Malibu Creek Park murder

Armed man arrested near site where camper was shot
2:22 | 10/13/18

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Transcript for Malibu Creek Park murder
Huard in Los Angeles authorities and making an arrest for the man that they believe is responsible for several burglaries your Malibu creek state park. We're now learning they're also questioning him about the June murder of Tristan bonds that her father who was camping and killed while his two young girls were in the tank with ten. Authorities in California swarming a man with their guns drawn deep ravine near Malibu creek state park where a father of two young girls was shot and killed early this summer 42 year old Anthony route. Is suspected of several burglaries in the area. A place some of Hollywood's biggest names call home. I Justin Bieber Jennifer Lopez and the card ashy ends and this morning authorities telling ABC news. They want to question crowd about a string of shootings and the popular parks including. A June murder. Of Tristan by debt it's my understanding that in some surveillance video. Route I was seen around with rifle but it. Did that make investigators think it is possible that this person could also be responsible for the shootings and the smarter. Certainly it makes you wonder you know you've got an individual out here in a place we don't see that kind of behavior committing crimes so. It's on everybody's mind that there may be a possible connection. Bond as a scientist shot and killed while camping with his two young daughters both in the tent with him but unharmed. After his murder several more people came forward with stories of being shot that while in the popular park. It is woke up. Two stinging pain in my arm I never used to think about humans as being part of the danger out there. Authorities are not calling route a suspect in the murder. But they do have his rifle in custody ballistic tests are underway along with bullet comparisons. Certainly cannot rule out this individual from part of the continuum of crimes that we've seen out there. And those are certainly a major part of that. Police say around his criminal history includes a long list of weapons and burglary charges dating back to 2000 want. In that video you see that authorities have blurred out route as face they tell me that's because they will likely use him in the lineups in the future. Counting campground is still close although the rest of the park remains open. But authorities are asking people to stay vigilant and they do have increase patrols in the area. I'm can't we were you watching ABC news live.

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{"duration":"2:22","description":"Armed man arrested near site where camper was shot ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58471512","title":"Malibu Creek Park murder","url":"/US/video/malibu-creek-park-murder-58471512"}