Lottery fever hits the US as Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $970 million

Lines have formed outside one store in Primm, Nevada, where lotto tickets are sold.
7:46 | 10/19/18

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Transcript for Lottery fever hits the US as Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $970 million
It could be very happy Friday for a lucky winner out there nearly a billion dollars are up for grabs in the Mega Millions jackpot and believe it or not. We have team coverage on this people manually. Is in New York City Marcy Gonzales is in prim Nevada magnet wanna start with you for the viewers by the way Maggie is always excited about everything. Maggie this might be the first time the people around you are just as pumped as you. Did and visit my chance to totally fitting an inmate friends that I had left after an eternity and then you start every area and a tiny. But idiot here in New York City and anyone not familiar that this is where we often sell lottery tickets here in New York -- take a look around. It's not that big it has been packed all morning just people coming in and out of this dork. Buying their tickets now Alex behind the Canner he said yes a lucky machine. The Alley Tuesday he's ignoring anything to he's he didn't even his own right now he's helping people hopefully win the lottery but and it wanted to show you this to yourself. We've talked about how the lottery is increasing day huge insane numbers look at this the store used to make signs. They gave up now they just put cardboard over the numbers they get increase it every morning just put up that. 900 in 17 this morning. Is a huge numbers that we expect to see this. Are packed all Delon themes like the makeshift sign is doing its job be well. Montague and Marcy Marcy Lotto fever is catching on all over the country but Anderson a strange lot. In Nevada is making it especially crazy where you're. Yes so Nevada as one of six states where you can't buy lottery tickets and cell. I'm here to the California border because this is the only place where they have a chance to buy a ticket. And it is incredible to see how many people turn out this is the closest store to Las Vegas and check out this line. It goes all the way around the building OK keep scrapping here. The rue this parking lot more how old equipment here keeps I'm Alan Keyes Alan will go to keep turning the camera here. All laid back there she is out into the parking lot it's pretty seas of yesterday we're talking to people out here who said. They were in line for about 3 hours already this morning there are people of the waiting for about two hours. One person got in line here at 10 o'clock last night. They wanted to be the first to get into the store I'm not sure why they wouldn't just deal with it and like everybody else because they still ended up waiting some of the guys here. Just a little little ways up there said they woke up at 3 o'clock this morning. To drive in from Vegas in waiting in line is it 45 minutes how long it took to get from. Over there in the parking lot to wrap around here about 45 minutes so maybe he'll end up waiting a bit more than an hour to get their tickets. And they did this on two day for the drying they didn't win so they decided to come back again to buy their tickets hoping to be the big winner tonight. Marcy you think these people know me I'm odds of winning. No I I was asking people only think yeah. A BO and your bad this much time had less than it have to be someone. Sell old. Why not allowed people said it was either their day off for the retired and have been better to do to pick out here in the make the most of it. The making and you see people talking we saw people you're playing cards which is little church and just so. They're finding ways to entertain themselves it's not just. Boring waiting in line hey good for then enjoy it live it up an eight. I don't buy a ticket right at least they got a shot exactly I want every night I'm back in anything on first why this jackpot is so big. When Annie don't always jackpots are offered around forty million but they keep increasing every time someone doesn't win about five million each time but it's also sort of been a ploy by an estate here it. Make more money mega village's only be about about their ticket now there are two dollars ticket that whopping increase in price. Also made the jackpot a little bit more money because you people wanted to play the lottery when they think they're gonna win a lot of money. I never buy lottery tickets I've already invested in like seventeen different polls trying to deep blue line with the winner than this to get some up front another one too because. On Diane and Marcy I think we should do. Three people one ticket pick our numbers right here I even got the cash so all spot it was cats except 5%. Yeah has weighed in seven innings 75. That you know it's cool it's cool that can do I don't know about this I got a ticket or is right here. I think the first ASEAN I think the first couple humanistic the second apple already are nasty line. I want I want to sixteen. And I want when he 816. Sixteen and 28 Marcy he chime in when he won aren't are up and let them. But it does actually tie it eleven. And I'm you ten to 281125. Meg gear up. I think all I got it OK Maggie blaming under the pressure right now do you see this thinks that pressure. But imam or sixteen yes 16281118. 25. And sent it for my birthday. That's real original movie producer 41 and number. And 23. OK guys I'm gonna claimants and we're gonna wind and then ABC live in Sydney to new correspondence because Republican and on day. I'm feel lucky enough that you may eighth might seem like ordering an environment and every thing it's fiction at Aetna. Can we certainly gonna buy. Did do they think that you can name him Mac either Maggie go stock are lucky guy Peter is right in the machine or or Marciano I hear from some of the people on the line if you can get some of these. Crazies to talk to I asked inning out there yeah hours and hours and so curious. Yes and thank you said that he has. A lot to say so now let's hear it what you really that. That. Through friends of ours are in line also. Two other people just as crazy as you are waiting in this long line that you. I don't appreciate your OK so why wait in line to actively lottery. And they. Because this one point four billion dollars with a B why do you think. What do you zero when he went. All that why you're TV channel. To be a nice box. Wonderful. Who you know its fan why not one point somewhere else in the world did you get two dollars. Anyway and was one point 411. That it's a great return you can't get then moves Vegas. That and that's really and you don't know the Vegas well north south Las Vegas OK so the odds are. Really really against you to win and that's not a deterrent at all. You do when you could weigh in right. We did dig it. Aren't you why you get for me actually become. Very cute they keep them much. Huge positive thing and act. I think exactly. Have to be positive you're gonna wait in this line you have to really think that there's it's. Great to have. Seen the power of positive thing it's like everyone is Maggie ruling today that didn't actually hit. Marcy in dollars and Maggie room they love that I love hanging out of the guys and I love that we're all gonna be millionaires now this is this is awesome this isn't very pretty that you can't. This book. I may think you.

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{"duration":"7:46","description":"Lines have formed outside one store in Primm, Nevada, where lotto tickets are sold.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58614771","title":"Lottery fever hits the US as Mega Millions jackpot climbs to $970 million","url":"/US/video/lottery-fever-hits-us-mega-millions-jackpot-climbs-58614771"}