and at Revlon. If nothing else I want you to get a kick yes yeah that I ever hear that that worked great you. Can I mean we got exempt status that Iraq another up and walk I know every night you can bet that I have to daddy air I have to get up. Gravity that Valerie. These are private conversations in which she got Monica can talk about her relationship. With the president and then she shovel these over to Ken Starr investigators. That's not us. I couldn't believe that Ken Starr. Would have gotten involved in this he was as much a story about potential prosecutorial. Overreach. As it was about sexual dalliance with a former intern. It's going to be. We'll biggest political story of our time. The FBI had Linda Tripp who. Invite Monica Lewinsky to lunch at the food court at Pentagon City. Unbeknownst to her aunt Linda Tripp. It is cooperating with prosecutors she is wired for sound. We expect him. You should look. I'm literally down. Monica Lewinsky was urgent issues imploring she was besieged you to protect the president it was a really urgent call friends of friends to help. But to help by committing a crime. I. Think I think I know football big big board onion believe me thinking about it won't walk home. Hopefully I'll help you one. So I guess they're talking about then you know whether Linda should be perjuring herself. It would never have crossed my mind alive connected. I can't I can't molded me yeah reported that if anyone. Here are. Our relationship. Now because brain and that's I feel that they when your eyes I hate the people in the world. And not. It is on this tape that Ken Starr's. Investigators move and take Monica to a hotel room. She was not taken into custody there is no question that she was free to leave but we invited her to continue the conversation. Whether our agents like human twenty years later Moreland remembers in great detail. The events that occurred until. They knew I had sinus processing data bid. They had me on tape saying I would lie under posts they said they were going to prosecute me for obstruction of justice witness tampering. And conspiracy. She's a young woman in her early twenties taken into a room with a team of prosecutors. And threatened with many many years of jail they end up trying to convince her effect to turn on the present. To admit he's been trying to get her to lie under oath and obstruct justice about their affair and apologize lawsuit. You've got 27 years in prison Shays you bless you cooperated. Your mother could be indicted two they wanted to put the fear of god put the fear the FBI in her. In order to flip car and get her so that they could user and go after the president of the United States who was their target it. Was hardball. And remember looking out the window and thinking that the only way they are. To fix this was just jump out the window I wish I just gushed hope to herbal. I was scared parents. Contrary to what this is gonna do know my family. In retrospect does that seem a little harsh. Yeah. But you know when you look back at history she was no shrinking violet she held her ground with a concerned. She is one of the most intriguing. Characters as a human being. And then the entire story Monica just said no I'm not gonna do anything to bring this Protestant town. She refuses to Wear a wire or turn on the present she remain loyal and steadfast you have. To think that that moment still haunts Monica Lewinsky this was at that point the great relationship of her life. And all of a sudden the FBI was confronting with the prison. After this session feeling your mother went back to her apartment at the warning. Tell me about that by none really calm night watching me sleep. They made me. Take a shower with the door open seeking money to. Hurt myself. She's afraid you might do yourself can't kill his son. I felt very responsible.

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{"duration":"9:28","description":"Special prosecutor Kenneth Starr said that in FBI recordings, Monica Lewinsky was urging and imploring Linda Tripp to help protect Bill Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"60300723","title":"Linda Tripp shares her tapes with Ken Starr's team: Part 6","url":"/US/video/linda-tripp-shares-tapes-ken-starrs-team-part-60300723"}