Lost Child Found in Basement While Father Is Interviewed

Charlie Bothuell V was found by authorities in his own family’s basement while his father was being interviewed on the “Nancy Grace Show.”
9:36 | 06/26/14

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Transcript for Lost Child Found in Basement While Father Is Interviewed
Happy bizarre twist in the case of a missing Detroit boy whose father found out his son was found on live TV in the family's basement. And that reaction. We -- reports. That you're so has been found. Eighty your basic facts. Shell Franzen a New York family members say the twelve year old had not been seen since June 14. Then as his father appeared on the Nancy Grace show. Show you more of that clip in a moment police found Charlie -- they say crouching behind a makeshift barricade. Headline news anchor Nancy Grace broke the news the boy's father as we -- during a live interview. She joins us now with more on the case Nancy thank you for joining us got so many questions. You've covered many high profile cases that involve missing children but -- an interview like that's ever played out. Like. That it never had and -- right -- in prosecuting felonies since 1987. And interviewing. Parents. Never has a child been thing down in the midst of my interview. And -- what what was so interesting about this is the conditions. Under which the child was found. But not that line from me today is that. The child is alive. I covered so many missing children cases and one as being gone going on two weeks -- -- -- and I have to report that. This time that miracle is the child is alive now is the fact finding process about what happened and that is the great. News of course as you mentioned coming out of this I want to get your initial reaction when this all happened unlike TV. Before we ask you to weigh -- let's watch that one more time. -- -- -- We are getting reports that your side has been found. Alive. In your basement let's. Yes that's what if you didn't -- me that -- very quickly yeah we're getting that right now. Rob. Rob yet how how -- -- -- being alive in your basement. -- I have. No -- Get an idea what you're thinking in those moments and give us an idea how the information came to you during live TV but -- we were. And it's starting to -- And my produced or. Was mounting something to me. Was on air out is kind of glancing over and I held my hand out under the camera and he handed me a bunch of wires. Looking to see. And we all realized he finally said -- my producer sent. We -- the -- been found alive. In the basement. And the dad's basement. And that I immediately. Asked him about it. -- as you hear me on the air and saying give me the wires give me the -- but fattening connect meets in the local reporter because I couldn't believe -- -- That the father had no idea. So we -- information and my producer. Is trying to map out the worst to me so -- acts of robber immediately. And we didn't know the full story I was to -- the father didn't already know. And gotten after the segment we actually asked him. Is it okay if we air this you know that you're surprised that the good -- that your son is a -- -- an absolutely. At I'm just I -- went -- I was so happy that the boy was found alive. And -- set -- in usual conditions. -- -- you've got so many questions as do police and the families say that the basement where twelve year old Charlie was found. Missing for two weeks it was also -- several times before let's listen to that clip. I couldn't find and you know if the FBI couldn't find in the Detroit police couldn't find -- -- in. -- they did finally get. They've been living in my house for the last 1011 days -- -- We looked in my basement I looked in my basement that they looked. They went down it was -- dogs my wife look what. A very emotional father evidently on the defensive and now because he's fielding -- many questions what are you learning. Since you had him on your on your show. Well I know that bits and pieces of what he told me have been confirmed. The home had been searched the basement had been -- not only by the local police but by the FBI. The stepmother had -- he had searched. They didn't find any of this cadaver dogs are actually brought in. The dogs of course didn't find anything because the boys alive. I know that. This is a set of townhouses and they are connected. By a long haul. -- -- You can access through the basement for instance I can go in the hall and it's that did to everybody else's basement. And I'm just wondering. At that was used by the boy to -- in and -- we're also learning. At first we heard that he was -- to starve but -- we hear that there was cereal and soda now hearing that there's chicken and Gatorade. And -- when -- actually set up a little talent in there so I can't get my mind about it because they. Situation sounds so bizarre habit parents not note that when I saw the father -- so much my eyes. Laughing and crying at the same time -- recorders. -- -- annually -- his son was found now. Not everyone can be telling the truth as violent as the trial lawyer all witnesses can be may be telling the truth therefore and -- -- perjury don't know I'm not one so. What why would the -- Lee for two weeks on his. Was another parent helping him obviously they weren't holding him captive in the basement but why did he -- There is evidence. Blood on clothing down in the boy's room. What made the -- -- what made him disappear for nearly two weeks. There are certainly many questions Nancy and the police also asking some of those questions today. And they went back to the home yesterday with a warrant finding the boy and that barricade. Let's listen to what they say. -- know where he could have erected this makeshift. Area of concealment I'll call that. He so I was excited to see us. Had a chance to actually talk and embraced Charlie. Very excited to see us and it is a great story. So how do police go about sorting all of this out now clearly they are able to interview the -- well. Well of course are right now find this interesting they took the -- to the hospital for medical exam. The boy has passed the exam he's not harmed but that they could determine. The boy is not with his father. The boys with his mother right now and police at this hour have yet to interview him. And do we know anything about any prior history about the boy running a -- of running away -- accused of running away. Yes yes there is one Pryor is that we now -- but. It when you look at the underlying fact it's not that that. When you hear how he's run away before that sounds like this is -- -- but listen. His mother lives very close spot in the parents' divorce the -- -- eight. The last time -- the only time the little boy has several left before his -- -- -- for a few hours and was -- near his mother's time obviously going. -- -- -- -- So that's not that bad -- does not make him a delinquent or and rarely or a run a white. Some more of what we've learned we've learned that he was told by the father the father home schools them. And we learned that the father recently told -- that they -- good news in the fall. And that he would be going to a public school a private school or possibly a military school boarding school -- one of the uncles went. Now I don't know if that may -- it went away but. I'd -- to find out. Why there's bloody clashes in the boys -- if that is true I'd like to find that out. I'd like to find out where the boy was getting -- and cereal and -- It seems as if he was going in and out of the basement. I -- the police but I hear what that barricade was made out there was -- -- -- furniture a 55 gallon drama. I don't think that a young boy it could happen. Fabricated that. And Nancy no doubt police and investigators will be interviewing. Other people who live right around that area issue. Yes that tried to interview the father -- wants the boy is has -- with the mother they're going to interview him that should be happening. Maybe even as we speak. Headline news anchor Nancy Grace thank you so much for joining and I hear. Keep up with the story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- And starring this story for exclusive updates on the -- for now I'm Michelle Franzen New York.

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{"id":24323143,"title":"Lost Child Found in Basement While Father Is Interviewed","duration":"9:36","description":"Charlie Bothuell V was found by authorities in his own family’s basement while his father was being interviewed on the “Nancy Grace Show.”","url":"/US/video/lost-child-found-basement-father-interviewed-24323143","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}